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Item Database - Disappear

Disappear This nano formula will increase movement speed, nano resistance, add all def. and critical decrease on the caster by a massive amount for a short period of time. This nano will also remove any root or snare currently running on the caster. This nanoformula is typical good to use in situations where you need to escape from something or someone.
This nano formula will be more effective if the Agent is not disguising their profession.
Flags Tell Collision, Buff Nano
Can Apply Self
Patch 15.0.1 15.4 17.6 18.8.53
QL 218
Crystal Nano Crystal (Disappear)
Nanocost 1121
School Protection: Agent bailing nanos
Duration 15 seconds
Attack time 0.5s
Recharge time 1s
Range 1 m
Effect icon Icon 301573
Stacking order 1681
To Use User Psychological modifications >= 1681 and
User Sensory improvement >= 1676 and
User Profession == Agent and
User Specialization & Fourth and
User Level >= 201 and
User Expansion sets & Shadowlands
On Use User Modify Run speed 800  
if Visual profession not == Agent  
User Modify Run speed 1681  
if Visual profession == Agent  
User Modify Nano resist 800  
if Visual profession not == Agent  
User Modify Nano resist 1681  
if Visual profession == Agent  
User Modify Defense modifier 1681  
if Visual profession == Agent  
User Modify Defense modifier 800  
if Visual profession not == Agent  
User Modify Critical decrease 30  
if Visual profession not == Agent  
User Modify Critical decrease 60  
if Visual profession == Agent  
User Resistance Snare 100%  
User Resistance Root 100%  
Dead66 @ 2004-01-19 10:57
I wonder does this stak with Grid space freedom quikness and the MA run buuf + 70
picsl2 @ 2004-01-28 21:56
does it matter? it only lasts 10 seconds
Supatrue @ 2004-02-09 23:26
Isn't RS capped at 2000? Used to be, im pretty sure but don't know if it still is.
geargrinderx @ 2004-05-03 06:52
Nah, my Adv has about 2200 run speed in the SL.
geargrinderx @ 2004-05-03 06:53
and 10 seconds is MORE than enough time to outrun any mob in the game.
estboy @ 2004-05-15 12:31
Gear ... on RK? :D +720 = 3k run speed....and some adv run speed .. like calias parrot
estboy @ 2004-05-15 12:32
hmm..if agent had 2,2k too....then with this....ur faster then a thunderstorm 0.o
estboy @ 2004-05-15 12:36
2,2k...calias parrot + 600ish 2,8k...GSF = 3,5k...then add 1800 = 5,3 or such...thats out of mind...5,3k Run Speed lol omg :p
estboy @ 2004-05-15 12:40
take out parrot...cant cast anything with parrot =\
riquelme @ 2004-06-08 15:31
cast the agent nano first then become a parrot nerd...
Xaam @ 2004-06-11 07:28
in FP, the agent wouldnt be able to cast parrot fast enough before this nano ran out, and the adventurer (other) nano has a very very very long cast time... if u had a half a brain you would realize that, nerd :P
Tokel @ 2004-06-30 00:43
I just have to throw in a comment to add with Xaam. 1) GSF doesn't stack with parrot. 2) parrot does have a rather long cast time and also can't be cast in combat. 3) even if self casted by an FPed agent, parrot still can't be casted in combat.
Megabob @ 2004-07-08 17:50
just want to add that runspeed is infact capped at 2200. kinda disappointing to have 3500 runspeed yet still only run at 2200 =/
z0xx @ 2004-07-10 13:41
i had 3.6k just now... i had wolf, free movement, quickness, SL best fixer runbuff and escape nano
loriath @ 2004-10-06 05:14
Doh guys GSF does not stack with parrot.............
loriath @ 2004-10-06 05:16
And btw run speed isnt caped. Its just modded. After 2k u get less runspeed from each point than be fore 2k.. And saw that sumone already said GSF didnt stack :P Tho u run in 3500 its hela lot faster than 2k...
malaclava @ 2004-10-21 22:30
runspeed is NOT capped at all, unless its over 8k :p
Xxotik @ 2004-11-14 15:25
what about the fact that omni opifex SB adds 2k RS wonder if it stacks then u can have almost 6k RS
Morthoseth @ 2005-01-08 00:51
This is really good when you're snared and need to make a run for it.
Otherwise, it's suck ass. 2k nano, just for a 10 second burst? Meh.
skybert @ 2005-01-24 01:06
10 seconds can be the little time you need to run a tactical movement in the backwards direction.
Keex @ 2005-04-19 16:41
have 5.6k runspeed with this one ^_^
onlymeh @ 2005-08-13 18:04
GSF +720
Rage +800
Wolf +390
Free Movement +100
Implants +210
2500 Board +250
HQ benefit +90
AZ boots +60
JoTR +60
Spirit Shroud of Art +60
I am the Eel +36 each +72
...and it goes on, but just for the record- so far it's at +2812
plus that nano 4612
Lets say you're a bored 220 who capped runspeed, sta, agi, and str. Base= 1140; Opifex.
5752, that plus 2k from SB. 7752 ...oops! Almost forgot Quickness 7782 Runspeed for 10 secs.
lucaspweb @ 2005-08-28 11:58
that'll probably cause AO to crash..
tabsl @ 2005-09-05 18:31
+ 30 from Angellin's Wristband = 7782 :p
rewws @ 2005-09-13 22:52
hmm that would be 7812 or not? if stockable
rewws @ 2005-09-13 23:08
doh.... stackable
olezero @ 2005-09-17 02:22
rawr !! capps at 2200 runspeed.. would be stupid to have 7782 when you cant run faster then 2200 anyways :-P (btw! add +100 from HH@B ;P)
triggerzer0 @ 2005-09-28 23:20
7.7k RS? 0.o I can see your AO client crashing from here :P
killer22222 @ 2005-12-24 22:50
You would run so quick you couldnt run through a portal without going a mile of corse :D
Cookie @ 2006-02-02 03:23
Considering the lag you'd get by the time your done, you'll have zoned 5 times and be in the middle of no where ;) lmao
Msauss @ 2006-02-19 14:26
5 second to cast, how is that helpful in a fight?
Vroomvroom @ 2006-04-03 20:08
By the time your able to cast this you should be able to insta cast :P
Yakobo66 @ 2006-06-20 23:03
lmao wtb 7.7k run speed XD
abhorash84 @ 2006-09-14 10:50
As previously post RS caps at 2.2k. For clarification, RS can exceed this number in your GUI and actual RS stat, But having more than 2.2k RS won't make you run any faster. The benifit in have +2.2k RS is so that you can still have a sizable movement speed even with debuff's running during PvM/PvP.
AlphaCenta @ 2006-09-24 21:19
Read about Blitzer Bert :D

Worst is.. there they said 5k as in ironically, and here we reach over 7k :p
12lettername @ 2006-09-29 08:35
With 3K runspeed on my adv some people can still out run me. It doesn't cap, just gets less effective.
Endemicx @ 2006-10-16 17:54
wrong. tested it extensively, RS caps at 2,5k. just get a fixer with 3k+ and s.o. with 2,5k, they'll be running at exactly the same speed (having less than 2,5k will make the fixer run faster).
Whitelights @ 2006-10-18 17:03
skybert @ 2005-01-24 01:06

10 seconds can be the little time you need to run a tactical movement in the backwards direction.

<3 i almost fell outta my chair xD
Twinkywinky @ 2006-11-18 22:50
Bert once accidently blitzed into Rimor from Atlantean when he was on a speed-trip but he seized the moment and blitzed a couple of tradeskill items and went back to Atlantean to sell them in the shop.:DDD
Jedrox @ 2006-12-24 23:44
+60 (quickness) :))
Jedrox @ 2006-12-24 23:46
you dont have to worry in pvp.. you run faster than opponent bullets o_0
Ats @ 2007-01-03 17:53
waste of IP for an agent.
Jedrox @ 2007-01-13 19:40
quickness is +30******* :P
Jedrox @ 2007-01-13 19:53
If agents still want to be seen, they should put on a kyo enery rapier, so we could see few miles long green glowing stripe.
Wakizaka @ 2007-02-07 19:36
ql300 Boots of the Dancing King give 150 RS, so +90 more than Azure ^^
Xira @ 2007-05-23 15:22
Who would win the race accross the world? Agent, Fixer, or Advy?
Shareida @ 2007-05-28 02:47
Ppl discuting about rundspeed cap probablz didnt read the rest...

ser Modify Critical decrease 60
User Status Fighting, Movement
User Resistance Snare 95%
User Resistance Root 95%
User Resistance Calm 95%

sounds like "Cast and run for your tiny little agent life."

If more agents would have that in theyr hotbar, they would actually survive theyr ganking alot more.
phantobe @ 2007-09-02 10:16
That's good in all Shareida but by NO means I would ever put that much PM and SI on my agent. Although yes it is helpful, but don't use the highest req'd one.
donger @ 2007-11-22 15:15
Xira @ 2007-05-23 15:22
Who would win the race accross the world? Agent, Fixer, or Advy?

If an agent had the nanopool to cast this every 10seconds then an agent would win ;)
Dilomax @ 2008-01-21 07:22
agent cause he could get the fix buff cast rage and cast this..... for a jump start then he would still have the 800 rs advantage....
Retracnad @ 2008-02-17 22:17
Fixer would just grid to the finish line :P
zerogates @ 2008-04-24 18:20
Enforcer would win with LE rage procs+his own rage+ the other profs bufs
Vancev @ 2008-05-27 01:39
What you guys are not realizing is that this nano has a 4 minutes cool down time so an agent cant cast every 10 seconds so I got money on the enforcer.
AKrulz @ 2008-06-18 20:28
i bet a doctor with a yalm could win =))
Incarnator @ 2008-08-27 00:53
The runspeed cap is 8950 atm. Its maximum number for ark/gm. But like say many people here, after 2.2k rs not really burst ur speed. But i think you can jump higher.
vkata @ 2009-07-08 14:22
runspeed is softcapped at 2500...
Snap4 @ 2010-12-12 02:26
RS cap is 2500 RS btw but the Requirements from this Nano is to hard o.O
legendfluff @ 2012-02-06 18:53
Even though a little late to this party, RS can't be capped, else how do GMs run faster than us?
If it's all capped, 220s should be able to out-run/run with a GM, yet they can't catch up at all.
Manicmouse @ 2013-08-19 20:26
If you think RS isn't capped try outrunning a flying vehicle. You'll be just as slow at 2500 as with 5000.
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