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Item Database - Sword of Dusk

Sword of Dusk Icon #246240 In your shadow one can hide from the merciless light.
Flags Visible, Modified Description, No Drop
Can Carry, Wear, No Ammo, Parry, Parriable
Patch 15.5
Change QL:
Type Weapon
Slot Right hand, Left hand
Equip time 0.5s
Attack time 2s
Recharge time 2s
Range 3 m
Damage 250-750 (1) - Energy AC
Attack rating cap 1500
Initiative skill Melee init
Mass 0.5kg
Multi melee 1500
Damage View this weapon in the Damage Calculator
Defense skills
Duck explosives 100 %
Attack skills
Melee energy 100 %
To Equip User Faction Unredeemed >= 30000 and
User Level >= 200 and
User Melee energy >= 1000
On Equip User Modify Intelligence 32  
User Modify Nano cost modifier -4  
User Modify Nano delta 4  
Banansniffer @ 2004-05-05 10:44
Thats one nice 1he wep oO too bad it doesnt have any specials :/

looks like a lightsaber :D
Anathema6 @ 2004-05-06 20:14
puppy @ 2004-05-10 23:00
It drops of The Beast along with the Sword of Dawn. Good luck getting it. :-) BTW, it may be the ideal weapon for keepers with our Proc buffs...
mephistobane @ 2004-08-12 09:54
ima neut adv, wanting,no,NEEDING BOTH ON ME NOWNOWNOW!! :P
Tchaalina @ 2004-11-10 18:15
Won both pieces for the Sword of Dusk on my first Beast raid today *smiles*
zyx21 @ 2005-01-27 02:52
With no penaltys, dual wieldable 250-750, this weapons creams anything close to it (Gelids for example). Have fun advs/enfos.
zyx21 @ 2005-01-29 23:03
Actually, upon review, its NOT 1he at all. Its 100% melee energy. :p
Grusummere @ 2005-03-17 13:15
zyx more MPs have this than anyone ;)
zyx22 @ 2005-03-22 16:30
Well, duh :P
zyx22 @ 2005-03-22 16:30
MP's count as enfos for purposes of weapons ;)
Morthoseth @ 2005-06-01 17:28
With low AR cap, no crit, no specials, energy AC... I don't see how this is better to a comperable alien weapon...
Dworkin @ 2005-06-07 18:31
this is for not weapon damage oriented profs like docs n mps..
Kyai @ 2005-07-10 03:36
I still want one for the awesome looks... 0.0
Nukej00 @ 2005-10-06 16:21
I'm dual weilding on my NT later on and using the AI DoTs for PvP - We'll see if it's a nice setup.
fejton @ 2005-10-07 17:54
lol... nice sworld - star wars. :)
Talan @ 2005-10-11 04:51
stupid faction req :( nuetrals cap out at 25k...
Jeff120 @ 2005-10-12 00:28
May the force be with you
harton @ 2005-12-16 16:49
Damage 250-750 (1) - Energy AC ahem there is a crit :P
harton @ 2005-12-16 16:50
and this i better for its only a 1k req so its IP cheap
tegrere @ 2005-12-22 09:00
Gz to elusia (lvl 217 rimor doc) for getting 2 of these on today :) some of the "strong" emotes look pretty cool with 2 of them
bartje @ 2006-01-29 18:31
Talan @ 2005-10-11 04:51
stupid faction req :( nuetrals cap out at 25k...

LOOL why u ever want to be neut than :/
Tyrade @ 2006-03-20 14:29
I find it funny that since this is a melee weap, it has this for it's defense skills>> Duck explosives 100 %

robapril @ 2006-04-20 23:14
Ooh nice, for someone who isn't planning on or isn't able to get 1500+ weapon skills or spend ip on specials ^^
Troodon @ 2006-05-21 21:44
It helps to equipp a Intel Brain, Support on a Opifex Doc. Dual on a 215 Opifex Doc. Dual on a 216 Solitus Doc.
Yakobo66 @ 2006-07-12 19:16
yeah uber wep for docs
Neksy @ 2006-07-21 07:25
Do you got a link, how to equip intelligent Brain on a Opifex doc?
Troodon @ 2006-07-25 21:19 4 Brain
Have fun 4 hunting all Stuff :D
Buffs: all u can get 12 abi, sense, agi and all the other buffs don´t forgot the cookie (bar called din´t know correct sry) your ql 300 AI city (9 points or so) i was callced without a PvP Tower for more Abi points.
Arrone @ 2006-07-30 02:42
Luke...I-am you're father!
Yakobo66 @ 2006-09-06 23:55
duck explosions = easier to hit dem darn evade profs :D
Blackruby @ 2006-09-25 09:41
Got 2 of these on my doc at 214, took a bit of worth, but it was doable. Got lots of friends to thank for helpin me out ^^

They hit rather nice. In pvp I've done 1.9k to an enfo. I've hit 4k once in pvm, but i had trader, engi, soldier, crat in team heh, and Supressive horde was up >>

Usually its aobut 1k-3k
rattjamann @ 2006-10-24 22:08
These on a doc is just sick.. DoT+these+heals+++ oh my god.. O.O
Agarwaen @ 2007-10-22 14:35
Put it on my Trox-Shade with Level 215 to Eqipt CoS pre LE.
Jaydavee @ 2008-12-21 11:49
there is a downside to it. Only infantry symbiants have melee energy, and the "shiniest" buff for melee energy is in the head symbiant. Infantry symbiant exists in ql 180 and 280 and nothing in between. When you're 200+ you're either going without melee energy in the head, or using an implant just to have a shiny melee energy cluster in it. Hell I use these weapons anyway :D
Crowe1 @ 2009-03-05 04:15
With the Xan upgrades, think this is now a viable option for enfos?
Saetos @ 2009-04-28 20:12
You can use Electrophoridae gloves for both this, dawn, and their respective upgrades, so it should be kinda fun to play around with, as long as your mainhand has fast attack/brawl :)
SpACatta @ 2011-06-18 03:02
Arrone @ 2006-07-30 02:42
Luke...I-am you're father!

You are I am father? Really?
tazerboy @ 2011-09-13 03:52
my father really? Lol

sword looks cool
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