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Item Database - Monitor Smoking Suit

Monitor Smoking Suit Maybe the owner was buried in this suit.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, Has Damage, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 15.4 18.8.53
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Back
Value 1600000
Equip time 0.1s
Mass 5kg
To Equip User Visual profession == Trader or
User Visual profession == Bureaucrat and
User Intelligence >= 700 and
User Psychic >= 700 and
User Title level >= 7 and
User Expansion sets & Shadowlands
On Equip User Texture Feet 155955  
User Texture Body 245696  
if Gender not == Female  
User Texture Arms 245697  
User Texture Body 296303  
if Gender == Female  
User Texture Legs 296305  
User Modify Max health 400  
User Modify Projectile AC 1250  
User Modify Melee AC 1250  
User Modify Energy AC 1250  
User Modify Chemical AC 1250  
User Modify Radiation AC 1250  
User Modify Cold AC 1250  
User Modify Poison AC 1250  
User Modify Fire AC 1250  
User Modify Sensory improvement 18  
User Modify Psychological modifications 18  
User Modify Perception 18  
User Modify Nano init 60  
User Modify Run speed 60  
User Modify Psychology 18  
User Modify Nano resist 60  
User Modify Max nano 600  
hubbster @ 2004-01-27 19:55
Anyone got an Idea where this one drops ?
Kasimodo @ 2004-02-12 13:12
If you ask me, it's a tad overpowered, but then again, the crat Tier/Chosen/Faithful armor sux, so it's a compensation. No idea where it drops, but I WANT IT.

Is it even ingame yet?
Noer @ 2004-02-14 20:18
Since its social armor I would hardly call this crap overpowered. Useless social item at best.
Hexin @ 2004-05-04 09:39
yeah 1200hp and nano, 60 runspeed nano init and ncu memory, and 6k to acs... yeah what a useless social item.
aridollar @ 2004-05-24 17:44
Hexin, the point noer is making is that since it's social, we can't wear it with penumbra glasses / inferno boots / pande ring. Kinda hard to use it, considering how those are kind of the only places you could get SK.
asdf123456 @ 2004-07-16 00:07
Hexin is obviously a noob and doesnt realize what social armor is ;P
Jestra @ 2004-07-31 13:22
Well, err, since I can wear my Pen glasses with my GA, I suppose you could do the same with this suit ...
alphia @ 2004-08-03 13:37
anyone know where this drops yet? im guessing pand...
Keex @ 2004-08-27 17:36
Drops off Chimera Monitor, level 210-215 (changes from spawn to spawn) inferno Shadow-boss. just go south from the Sorrow Garden Exit (he's a bit east of the Chimera Trainer)
taulmaril @ 2004-08-31 18:49
Pen glasses have a wearable with social armor flag on them, the inf boots, pande ring, and watersuit do not, so unless you feel like changing your armour out for all these places, it's kinda useless.
hargneuse @ 2004-09-01 00:32
One of the best dress skin it was given to me to see ingame - got it and love it :]
Shareida @ 2004-12-01 06:17
with a full set of Ljotur armor around 9.5-10.5k ac overall +1800ish hp/nano..

Sounds fun if you ask me.
Talan @ 2004-12-25 11:38
nice armor... looks... errr... interesting on female toons :)
Falcon11 @ 2005-04-28 21:40
Neat item, kinda wish I was a crat/trader :p
Casiru @ 2005-06-07 21:42
!=Female, you done get the "open" one sorry.
Morthoseth @ 2005-06-13 00:58
OR stylish agent, falcon, visual prof...
Moniker @ 2005-08-22 12:48
"Well, err, since I can wear my Pen glasses with my GA, I suppose you could do the same with this suit ..."
Well, be sure to test that... youl need your GRID armor in pen *snicker*
rewws @ 2005-09-06 22:20
this item is to insane to be true and not to high req either...tobad its oly trd and crat :(
Cradte @ 2005-09-21 14:02
For the last time, social armor basically means u can't wear anything else while wearing this. So no, it's not that insane.
xxprunkxx @ 2005-11-26 12:01
unless your camping patterns or items which crats or traders arent so good at you'll be doing missions and inside u can wear wutever the foook u want so this is a great item and since ingot nerf its at a great price
shenia @ 2005-12-27 12:09
TL7 bah
Hugeframe @ 2006-01-07 04:58
This item would work out great for my crat :)
I've seen a few of these being sold, but I've never actually seen anyone wearing 'em :P
oh, and nerf the tl7 req >.<
SpartaN2 @ 2006-01-09 09:36
you can wear Hold Hell at Bay with this though...
osiris05 @ 2006-02-06 20:09
you can wear, hhab, pen glasses and the inf boots with this item - as long as u dont zone - it has a zoning bug that makes the suit 0% OE if u wear the inf boots or the hhab. The pen glasses dont have any effect on the suit.
exhaze @ 2006-03-23 12:50
<obligatory comment about how the value of the item should be more than 1,600,000!>
donger @ 2006-05-18 12:11
It's just how much it sells for in a shop at 1 c lit
djedj @ 2006-07-21 10:28
social tag does not mean that you can't wear anything with it. just try to dig a bit in db
Daeva @ 2006-09-02 19:43
and males dont get anything compesating? Seems like all crats alteast should be woman. =/
scowcron @ 2006-12-18 09:31
This is wearable by males. that information is just saying that it looks different on a female.
jeycihn @ 2006-12-31 09:23
wow, what a confused bunch. btw, ljotur is your freind ;)
Loethlin @ 2007-03-28 01:01
i don't care how crappy it is that you can only wear social armor with it!
It looks so god damn sexy on both genders!

...then again, i always care about looks first...
io4k1m @ 2007-04-26 22:20
weeee! with the new patch i don't have to burn up (for 5 secs while un-/re-equiping) in inf to look good! :D and Ljotur is my friend indeed!
redbadger @ 2007-06-17 07:28
ok we covered alot of the stuff that can be worn with it, but can you wear a token board? i didnt see that covered. i hope so, im at 1200 tokens and i would hate to find out that i cant wear them together.. =\
Yfo @ 2007-07-10 19:28
you still haven't gotten it huh?
social armor + can wear with social armor
mind looking up your token board?
sycholic @ 2007-12-20 13:01
People you need to look into things move before you say something and got no clue, btw Monitor Smoking Suit + Smuggled Nanite Merit Board Base + Lava Protection Boots and Skin Galvanizer + Hyper-Radiation Protection Skin and Glasses SO.... who said you cant wear these with this cuz your wrong....
Monery @ 2008-05-11 19:23
Well, I am surprised that I haven't seen people wearing this especially crats since the social armor option has come out... went to look for one on GMS RK2 and there wasn't one on there for omni...
freqflyerdnt @ 2008-05-16 11:11
I am wearing it on my little crat in social, on RK1 hehehehe I love it. Looks awesome along with Tier1 Bewts and AI Tank :D
Comi @ 2008-06-20 22:15
By far the best looking outfit for males, nothing special on females.
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