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Item Database - Syndicate Messenger Gun

Syndicate Messenger Gun Icon #210189 'Time is like a forest fire.' This was the motto of the Adonis Syndicate.
Flags Visible, Modified Description
Can Carry, Wear, Burst
Patch 15.4
Change QL:
Type Weapon
Slot Right hand
Value 3248308
Attack time 1s
Recharge time 1s
Range 25 m
Clip 40 - Energy ammo
Damage 200-325 (550) - Chemical AC
Attack rating cap 1600
Burst cycle 1500
Initiative skill Ranged init
Mass 3.4kg
Damage View this weapon in the Damage Calculator
Defense skills
Dodge ranged 100 %
Attack skills
Smg 100 %
To Equip User Profession == Fixer and
User Expansion sets & Shadowlands and
User Smg >= 1201 and
User Burst >= 901
On Equip User Modify Run speed 80  
Gelis @ 2005-05-15 07:03
where can i find this baby?
/tell Gelis
4r53n1c @ 2005-05-26 08:16
Ariac, are you saying you can get this gun on at lvl 140? If so I'd like you to school me on the intricasies of becoming an uber twink.
Talan @ 2005-05-30 03:53
mmm looks easy to get on actually. I don't see much of a problem, could most likely get it on earlier.
Dworkin @ 2005-06-09 21:45
done at 135 by me, breeze prolly doable at 100ish
Ephyon @ 2005-07-31 04:54
I got it on at 135 without any big problems ^^;; about 1h and 30 minutes of running around =P
unpi @ 2005-08-01 13:41
120 = easy
alistahle @ 2005-09-15 17:30
where plz ? and/or how ? thx
Uglyduckie @ 2005-10-19 10:34
inferno boss mobs, Conflag and heckler bosses by 255 inc drop it
jeffro @ 2005-11-13 21:32
lvl120#!? imps, wrangle, +20buff, and a suppressor - what am i missing, im miles off??!
santikeep @ 2005-11-29 17:57
AI Armor ;O
Vroomvroom @ 2005-11-30 16:45
Dont Forget you can have 2 ql 150 Ransacking towers which is plus like 60 more MG/Burst

And its ez on at 135
mr_squeekers @ 2005-12-16 17:55
not sure u could get it on be4 140.. but yes I could se a lvl 140 getting uber buffed, imped ect. into that.. would be a long ass time and u would be doing 50% ne how :P.. so may as well wait
mr_squeekers @ 2005-12-17 02:50
can somone tell me the kind of dmg they have seen from this gun.. I have the sup perrenium and somone suggested this.. why? if u could post some dmg and reasons I would appreciate it thanks
harton @ 2006-01-01 04:49
high min, good crits, and chem dmg :P
Solox @ 2006-01-31 12:06
I got a 155/20 apprentice fixtwink on rk1 and use one... I'd say it's doable with towers, imps, 8 in champ light and about level 130ish without AI armor.... WITH Ai armor it'd be doable about level 100, I know a 110 twink planning to get one on AND keep it 100%.
leite @ 2006-02-18 20:34
perfect :P there's only a gun better then this one! the ql260 :PP
Vroomvroom @ 2006-04-08 20:35
WEll another uber twink setup for fixahz is Onehander KMP :P nasty alphaz
Kaynos72 @ 2006-05-17 18:15
Just one word to descbribe this : Perfect.
Mannystk @ 2006-06-07 10:07
Vroomvroom @ 2006-04-08 20:35
WEll another uber twink setup for fixahz is Onehander KMP :P nasty alphaz

Its Blinded Blackbirf and Onehander ;)
gergiskoo @ 2006-06-25 06:00
So how low do you think I can get this on if I don't have AI?
Forek @ 2006-07-12 01:08
Without AI, you can get it on at 150-160 quite easily with just ql200 imps, buffs (RC, Wrangle, Comps, lvl 135 smg buff) and SMG6.

It can be done a lot earlier if you want to include towers, buffing armors and buffed attributes for trickle down, but I can't be bothered to do that now.

On a side note, I saw a lvl100 fixer twink running around Foreman's with one of these on at 100%.
Yakobo66 @ 2006-07-23 04:18
ql240 i presume ;)
Mr_H8 @ 2006-08-08 12:29
had this a while now and not enjoying it as much as i thought i would.
you need to crit a lot for it to be better than SPB.
i crit on average 35%, but still only do about 10k more damage than a fixer my level with SPB. (tested)
hoping to get some chem aruls to help.
TexRob @ 2006-08-30 15:50
Mr_H8, in Shadowlands it's better than SPB in every way, because that max damage is never going to really come into play with high high AC mobs. Faster burst cycle, higher min damage, much larger crit, and chem damage all make this a vastly superior weapon to an SPB. Even in RK on low AC mobs, the crits with just a vision enhancer, and the burst cycle time will make it outdamage SPB by a decent bit. Flipside, on hecks in SL, this would probably come close to doubling the damage of an SPB, and it only gets better if you have more crit.
Unkerror @ 2006-09-05 02:57
higher min, higher max, faster burst... I'm missing how spb can OD this unless your'e gimp and don't have anything giving you dmg adds and the guy with the spb does
docburlac @ 2006-09-11 10:22
superb weapon indeed. but... it`s a big problem. extremely expensive and low drop rate. i`ll never be able to have 1 :((
Gaiaterra @ 2006-10-17 08:05
Got it on at 131 without alien armor or towers. And I don't consider myself a hardcore twinker.

It's a real nice gun, but be sure to raise your evades to the max, cos this baby is definately grabbing agg. ^^
Yakobo66 @ 2006-10-30 13:04
this until you get ql300 KMP + enchanted one hander ^^
leite @ 2006-12-03 20:19
For pvp, for pvm QL300 KMP type 5 x2 , yeah type 5 x2 because it raises the probability to cast the alien add damage buff that typed weapons have.
Jedrox @ 2006-12-30 14:10
You can get it on at lvl 125 easily with ql200 imps, comps, RC and wrangle and fixer SMG buff.
Nevaru @ 2007-01-04 09:53
I've had it on my 120 fixer for a few months now, LE makes it too easy now i almost wanna delete my fixer twink...
Yakobo66 @ 2007-02-07 14:23
Unkerror @ 2006-09-05 02:57

higher min, higher max, faster burst... I'm missing how spb can OD this unless your'e gimp and don't have anything giving you dmg adds and the guy with the spb does

lower max (unless you count crits XD)
cyberpunk203 @ 2007-04-07 00:05
@leite @ 2006-02-18 20:34

perfect :P there's only a gun better then this one! the ql260 :PP

u do know 260 has same damage right only higher skills to put on?
CountZero @ 2007-04-09 07:45
If you got more than 1600 smg skill or AR (not sure whats right), the higher versions are better due to the bigger max beneficial skill, in which case you would do more damage instead of only having a better chance to hit.
__Ranger__ @ 2007-07-05 13:57
how much is ql 240 theese days?
Onkelfabi @ 2007-10-05 17:58
saw one for 160m
Jedrox @ 2008-01-07 00:11
cyberpunk203: "u do know 260 has same damage right only higher skills to put on?"
ql260 has much higher attack rating cap and adds a bit more run speed.
regsvr32 @ 2008-01-16 11:28
i try calculating some and tried to put ql 240 Syndicate Messenger Gun on but i failed fully perked and 10 aliens lvl at lvl 100 i called it impossible to put that weapon at lvl 100 needed extra 100 points or so even with wrangle and riot control along with ql 160-170 sharpshooter full set along with all the extra items and ql 190 implants but i guess that i got no luck maybe other ppls had more luck ? will be glad to hear more comments and by the way i was fully perked with smg line and ai perks of light artillery if i am not mistaken again would like to hear comments
regsvr32 @ 2008-01-16 11:29
(the smg ai perk line of combat)
Dilomax @ 2008-02-07 18:39
there is no equippment delay
skranken @ 2008-04-11 00:34
Did anything just happen to the drop rate?? Suddleny there's 15 of these on GMS... that sucks because I just bought mine yesterday
wintypes @ 2008-05-09 18:08
maybe because GAIV fix with SMG is now nerfed for s10 :P
Fizzers1 @ 2008-07-31 02:53
1 word... ubah. And for you guys that THINK you will never have this bad boy, you can get it
i got 166m in 1 day from s10 and ai city raids. got an alien aug device from s10 and ql 180 strong lead bots from admiral during city raid. i never thought i would be able to use this gun but i have it now. just be patient and the $$ will build. so dont give your hopes up ^^
Fizzers1 @ 2008-07-31 02:54
also adding that my main is a 141 fixer so dont think only 220s make money quickly ;)
tikay @ 2008-10-18 07:56
Which would be better for s10, this one or the SPB?

I'm not all known with alien AC's, but for as far i noticed, dmg that the SPB can do max do occure in s10, or close to it.
reefer @ 2008-10-29 03:55
this + crit setup = pwnz in sec10
although spb does better raw damage
reefer @ 2008-10-29 03:56
btw <3 this in pvp :D
SMG<->Alsaqri pew pew whoosh whoosh <dimach> /splat :P
louie2cool @ 2009-02-10 03:49
most a this ql level gun i found for 160 mil
Ibrokezyou @ 2009-05-29 17:57
Screw the KMP+ONehander
I'll take Envy of the Xan + Onehander for sure!
joshfritz561 @ 2009-12-18 06:53
I slid it on at about 126 with ql 200 implants,buffs and adjusted my perks... only had 6 AI lvls at the time Also. stayed %100 when I slipped back into Symbiants.... I put on a ql 268 scope, pred circlet and after I put that one I had no choice...... I'm now the tank on every team Im on
joshfritz561 @ 2009-12-18 06:54
oh.. no AI armors btw... used syndicate shades also
fekal @ 2012-03-25 13:51
Put it on a lvl88 gimp, just for the fun.
Twinkaholic @ 2012-06-02 04:02
Also no one else mentioned so thought I would; this weapon is chemical damage so it stacks with Fixer cluster bullets and kizzermoles meaning you can rip through sorbs like they're not there.
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