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Item Database - Sacrifice

Sacrifice Icon #255702 The effect of this special is a self cripple, huge team damage bonus. The effect will increase when you train more perks in the Volunteer line.
Note that this special will not work if you have the Purple Heart running.
Duration 25 seconds
Recharge 330 seconds.
Flags Default Target
Can Carry, Use, Apply Self
Patch 15.6.1 17.6 18.8.53
Change QL:
Type Armor
Value 1
Attack time 1s
Range 20 m
Mass 0kg
To Use User Volunteer 6 trained and
User Volunteer 6 not locked and
User not running
On Use Chat Text You successfully perform Sacrifice.  
User Cast Sacrifice  
Team Cast Sacrifice  
if Volunteer 6 trained  and
Volunteer 7 not trained  
Team Cast Sacrifice  
if Volunteer 7 trained  and
Volunteer 8 not trained  
Team Cast Sacrifice  
if Volunteer 8 trained  and
Volunteer 9 not trained  
Team Cast Sacrifice  
if Volunteer 9 trained  and
Volunteer 10 not trained  
Team Cast Sacrifice  
if Volunteer 10 trained  
User Lock Volunteer 6 330s  
Thuglar @ 2006-05-30 13:24
ho ho ho yes thank you
sorin18 @ 2006-08-19 20:55
dont do this perk wen to amny mobs near u ... cose CH is a baby as a taunt compared to this.....
patho @ 2006-08-23 21:31
The trick is not to be attacking any target when u launch it. If you are not. You wont get agg. Pop it right before the team alpha-strikes the mob to get as much dmg out of it as possible. Makes your team happy, and takes away the pain of doing hecks over and over. U'll be spammed with insane dmg-reports from ya mates. Fun perk :) Once it runs out you get your health back to 100% so if you are safe you dont really have to be healed while running it. One last thing, dont forget to warn the doc.......
Shareida @ 2008-10-24 11:48
Every mob that you attacked before you launched it will insta agg you as well. So make sure to only use it in a 100% controlled situation.

- All previously attacked mobs dead (shield/reflect damage counts too!)
- Current target in fight with someone else, not hit at yet.

You can, however cast nanos the whole duration of the formula, and before.

Best option is: Macro to warn the doc with CD, launch it, while it runs, get AC debuffs and drains up.
aocat @ 2011-09-30 00:23
Lowbie PvP just went out the window..
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