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Item Database - Cure for Baldness

Cure for Baldness Icon #246273 This fruit seems to be sweating, its surface constantly moist. Ancient lore claims that this liquid can cure baldness - if processed correctly.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, Has Damage, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 15.5
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Head
Value 160000
Equip time 0.1s
Mass 0kg
To Equip User Expansion sets & Shadowlands and
User Profession == Doctor and
User Pharmaceuticals >= 500
On Equip User Modify Stamina 10  
User Modify Psychic 10  
User Modify Projectile AC 500  
User Modify Melee AC 500  
User Modify First aid 20  
User Modify Treatment 20  
User Modify Nano pool 50  
User Modify Body development 50  
User Modify Nano cost modifier -2  
User Modify Heal modifier 2  
Crashlight @ 2004-04-19 14:12
Where to get? Tradeskillprocess?
Axus @ 2004-04-21 16:42
Found one in Elysium, ordinary mob near Nero.
Pfex @ 2004-07-11 12:11
for the dropzone .. pls send your thanks to Sheffy
djmalo @ 2004-07-20 20:16
humm on which mobs does it drops in this zone ?
djmalo @ 2004-07-20 20:25
i've found a thread on it :
It drops from splintered girders.
Look at this map to see where these mobs are :
Talan @ 2005-06-19 17:33
What's the drop-rate like? I looked out and got it on my second of three kills last night.
Talan @ 2005-06-19 17:34
*lucked out.
Megamochie @ 2005-08-08 11:25
Can easily get it on at level 10-20 with base skill + 125 maestro + 20 expertise + 160 city buff + Implants
trypha @ 2005-09-05 20:20
anyone know which mods are affected by OE rules? afaik its just teh ACs?
fenek @ 2005-09-07 19:55
AC + HP Mods afaik
krosis @ 2005-09-12 02:23
Just tested this today and AC is the only thing reduced by OE.
bugi @ 2005-10-05 17:28
about drop rate: killed maybe 20 splintered girders before this dropped. And there are like 5 such mobs to kill before its back to waiting them to respawn.
Veara @ 2006-05-06 21:37
There are 6 mobs, and drop rate does suck, sort of
bartje @ 2006-05-13 10:49
lvl of mobS?
Yakobo66 @ 2006-06-11 17:51
+160 city buff at lvl 10-20? O.o
Rulaneda @ 2006-06-25 14:39
tradeskill buff in city basement always buffs 160 skills.
AlphaCenta @ 2006-07-10 20:30

Started calcing:

125 from Maestro
62 from Philosopher's Stone (yes, stacks with Maestro according to Auno :-D)
20 from expertise
160 from Quantum Physics Lab
100ish from ql90 implants
15 from one Alchemist Perk (trainable from L20)

Gets you 482 Pharma out of nothing ^^ And, if you're level 20, you already have over 20ish base skill in Pharma...

Once I retwink Aesculapias... This is SO going to be a part of her equip :-D
Gart7 @ 2006-08-19 20:55
Omg i wish that I had a doc and that shadowlands was free^^
LordDrathu @ 2006-08-29 23:19
lol, I second that Gart7
Ginsumaster @ 2006-09-22 11:40
Hmm, when all the buffs and imps are gone, doesn't it go to 0% if you've spent no IP? at 25% you'll still get most of the benefits but at 0% do you get anything at all?
Voriuste @ 2006-10-03 13:14
*sigh* try reading the comments above, the only thing affected by OE on this item is the ACs it seems.
Loethlin @ 2006-10-17 23:31
one of the best things that hapened to my doc
Jinzost @ 2007-03-12 18:20
which sl zone are the splintered girders in?
Keex @ 2007-06-05 16:52
Tionz @ 2007-06-05 17:58
Just read a post on the forums of someone who got this on at level 1 0.0 (note: its not me) Now thats impressive
Hydrojen @ 2007-08-06 06:59
The modifiers on this thing are evil :D
Incinerator @ 2007-10-02 04:43
Been running back and forth killing em for 4 hours and nothing... Must be rarer then gta, only got 1 nano partisan sleeve in that time, filled a couple backpacks with patterns and can probably afford to buy CFB now just from selling the patterns.
Jornado @ 2007-10-21 09:27
yeah the drop rate posts are a year or two old at this point...anyone know if its still decent, or has it gone all pelisse on us in a recent patch? about 30 kills so far, no drop, but that could be a too it being rarer than GTA, some people get really lucky on GTA, some don't. Have camped GoT as a twink and just looking for GTA to complete my ToTW collection, only had 4 or so drops in 400+ kills, but I know orgm8s who have had it drop 5 times in a single 6 hour long camping episode. AOs drops are screwy at best. keeping fingers crossed, will post if/when it drops.
woneo @ 2007-11-10 05:53
400+ Kills.. whats spawn rate? 15mins?
Thats 4 days straight playing 24 hours a day :|
alder @ 2008-05-14 00:09
trypha @ 2005-09-05 20:20
anyone know which mods are affected by OE rules? afaik its just teh ACs?
krosis @ 2005-09-12 02:23
Just tested this today and AC is the only thing reduced by OE.

not true - atleast the nano cost modifier is reduced to 1% wehn 50% or 75% effective. tested and confirmed.
dont know about the other mods.
farlath @ 2008-08-18 22:53
Got 2 of them in 10 kills today
copperneedle @ 2009-06-07 19:10
clue me in. A year or so ago they were like 500k-2mil on gms and there were quite a few of them. recently they are going for 3-10 mil, and there aren't alot listed. Did FC nerf droprate?
Chudbot @ 2009-07-07 03:46
there arent as many players on ao now
gwynnie @ 2010-05-04 11:49
got it on my 2nd kill, guess the droprate isnt that bad anymore :)
aocat @ 2011-05-31 07:47
My guess (totally not tested/verified at all) is that ONLY the ACs, -nano cost, and Heal Modifier will be affected by OE, since all the others can have IP spent in them
aocat @ 2011-06-05 04:16
Also, for the "How to get 500 Pharma Tech"
The Unknown Factor- AI perk trainable from 25, +60
Bunny Outfit of Gridstream Productions, also needs AI, +40
Evenhb @ 2012-04-07 04:25
can be done at lvl 1
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