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Item Database - Spirit Training Program

Spirit Training Program Icon #205512 This program seems to have been designed to help you teach primitive focus-funneling helpers what love is.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count
Can Carry
Patch 15.5
Change QL:
Slot none
Value 3600
Mass 0.2kg
Graan @ 2004-06-24 18:58
eh what?
fiberfetish @ 2004-07-06 23:28
sold for 50m, fifty, on atlantean
Pfex @ 2004-07-11 11:42
where does this drop???
Syberiath @ 2005-04-18 11:45
drops of named mobs in ely ... names are : Tdecin, Zias Ashlar, Ossuz crappy droprate, but better chances as camping the hate-proggy
Syberiath @ 2005-06-27 16:33
50M is crazy .. goes for <10M on rk right now
ariiadne @ 2005-08-12 11:35
isnt it funny how 50M sounded like a ton of cash just a lil over a year ago? its pocket change now. wonder what a year from now will be like...
hearsehauler @ 2005-08-18 13:44
50M may be pocket change for a chump! Personally I will not support the overpriced items in this game. If I can't buy for a "reasonable" amount I will go with out. Conversely, I will not ask alot (like 40M for a PPPE) for anything. May be, someday, we can get this inflationunder control. But only with everyone's help!
hopp @ 2005-09-02 18:04
40m for a pppe is kinda cheap nowdays.. considering how rare and helpful it is. ;)
high level toons can farm hundreds of millions in weeks that what causes inflation. if nobody had billions than noone would pay these high prices. nerfing ingots only caused that newbie players won't have billions but the veterans still be very rich because the money is circulating between the high lvl rich players and not vanishing.. ao really needs some money sinks where the money actually vanishes not just going to the hands of an other player..
modsquad @ 2005-12-22 20:30
Cities are money sinks aren't they, don't you have to pay 'rent' each month?
Pyros_15000 @ 2006-07-15 15:30
Ok So what's it for?
Orichalcon @ 2006-08-12 01:44
If you use it on the Primitive Focus-Funneling Helper:
You get a different version of the helper which can go into HUD3. You can also using a Hate Spirit on it to go into HUD1. Meaning you can have 3 of these things.
Backstabber @ 2008-11-27 02:50
just looted 2 in a row off 2 bosses that were next to each other.. had no clue what they were
phaetonXIII @ 2009-03-01 21:46
hearsehauler @ 2005-08-18 13:44
I wish you were active on RK1 now and I knew who you were!
I hate overpriced things. its a real pain to dish out any more than 10mil on any single item. I buy and sell alot, and somehow my balance never makes it over 15mil-ish. maybe I'm doing someting wrong but some things just cost too much
Oh and i'm froob so farming this myself is out of the question
0oglez @ 2010-06-22 12:19
What is love?
Lifferto @ 2011-06-14 00:08
baby don't hurt me.....don't hurt more
fixereetza @ 2012-05-27 17:30
1st kill it dropped. i was expecting a long camp :)
fixereetza @ 2012-05-27 17:31
And another 1 in 2 more kills. So 2 drops out of 3 kills, for me, today.
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