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Item Database - Shapeshifter's Vest

Shapeshifter's Vest Icon #13252 This well-kept garment was a treasured property of Cerubin.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, Has Damage, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 15.5
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Body
Value 1
Equip time 0.1s
Mass 1kg
To Equip User Visual profession == Adventurer or
User Visual profession == Engineer or
User Visual profession == Fixer or
User Visual profession == Doctor and
User Intelligence >= 300
On Equip User Texture Body 8737  
if Gender == Uni  
User Texture Body 8982  
if Gender == Male  
User Texture Body 9026  
if Gender == Female  
User Modify Sense 10  
User Modify Psychic 10  
User Modify Melee init 30  
User Modify Ranged init 30  
User Modify Physical init 30  
User Modify First aid 15  
User Modify Matter metamorphosis 15  
User Modify Nano pool 45  
User Modify Body development 45  
User Modify Duck explosives 30  
User Modify Dodge ranged 30  
User Modify Evade close 30  
User Modify Pharmaceuticals 15  
User Modify Nano resist 15  
User Modify Defense modifier 10  
User Modify Weapon range 10  
djmalo @ 2004-08-16 08:17
djmalo @ 2004-08-16 08:18
oh.. Cerubin :D
diablo @ 2005-05-18 02:02
where is cerubin
Kyai @ 2005-06-19 14:04
Crypt of Home, an easy kill with a level 110ish team with a good pet to keep's cerubin's attention.
lpx @ 2005-11-18 09:20
NICE!, i'd use it for my doc if it had some ac's.. i can't give up 600 ac's for it :(
fatal_error @ 2005-12-14 20:50
pff can sumone help me get it :s
Pung @ 2006-02-02 06:51
lol, nvm the ac's with those evades+hp+addalldef.
Tarradax @ 2006-03-03 16:55
Yeah, I've swapped this thing on my agent instead of a pred chest.
Mods Lost: 600 ACs, 1% XP.
Mods Gained: More of everything the pred chest offers - More evades, more inits, more NR, more bodydev/nanopool... And the +10AAD definetly covers the lost 600 ACs.
Soljaz @ 2006-05-28 17:37
whats the price on it? :P
gergiskoo @ 2006-06-25 19:19
I'll take six.
Yakobo66 @ 2006-07-07 16:06
lol tarra you also lost 1% crit
Keex @ 2006-07-30 14:41
no. pred chest does not give crit increase x_x
lpx @ 2006-08-27 09:05
very nice chest item.. i spent a few hours camping cerubin to get one.. pfftt i should have just bought one.. 2ml and 4ml in gms on RK2.. seems under valued to me.
LordDrathu @ 2006-08-29 23:36
If this added like 15 treatment it would be 100% uber. Still nice though.
LordDrathu @ 2006-08-30 00:19
guys, what is the lowest level you can get this on a nanomade doc?
liljen @ 2006-09-26 12:33
around lvl 50 wouldnt be too hard. Probably lower
Stimpack @ 2006-11-12 22:11
agents get this ,)
Twinkywinky @ 2006-12-29 21:25
its a must on fixers tho.. who cares about ac's if no one can hit you..
Xaishen @ 2007-01-10 03:39
Just be sure to have some sturdy ACs if you're wearing this! Giving up your ACs from chest is not easy ^_^

_Ills @ 2007-02-11 22:34
You'll need a pretty decent evade setup as an agent to take the full benefit. We neither have perks nor green evades to cover the loss of AC.
Benjamn @ 2007-02-15 02:31
gonna use this on my lvl 90 adv,
Dalek @ 2007-05-13 22:37
lol at people talking about AC loss, 600 AC is 60 less damage per hit...big whoop.
Jedifrank @ 2007-05-17 02:23
Dalek.. Plz dont confuse players.. ac is your protection.. and have nothing to do with how much you hit for !
Skellum @ 2007-05-18 19:38
It seems pretty clear that he's referring to when you get hit.
marist @ 2007-06-25 22:33
TraderTravis @ 2007-10-20 19:53
As an engineer I've nevver really had good armour for AC's, im lvl 94 and only have 2k melee ac's, but most the time a engineer/metaphysicist hides while the pets attack
Dilomax @ 2008-02-15 16:19
Jedifrank think before you speak... ever 10 ac is -1 dmg so Dalek is correct...
Damefix @ 2008-06-17 16:31
You tought that AC makes you hit better Jedifrank! It's how much other guys hit YOU
Jedifrank @ 2008-08-27 13:04
UPS.. must have been a shitfaced night.. ofc Dalek is correct :)
phaetonXIII @ 2009-04-11 04:30
I love the profs that can wear this, engi, doc, fix, advy... such awesome classes. Such an awesome vest, but the femal skin looks a bit silly imo. I would totally give up my ACs for the buffs this thing gives, and Sense helps wearing Apoc leather, another awesome armour set.
kilafiremage @ 2010-01-20 05:15
how much would this cost on rk1 now? i wtb!!
oopsminded @ 2010-12-15 16:11
over powering item
tazerboy @ 2011-09-17 03:19
imsobored121 @ 2012-12-21 18:19
definately not junk haha^
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