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Item Database - Combined Sharpshooter's Footwear

Combined Sharpshooter's Footwear Icon #256303 Double layers of Bio-Material armor give the pieces of this suit great capabilities. The Sharpshooter edition increases the skills essential for those who engage in ranged combat, improving their capability with many variants of firearms, and improving their understanding of their surroundings.
Flags Visible, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear
Patch current
225 (interpolated between QL 1 and QL 300)
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Feet
Value 225000
To Equip User Agility >= 752 and
User Sense >= 752 and
User Expansion sets & Alien Invasion and
User Title level >= 5
User Alien Technology Expertise 2 trained and
User 65 & 65536
On Equip User Texture Feet 256237  
User Modify Projectile AC 510  
User Modify Melee AC 510  
User Modify Energy AC 538  
User Modify Chemical AC 538  
User Modify Radiation AC 484  
User Modify Cold AC 484  
User Modify Poison AC 538  
User Modify Fire AC 457  
User Modify Sharp objects 23  
User Modify Grenade 23  
User Modify Heavy weapons 23  
User Modify Bow 23  
User Modify Pistol 23  
User Modify Rifle 23  
User Modify Smg 23  
User Modify Shotgun 23  
User Modify Assault rifle 23  
User Modify Melee init 30  
User Modify Ranged init 30  
User Modify Physical init 30  
User Modify Bow special attack 23  
User Modify Ranged energy 23  
User Modify Multi ranged 23  
User Modify Trap disarming 23  
User Modify Perception 23  
User Modify Burst 23  
User Modify Fling shot 23  
User Modify Aimed shot 23  
User Modify Duck explosives 23  
User Modify Dodge ranged 23  
User Modify Evade close 23  
User Modify Concealment 23  
User Modify Breaking and entry 23  
User Modify Full auto 23  
User Modify Offense modifier 11  
Hilton @ 2004-09-01 18:46
@@ omg!
Courtdog @ 2008-01-04 10:21
CSS is great armor, but the one thing I would change on it is to change physical init to weapon ranged. There is no reason for physical int in CSS imho, since it is used for the ranged professions.
soladoc @ 2008-01-30 01:10
@Courtdog so bow isn't ranged? because many bows use physical inits
Esproc @ 2009-01-15 08:42
well the melee init could be weapon range or nano init ;)
Zinrax @ 2009-10-14 19:17
Melee init is obviously for all the enfo's wearing this.. no? hmm ok
Ats @ 2011-01-05 02:29
or just leave the weapon inits alone and add weapon range to it and everyone is happy.
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