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Item Database - Sword of Dawn

Sword of Dawn Icon #246241 Your light will shine and expose all the weak scum that hides in the dark.
Flags Visible, Modified Description, No Drop
Can Carry, Wear, No Ammo, Parry, Parriable
Patch 15.5
Change QL:
Type Weapon
Slot Right hand, Left hand
Equip time 0.5s
Attack time 2s
Recharge time 2s
Range 3 m
Damage 250-750 (1) - Energy AC
Attack rating cap 1500
Initiative skill Melee init
Mass 0.5kg
Multi melee 1500
Damage View this weapon in the Damage Calculator
Defense skills
Duck explosives 100 %
Attack skills
Melee energy 100 %
To Equip User Faction Redeemed >= 30000 and
User Level >= 200 and
User Melee energy >= 1000
On Equip User Modify Intelligence 32  
User Modify Nano cost modifier -4  
User Modify Nano delta 4  
hargneuse @ 2004-05-04 01:53
Ok, anything else to ask ? :] lol . Uberest offhand wpn of the game. Dont tell dual wield for cray dmg
puppy @ 2004-05-10 23:01
It drops off The Beast along with the Sword of Dusk. Good luck getting it. :-) BTW, it may be the ideal weapon for keepers with our Proc buffs...
mephistobane @ 2004-07-31 03:23
what about an adv dual wielding both??? (ima neut adv)it'll just take a long time to get,and put on :P
iriche @ 2004-12-31 14:39
meph you cant wield them what i have heard, due to you cant get that much faction
zyx21 @ 2005-01-27 02:59
You can easily get that much faction, welcome to Inferno.
zyx21 @ 2005-02-11 06:26
50k faction cap on Inferno.
Tankred @ 2005-05-02 22:38
but this one is just nodrop, so you can get it 2 times or? it is not unique
Vaxon @ 2005-06-24 17:50
Ypu can get it 2 times i think... has anyone manages to dual wield sword of dawn and sword of dusk? =D That would be ubah...
Vaxon @ 2005-06-24 17:51
Yup and managed... oops :)
Volkanov @ 2005-08-11 23:04
its great for someone like a doc instead of using shotguns, you can actually do quite a fair bit of damage and low reqs at that lvl.
Entombed @ 2005-09-29 20:15
once I get ahold of one of these beauties, my trox meta will be dual weilding this with a Alium Melee Energy hammer - type 112, that is until i get 220 and cry trying to get that Multi Melee req :)
Xevil @ 2005-11-07 07:33
FYI this weapon doesnt just "drop" you need to build it. You need seeds from The Night Heart and Hilt from The Beast,add to that 500 Weapon Smithing.
I have just equipped this Sword on 217 crat and i will be dualing two of these hopefully before 218(WTB 250 Multi Melee Imps).I got rid of my pistols and I do about twice the dmg with one of these sword than with my AI pistols both of them high QL and type 4 and type 1.Ranged doesnt stand up to it at all.
shibbi @ 2006-01-09 02:05
so is it possible to get two of these on?....ive seen acouple docs and crats using 2
wib @ 2006-02-03 19:38
yer i thik so, seen a couple, but i dont think its the best option for mps as they can wear there shields which are pretty neat, as for cras, i dont see why not.. one thing im not certain though is at 220, can you swap faction to equip the weapons of opposing faction and maybe switch back.. dunno someone else would have to answer that i would like to know
Skarmory @ 2006-02-06 00:34
Yes, you can put a pair of those on. You CANNOT however wield both the sword of Dusk and that of Dawn.
Docci @ 2006-02-24 11:49
Dualed thease at level 215 with my solitus doctor. Huge thanks to Oceed with lending combined armors to me :)
Vinyaya @ 2006-03-24 05:29
Neutrals can only get 25k faction. That's why mephistobane can't wear them.
Xevil @ 2006-03-25 02:31
neut for the lose
Ryugu @ 2006-09-20 21:14
best offhand weapon for a trox dual wielder, or support classes, for advs etc, not so much, melee energy is a skill not many classes even have perks affecting it.
vlada @ 2006-10-24 15:45
@ryugu:pre AI one of the best combos for melee advys was a shank/Sword of Dusk/Dawn,
Ajattar @ 2006-10-25 14:37
Skarmory @ 2006-02-06 00:34
Yes, you can put a pair of those on. You CANNOT however wield both the sword of Dusk and that of Dawn.

Why not? get 30000 faction on redeemed, put Dawn on, then 30k faction with unred and put Dusk on :P
factions are not restricted to if you are omni or clan, you can freely choose if you wanna go with reds or unreds (only garden stones have omni/clan restrictions)
rattjamann @ 2006-10-27 22:59
lol if u got ALLOT of spare time on ur hands why not? :P would look strange/funny with a blue and a red laser sword :P
Shadow.ik @ 2007-01-12 22:37
Hmmm....FC like Star Wars...
Jinzost @ 2007-01-22 01:24
hehe, lightsaber looks are uber

i saw someone wielding dawn and dusk today in oa
mosnami @ 2007-01-27 08:12
Jinzost @ 2007-02-11 22:15
wait sorry i didn't notice u could weild this in either hand... he prbs had 2x sword of dawn
Jinzost @ 2007-02-11 22:16
yeah well mosnami considering sword of dawn is 1he and ofab wolf is 2he...
Anubis @ 2007-03-14 18:00
and... Ofab wolf takes 2201 in primary skill, which is very difficult for a doctor to get, considering we only really get pistol perks, but 1k in primary skills, and 30k faction... easy stuff!
Aurielle @ 2007-06-15 01:27
Does it OE if you lose enough faction? might look good dualling them, but not quite as effective as you'd think :)
mosnami @ 2008-01-12 17:23
Useful for buff only this day.
Gurudee @ 2009-02-26 06:41
These are about to, in patch, get an interesting Xan upgrade.
A reduction in max dmg so it's 300-350 (500) and skills leap to 1800 ME.
But also getting FA and Sneak, AAO/AAD bufage...but losing the nano mod/delta.

Hope it's not nerfed, as suddenly, this would be an interesting alternative again.
I'm thinking Xan of Dusk/Dread Panther combo for my enf.
Gurudee @ 2009-02-26 06:42
and wtb edit button:
I'm thinking Xan of Dawn/Dread Panther combo for my enf.
BossTank @ 2009-04-10 05:46
Is this possible for a froob to get on? and how do i get up my factions?
Dagger @ 2009-04-22 21:30
No it's not possible because of faction and the fact the parts drop in pandemonium
bakayaro @ 2011-01-31 07:03
this weap can't be upgraded? ^^'
bakayaro @ 2011-01-31 07:05
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