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Item Database - Lord of Envy

Lord of Envy Icon #244836 He is the cause of envy.
Flags Visible, Modified Description, No Drop, Unique
Can Carry, Wear, Burst
Patch 15.2
Change QL:
Type Weapon
Slot Right hand
Equip time 0.5s
Attack time 2s
Recharge time 2s
Range 25 m
Clip 30 - Energy ammo
Damage 250-275 (275) - Poison AC
Attack rating cap 2500
Burst cycle 1200
Initiative skill Ranged init
Mass 5kg
Damage View this weapon in the Damage Calculator
Defense skills
Dodge ranged 100 %
Attack skills
Smg 100 %
To Equip User Title level >= 6 and
User Smg >= 2251 and
User Burst >= 1689
On Equip User Modify Max health 350  
User Modify Matter metamorphosis 30  
User Modify Dodge ranged 90  
Mastablasta @ 2004-01-29 00:08
Aritotheles @ 2004-02-03 11:53
Yeah... same OMFG
Atrox @ 2004-02-05 15:37
Well, humm All I can say is what a POS, 2251 smg ?
estboy @ 2004-02-17 17:19
too biiig reqs dam it...AND nODROP!!
Sentex @ 2004-02-17 17:53
ah damn nodrop... cant sell it for a couple of items <- lol ^^
igloo @ 2004-03-18 17:26
Just curious, where does it drop?
Banansniffer @ 2004-05-05 10:47
Teh Beast, gl getting one ;)
Xyboc @ 2004-07-23 22:59
At the AR cap, this weapon is without a doubt the strongest SMG for a Fixer. You may not able to successfully go 100% Full Def, but its worth it even 50%.
2.5k AR, your min dmg is 1800ish w/o Bracers or dmg buffs, insane!
Nilspils @ 2004-08-20 20:10
=P The Beast aint that hard! Was totally owned last time so. =P Yeah, this weap is THE greatest weap in history.
Nilspils @ 2004-08-20 20:14
Only thing i wonder on is Beast spawn time
And drop rate at this beuty. =P Anyone? Or havent statistics been made yet?
KhimaruRK2 @ 2004-08-24 18:31
that one site will tell you info about the beast... the site with info on all the mobs, dynas, bosses.... ever. lol, what's it called?
KhimaruRK2 @ 2004-08-24 18:31
very cool weap btw, gl to everyone!
Sypiken @ 2004-09-01 17:53
From today and on, this is a sucky old SL weapon.. =P

Christ, it's nice.
Ubatobd @ 2004-09-19 18:52
Blah! Get a Syndicate Messenger Gun...
Ubatobd @ 2004-09-19 18:53
Bonuses are nice, burst recharge also... but damn... 2/2... 275 Max damage (don't try that on RK)... 275 crit... Well, a Conflagrant Syndicate Gun is certainly better, even with AR cap, and all that.
Sypiken @ 2004-12-10 19:09
lol, i got a SMG, and trust my arse, this would r0xx it up and down.
wooshell @ 2005-08-20 05:26
Is that the same 'laser chainsaw' type gun that the unicorn and the borgs inside the CRU missions use?
Volkanov @ 2005-09-21 23:54
i wonder if it looks cool. Besides it may not roxx the messenger but it sure has some sweet effects +90 dodge range makes fixers dodge bullets. Cept AS :(
leite @ 2006-06-28 23:20
you wonder if it looks cool? just go to omni red and check the unicorn commanders lol... they use this gun, and yes I would use it on my fixer just because it looks A W S O M E :p
Yakobo66 @ 2006-07-27 19:08
rofl wtb unicorn armour for a 220 trox fuix :P
docburlac @ 2006-09-11 12:52
could this be the ultimate weapon for fixers ??
Shadowslave @ 2006-09-20 21:03
It could be, if it ever dropped...word is only 2 have dropped in the last 2 YEARS.
MixRin @ 2007-01-08 17:49
lol, this used to make 300ql peren beamer!
Threeze @ 2008-03-02 10:23
Dear funcom,

Please stop making items that don't drop often enough for anyone to actually see that they exist.

Thank You.

Vabla2 @ 2008-09-18 01:38
This is causing me Envy >_<
Vabla2 @ 2008-09-25 07:40
\o/ w00t I got one!
Dropped together with two burdens...
Shiare @ 2008-10-18 19:52
The problem is that everyone always thinks that every item listed in the database is supposed to drop for players at a high rate. Some are meant for NPC's and others are simply meant to be very rare...Rarity doesn't necessarily mean the item has to be the best weapon for it's type, it just means that its' supposed to be a unique item that not every and their momma has. It could be for damage, for style or even just for trophy....too bad there isn't any way of displaying your items....(like how you can do in SWG and decorate your house with any lootable or craftable item in the game).
Vabla2 @ 2008-10-24 19:19
Well seems it's drop rate is on par with the other weapons. Once again FC turned a sweet leet phat into another filler item :(
Agarwaen @ 2009-02-22 18:38
Look @ Xan of Envy!!!
Twvlsman @ 2010-02-02 10:03
The upgrade to this weapon is called "Envy of the Xan" and can be attained by combining it with a &#8220;Xan Weapon Upgrade Device&#8221; It also has a further upgrade process that result in &#8220;Rhat'Ata Gun&#8221;, combine the Envy of the Xan with a &#8220;Rapid-Reload-And-Fire Gyro quality&#8221; quality level 150+ and that can be found in any superior shops trade-skill department. The upgrades are for characters level 201+ and that have the LotX expansions. Esthetically speaking, the thing looks awesome too.
Twvlsman @ 2010-02-02 10:04
Apparently this site doesn&#8217;t like quotes...
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