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Item Database - Advanced Jobe Suit Shoulderpad

Advanced Jobe Suit Shoulderpad Icon #160886 The Jobe suit of armor is not only a traditional protective suit that gives a uniform level of protection against any type of damage, but it is also designed to resist attacks by any modern type of nanobot.
However, the true genius of the suit is not what it is, but what it has the potentional of becoming. The suit can receive impulses from regular and nanobot programs in more than 6500 languages, and it can decrypt advanced code up to level 12. It has sockets for most any type of input (long-life plasma streaming included), and it can redesign sockets 40 to 50 to be able to receive input from any new type of source. The full-body, uni-size, uni-sex, receivers are built on SkinCom technology and a harmless variety of graft armor, paired with a separate network of self-sustaining NotuComm wire. The outer layer is fully interchangeable, with any new part being possible to click onto a customizeable layer of 'arms' (or hooks, or glue, or locks or whatever you want to call it).
The Jobe suit is illegal to use by unregistered Rubi-Ka citizens or off-planet people. Registration is required at purchase of any part of the Jobe suit armor.
The Jobe suit received the UPTODI, the Universal Price of Technological and Design Innovation, for 29477.
Flags Visible, No Drop
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 15.0.1
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Right shoulder, Left shoulder
Value 1250000
To Equip User Agility >= 480 and
User Stamina >= 480 and
User Intelligence >= 480 and
User Expansion sets & Shadowlands
On Equip User Modify Projectile AC 150  
User Modify Melee AC 150  
User Modify Energy AC 150  
User Modify Chemical AC 150  
User Modify Radiation AC 150  
User Modify Cold AC 150  
User Modify Poison AC 150  
User Modify Fire AC 150  
User Modify Nano resist 4  
Paradoxon @ 2004-07-15 13:55
hello everybody, i thought, that jobe suit comes only in ql100 version, where do i found advanced and excellent versions of jobe suit?
l2c @ 2004-07-19 14:52
U ugrade the "basic" parts with a glyph. Read Tier2/3 guides, think they say where to find it..
Gng @ 2005-05-17 01:43
Msauss @ 2006-03-26 17:43
wait, so u cannot upgrade T1 to T2?
akamrbungle @ 2006-10-15 18:31
I might be missing something totally simple, but all the forums and ingame articles seem to address upgrading the advanced versions of Jobe armor. How do i get advanced versions when the JAME agents only sells the regular set?
sugaholic @ 2006-10-19 19:01
Yes. You're missing GNGs post about the Joker's Glyph. You need it to upgrade the Basic Shoulderpads, Helmet, and Support System (just one, its not used up in the process) into the advanced versions.
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