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Item Database - Virgo's Practical Spirit Helper

Virgo's Practical Spirit Helper Icon #11646 You don't have to agree with the person who's been put in charge, but try to act like you respect their opinions.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop, Unique, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 15.2 15.5
Change QL:
Type Utility
Slot Deck 1, Deck 2, Deck 3, Deck 4, Deck 5, Deck 6
Mass 0.35kg
To Equip User Computer literacy >= 1500 and
User Level >= 175
On Equip User Modify Sensory improvement 6  
User Modify Matter metamorphosis 6  
User Modify Biological metamorphosis 6  
User Modify Psychological modifications 6  
User Modify Matter creation 6  
User Modify Time and space 6  
User Modify NCU memory 120  
Jordan @ 2003-12-28 17:37
Where i can find this?
Punkie @ 2004-01-06 17:23
This can't be actually used as a 6-slot belt, can it?
Akaran @ 2004-01-19 17:40
Nope. It fits in the belt slot, but doesn't add any NCU slots.

However, it can fit in as a standard NCU chip, apparently.

No idea where it drops, though, sadly.
Lynda @ 2004-02-06 23:38
From his name (Virgo) I would think it drops from same named mob in Pandemonium, Virgo.
Keex @ 2005-01-06 00:33
it does ;)
belendor @ 2005-12-08 23:31
its very nice
Ofex @ 2006-01-06 05:50
most items with name of the ppl from zodiac are usually in pand
bartje @ 2007-05-04 19:27
Aquarius/Pisces/Aries/Taurus/Gemini/Cancer/Leo/Virgo/Libra/Scorp io/Sagittarius/Capricorn..

Yep all bosses in pande:)
Whitey @ 2007-07-08 03:44
changed in 15.5 so it cant be a belt anymore lol :P
Ilikebunnies @ 2007-07-23 03:13
I only wish it didn't look like a drowned rat, or some sort of beetle. >_>'s ugleh!
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