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Item Database - Living Waist Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban

Living Waist Symbiant, Artillery Unit Aban Icon #215194 Slowly bubbling, this Symbiant is an age old living creature created with Spirit-Tech. It once resided in one of the Ancient Inhabitants of the Shadowlands.
Note: This 'Symbiant' can be installed like an Implant. Use an Implant Enabler (found in shops) to install it.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 15.0.5 15.8
Change QL:
Type Implant
Slot Waist
Value 500
Mass 1.25kg
To Equip User Profession == Trader or
User Profession == Adventurer or
User Profession == Agent or
User Profession == Soldier or
User Profession == Fixer and
User Treatment >= 1342 and
User Level >= 154 and
User Strength >= 683 and
User Agility >= 683 and
User Stamina >= 683 and
User Expansion sets & Shadowlands
On Equip User Modify Max health 253  
User Modify Agility 22  
User Modify Stamina 22  
User Modify Chemical AC 526  
User Modify Radiation AC 526  
User Modify Cold AC 526  
User Modify Fire AC 526  
User Modify Shotgun 43  
User Modify Biological metamorphosis 43  
User Modify Duck explosives 64  
User Modify Dodge ranged 43  
User Modify Evade close 43  
User Modify Full auto 43  
Endemicx @ 2005-12-09 09:07
friggin rare -.-
jema @ 2006-04-01 20:07
What PB drops it?
santikeep @ 2006-04-11 14:51
Adonis Abyss, Eremites and named ones - mob level 172 =)
toe @ 2006-09-30 23:36
Pretty much a endgame symb for many people
Nixix @ 2008-05-14 18:17
Peristalic Aversion drops it, not the Abomination
Paaaaiiiiin to get the pattern, let alone get this to drop
SceneGG @ 2008-11-16 13:27
camped for 9 hours and only got 6 pattern pieces... you'll have a better chacne getting hit by lightning
budthud0 @ 2008-12-11 04:17
I Have Gotten Hit By Lightening, Thank You Very Much. I'll Have To Camp For This Sometime. =P
Root @ 2009-02-18 15:04
i've camped aversion about 3 hours. no one piece of aversion was droped :( only abomination
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