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Item Database - Elysian Protector's Cuirass

Elysian Protector's Cuirass Icon #13251 This breastplate smells sour, like vinegar or the acid winds on Rubi-Ka. When you put it on you can feel it shake as it starts operating.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, Has Damage, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 15.5
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Body
Value 160000
Equip time 0.1s
Mass 0kg
To Equip User Profession == Doctor or
User Profession == Trader and
User Expansion sets & Shadowlands and
User Psychic >= 300 and
User Stamina >= 300
On Equip User Texture Body 246292  
if Gender == Female  
User Texture Body 246293  
if Gender == Uni  
User Texture Body 246293  
if Gender == Male  
User Modify Projectile AC 650  
User Modify Melee AC 700  
User Modify Energy AC 550  
User Modify Chemical AC 400  
User Modify Radiation AC 400  
User Modify Cold AC 500  
User Modify Poison AC 300  
User Modify Fire AC 500  
User Modify Matter metamorphosis 10  
User Modify Nano pool 50  
User Modify Pharmaceuticals 25  
User Modify Nano cost modifier -5  
pettersmart @ 2004-04-06 16:57
Anyone knows where this drop?
CruisefiX @ 2004-04-10 12:23
imps @Elysium
djmalo @ 2004-06-20 19:29
Dropped by Asperous Imp in Elysium
boniek_pl @ 2005-01-18 20:31
dropping by any named imp in ely above ergo's cave entrance
sober @ 2005-09-10 18:51
got mine from Disturbing Imp after killing 5 imps
OICW @ 2005-10-26 02:13
Well you got lucky i just killed about 40 of these imps and no drop. Gonna try again tomorrow.
angryphase @ 2005-11-21 17:12
Found one by accident hunting the funneling items for tradeskill hud items. Was a nice gift for a my doc and now for my trader.
pter666 @ 2005-11-23 01:17
where near ergo?
Jahf @ 2006-07-05 02:46
Best chest piece a team-focused spamhealing doc can wear from L40 to 190 when they can put on Azure. Its all about -cost and +nanodelta unless you're going to twink or can max your -cost without it.
Jahf @ 2006-07-05 02:47
ok ok, L175, I forgot that Azure was equippable then.
Ginsumaster @ 2006-09-20 10:31
From 40? Hmm, only if you're nanogimp - no way you're getting 300 Psychic on a level 40 soli/opi, much less a trox
Yakobo66 @ 2006-10-28 12:35
nanogimp ftw -.-
Loethlin @ 2006-10-29 05:27
Not sure if a doc of TL 5 or higher wouldn't want a Proactive vest (or Reactive if you're a clam) more than this.
Either way it's a sweet piece of armor.
Ginsumaster @ 2007-01-25 16:51
Proactive has +2 to a ton of stats but still, -5 nanocost is awesome, this thing is IT until 175 unless you capped -cost elsewhere.
Jornado @ 2007-08-20 02:54
easy at 40 on solitus at least, imp ladder and NS, perk, nova dillon on the rest of the body. haven't tried on oppi, shouldn't be much different tho
Ginsumaster @ 2007-10-20 00:59
Yeah, but could you take out the int/psy imps (replacing with something useful, like nanoskills) and not have it OE?
Nukerized @ 2007-11-26 03:15
OE shouldn't matter too much, all you want it for is the -5% nano cost, gets you that much closer to capping nano cost at lower levels, and helps heal when your a level 60 atrox with 1.6k nano, this along with pred gloves and a cure for baldness giving a total of -8% nano cost is quite nice.
Soulevil @ 2008-03-30 11:57
this is a good one to get on at lvl 60 in combination with pred and honestly its wearable for however long it takes you to find something better... Now that ofab is out obviously doc's are given a nice better easy option right there but my doc used this til about 150 in 2006.
oresteez @ 2008-05-23 20:21
in response to the last post...even if ofab is out, the ofab chest isnt very good and not comparable to this...

that being said, when i hit 140, i dropped this , and picked up the highest miy's nano armor i could find...i'm wearing a ql220's only -4% cost, but it adds to NCU, hit points, nano, nano init, stamina, and time and space...

i'll take that over matter mat and pharma tech :)
farlath @ 2009-01-15 11:04
love this + cfb + pred gloves and exterm crep pants for -%cost
Kermaperuna @ 2010-02-03 16:14
While a nice piece of armor before you can get 2s nanotick, the Shapeshifter's Vest is better when you are on the verge of getting the required 781 psychic. 2s nanotick is vastly more useful at the TL4-5 where you first can get it than the extra nanocost reduction.

This an also be useful after shapeshifter's and before using Azure chestpiece at 175 or Enhanced Jathos at 190 if you skip Azure. No use going over your breed nanocost cap either, so if you are already at 45/50/55% depending on your breed, better pick something else.
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