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Item Database - Star of Ingenuity

Star of Ingenuity Icon #131260 Property of the Devil.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop, Unique, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 15.2 17.6 18.0.2
Change QL:
Type Utility
Slot Hud 1, Hud 2, Hud 3, Utils 1, Utils 2, Utils 3
Mass 0.35kg
To Equip User Computer literacy >= 1500 and
User Level >= 200 and
User Profession == Engineer and
User Stellar Ingenuity not equipped and
User Stellar Engineer Nanodeck not equipped
On Equip User Modify Grenade 30  
User Modify Mechanical engineering 60  
User Modify Time and space 30  
User Modify Tutoring 60  
User Modify Weapon smithing 60  
Artarron @ 2004-07-01 11:11
Any1 know where drop thats YAMMy item ??? :)
Pfex @ 2004-07-01 14:09
The Beast drope it.
Artarron @ 2004-07-01 22:04
omikjam @ 2005-11-23 21:27
piece of shit star.. wtb a star for the engies that arent tradeskilling grenade gimps pst.. :/
La_loutre @ 2005-12-07 18:31
I find too bad that no ability is increased :'(
Deetwo @ 2006-01-02 07:02
V nice for the xum users with the grenade and TS mods :) And added bonus for landing mechanic isnt too bad either.
omikjam @ 2006-01-17 00:46
I would actually bother getting this star if it added pistol instead of grenade and MM instead of useless TS. WTB fix
Forek @ 2006-09-08 01:39
I agree, would be nice to add pistol too.
Stefcho @ 2006-10-14 11:25
Personally, I'd say Aim of Libra is the "Pistol Engi Star".
Vonkepps @ 2006-12-24 06:11
Engineer who does not tradeskill does not deserve the title "engineer", go back to your keeper twink.
Nook1e @ 2007-03-12 10:04
Vonkepps, based on your comment i assume you have never tried to play a high level engi?

Most people want the job done for free and if you say that you charge a fee they just run away or start bad mouthing. Why bother with it when it's not worth it and people keep pestering you with stupid "IMPS PLX".

cant wait for the new full ipr to get rid of the useless tradeskills at once... IF the full ipr comes :/
Takun @ 2007-03-14 17:39
And I assume you have no idea what hes talking about 'Nook1e' - He never said anything about needing to get payed for trade skills, he simply said that an engie that doesnt trade skill isnt true to the profession and shouldnt even be called an engie.. which is something I would have to agree with. The star is nice no matter what your are, better then most other things that can go in Hud/Utils anyways.

As for everyone calling this 'usless' and 'omg different mods' these stars come out in 15.2, and at that time the idea for the engie was grenade and was for more TS and MC because we didnt have all the nice little nano skill items we have now a days...

The star balances well with the Bacam in terms of buffing and AR, If you think its crap then dont get it -o-
SpACatta @ 2008-06-26 10:08
They need to get rid of Grenade, and add Matter Creation...
alesicis @ 2009-07-12 21:49
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