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Item Database - Beckoning

Beckoning Icon #255624 The effect of this special is a team damage buff. In addition, it will change your damage type output to cold. It will only work while you are in polymorphed form.
Duration 30 seconds.
Recharge 90 seconds.
Flags Default Target
Can Carry, Use, Apply Self
Patch 15.6.1 17.5 18.8.53
Change QL:
Type Perk action
Value 1
Attack time 3s
Range 1 m
Mass 0kg
To Use User The Call 1 trained and
User The Call 1 not locked and
User Form == 17710 or
User Form == 227238 or
User Form == 30356 or
User Form == 30348 or
User Form == 17655 or
User Form == 30365
On Use Chat Text You successfully perform Beckoning.  
Team Cast Beckoning  
Team Cast Affected by Beconing  
User Lock The Call 1 90s  
alder @ 2006-10-30 01:35
bugged atm.
if someone has a dmg override running (ma with chem fist or adv with fire bracer for example) the dmage will be changed to cold - as intended. when the perk runs off the old damage override will not be restored so the mentioned ma will then do melee damage (even if his chem override buff stll runs) and the adv will do the damagetype his weapons would do originally (even if he wears his fire-bracer).
this is not special to this perk - ao cant restore override flags. for example if you are a mp cast quantum wings (enables flying) then, while in the air, equip a yalm and terminate quantum wings - you will fall to the ground with your equipped yalm.
Vairone @ 2007-04-06 02:08
This bug seems to have been fixed now, at least it has for me.
Yakobo66 @ 2007-12-03 14:55
veeery nice at low levels, get leet form, perk this and wheeeee bye everything
Ran-san @ 2008-02-29 19:54
The bug has either returned, or is simply sporadic. Was in a Adonis Heck team this morning with my MA. Using Chem fist for Hecklers. Suddently noticed I was doing melee damage. This was shortly after an adv had joined our team. Checked it out, and sure enough "Bewilder" would override my damage type to cold, then strip it back to melee when it was done. Had to keep refreshing my chem fists.
Esproc @ 2009-04-21 19:08
Seems to only take effect while in morph (including vet l33t on my ma).
If the MA wants to keep their damage type they need to leave the wolf/sabre alone.
Pung @ 2011-03-25 01:24
Beconing still bugged. Ran poisonous bite, another adv in team did baconing, and damagetype got reset to gun type.
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