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Item Database - Elementary Teleportation 1

Elementary Teleportation 1 Icon #239267 The effect of this Special is a teleport to tir/newland/omni-e
Recharge, 4 hours
Flags Visible, Default Target
Can Use, Apply Self
Patch 15.0.1
Change QL:
Value 1
Attack time 25s
Range 1 m
Mass 0kg
To Use User Cartographer 1 trained and
User Cartographer 1 not locked
On Use User Teleport Tir X:381, Y:550, Z:9  
if Faction == Clan  
User Teleport Omni-1 Entertainment X:421, Y:339, Z:17  
if Faction == Omni-Tek  
User Teleport Newland City X:481, Y:339, Z:29  
if Faction == Neutral  
Chat Text You successfully perform Elementary Teleportation 1.  
User Cast Affected by Elementary Teleportation 1  
User Lock Cartographer 1 14400s  
toe @ 2006-09-29 08:07
I can see a use for this perk, if you're tanking some big mob and can't make it, hit the perk and try to last 25 seconds, escape :)
anarchykhaos @ 2006-11-19 09:02
Has big downside too.. imagine being at Beast raid and ya accidently hit the perk. Impossible to cancel unless you zone (if there is a way to cancel it other than zoning, tell me NOW). Needless to say, 25s later, you're SOL at your Beast raid.
Ilikebunnies @ 2007-03-08 01:41
How dumb would you have to be to accidentally hit this on a Beast raid.. unless you put it next to Fast Attack or something.
Yakobo66 @ 2007-03-19 11:32
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