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Item Database - Maul of Menestyr

Maul of Menestyr Icon #218716 And Fflewdur Flam Wledig called upon Menestyr to slay the knight, but he failed, and the quest passed on to his son Gwyddawg.
Flags Visible, Modified Description
Can Carry, Wear, No Ammo, Brawl, Parry, Parriable
Patch 15.4
Change QL:
Type Weapon
Slot Right hand
Value 2110000
Equip time 2s
Attack time 3s
Recharge time 3s
Range 4 m
Damage 400-600 (200) - Chemical AC
Attack rating cap 2000
Initiative skill Melee init
Mass 20kg
Damage View this weapon in the Damage Calculator
Defense skills
Evade close 100 %
Attack skills
2h Blunt 100 %
To Equip User Breed == Atrox and
User Expansion sets & Shadowlands and
User 2h Blunt >= 1601 and
User Brawl >= 961
On Equip User Modify Chemical AC 500  
User Modify Duck explosives 50  
CruisefiX @ 2004-01-23 02:37
wohoooooooooooooooooo Want that !!!
eaze @ 2004-01-23 11:02
WTB! Where does it drop, anyone know yet? :)
Atrox1 @ 2004-01-24 19:42
Maul of Menestyr
Estimated Damage Range: 2082-2482 (3482)

In 30s with a cycle speed of 2.25s, (1.25s Attack, 1s Recharge) you would have attacked 13 times. Total damage in 30s would be around 30134 points.
Enhanced Queen Blade
Estimated Damage Range: 2558-5014 (5278)

In 30s with a cycle speed of 5.35s, (2.25s Attack, 3.1s Recharge) you would have attacked 6 times. Total damage in 30s would be around 22986 points.

Therefore EQB time is over, enfs will be 2hb as intentended by FC.
Atrox1 @ 2004-01-24 19:43
I think it drops on dynas in adonis/pen.. like the soldier's JAME.
Xyboc @ 2004-01-30 20:35
It's not ingame yet, so nobody knows where it drops. Most likely Inferno =P
eaze @ 2004-01-31 14:34
Xyboc, granted, but we do have high levels playing on Test you know.
QL220-260 is probably likely in Inferno yeah. A bit too low for Pand I'd say.
Teffa @ 2004-02-01 21:54
Sdloner @ 2004-02-03 03:11
it was updated in this patch as far as i know, so it should be in live loot tables.
eaze @ 2004-02-03 20:42
No, this is new in 15.4, it does not drop, it does not sell, it does not exist on live - untill tomorrow :p
Sdloner @ 2004-02-04 20:54
well im a test monkey and ive seen 220 enfs with this weap =P
Tzalloch @ 2004-02-23 00:02
Ithaki in Inferno drops it, horrible droprate, heavily camped, have fun :)
disquast @ 2004-02-25 14:10
not heavly camped
hard to kill tho with all those adds as I heared drop rate is like jame very low and painful goodluck for finding :p
Saxon1 @ 2004-02-26 07:05
I would do ANYTHING for this weapon, i NEVER switched to 2h edged and finally a good 2h blunt weapon comes out! :)
Engelsblut @ 2004-02-26 21:55
Some dude on RK2 is offering a RBP for this...
Doominator @ 2004-02-27 00:06
got one, thank you very much! and no, I wont trade a rbp for it :P
Nachtwind @ 2004-03-08 15:31
I think rbp means Robust Backpack ;)

User Adventuring >= 230 and
User Level >= 120

On Equip User Modify Max health 400
User Modify Projectile AC 900
User Modify Melee AC 900
User Modify Energy AC 900
User Modify Chemical AC 600
User Modify Radiation AC 900
User Modify Cold AC 900
User Modify Poison AC 900
User Modify Fire AC 900
User Modify Projectile damage modifier 60
User Modify Energy damage modifier 60
User Modify Radiation damage modifier 60
User Modify Fire damage modifier 60

d3x @ 2004-03-12 11:48
maul rox ;p HARD to get (and i dont mean the adds but the 0.00001 droprate) ... kinda small if u ask me ... should have been at least 2x the size (visual i mean).
Sebres @ 2004-03-22 23:33
wtf.......killed it a lot of times. But Only Dropps after Diying trough train. 3 times dropped after diying. So no fun - Camping sucks, and my enfi :
R e s t in P e a c e. *grml*
robbloc @ 2004-03-25 03:56
atrox only!!!!
Tzalloch @ 2004-03-29 12:02
Big smack to the face to solitus enfs, they have symbiant dominance anyways so not a big deal.
daburah @ 2004-04-07 15:13
Messman got it recently, and it owned eqb/fbr etc when killing the mercs. Damn j00 Mess :P
nanonuker666 @ 2004-04-09 01:08
this weapon = the best dam enf weapon there is no ifs ands or buts about it i have seen it in action and its uber :)
zindsyg @ 2004-04-16 18:04
what is the drop rate on this? in like % or 1:x??
Getmore @ 2004-05-28 15:56
Not sure about droprat but I have gotten my CSMG and seen a 220 maul drop on 10ish hours.
Taeglen @ 2004-06-04 19:28
The definative end game enf maul if you're rich (or got a good group of high level buddies and are very patient), but its getting alot cheaper now. Used to be sellin for like a bill on RK2, now people are settin their mins at 350-400 mill... Maybe us poor gimp enforcers will be able to afford one of these babies one day.
Banansniffer @ 2004-06-29 09:55
Not to be flaming or anything, but if u got 350-400m you aint poor :P
Banansniffer @ 2004-06-29 09:56
(Or maybe I misread and you meant that in the future the maul is going to be much muuuuch cheaper....) :)
Akarah @ 2004-07-06 22:02
equipped on my trox enf woot :)
Stehn @ 2004-09-20 23:15
those people that didnt trade theirs for a rbp bet they wish they did now ;p
dJinN @ 2006-04-14 17:23
Theres some on GMS for 2.5M-5M now :o
wooshell @ 2007-02-12 20:58
well.. two years have changed the market.. but I'd still not give my Menestyr away. At least not until I've farmed the VPs for the LE hammer.. even though it's only marginally better than this masterpiece.
Jinzost @ 2007-02-15 01:17
Atrox1 @ 2004-01-24 19:42
Therefore EQB time is over, enfs will be 2hb as intentended by FC.

lol 300 Kyr'Ozch sword does a whole 1000 more damage over 10 seconds than this thing does.

looks like 2he is still primary enf weapon =)
Jinzost @ 2007-02-15 01:18
unless u posted that b4 AI came out, then that statement would be legitemant for that time
skybert @ 2007-03-30 21:50
the statement was legit when written, but things have changed, and the enforcer cookie-cutter is 2HE as it stands as of today
intrus34 @ 2008-08-04 13:54
it's a heckler killer maul :D
Ganiwar @ 2010-12-02 23:34
If theres one constant in the AO universe, it must be that people here at Auno cant read post dates if their lives depended on it.

Oh yea and just to rub it in, nowadays, blunt is king again.
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