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Item Database - Slip of Accident

Slip of Accident Icon #16234 Increases the Dodge skill of the caster by 5 %.
Flags Buff Nano
Can Apply Self
Patch 15.0.1 15.5.5 18.8.53
QL 125
Crystal Nano Crystal (Slip of Accident)
NCU 31
Nanocost 454
School Psionic: Fixer dodge increaser buffs
Duration 4 hours
Attack time 0.5s
Recharge time 6s
Range 1 m
Effect icon Icon 16413
Stacking order 31
To Use User Psychological modifications >= 729 and
User Sensory improvement >= 729 and
User Profession == Fixer and
User Level >= 125 and
User Expansion sets & Shadowlands and
User Specialization & Second
On Use User Modify Dodge ranged 5%  
Flink @ 2004-06-29 20:01
Hm, the description ingame itself says: "Modifies the skill base of dodge-rng to 5%" ... but I cannot see any effect, unless I cast GSF (or any other RS buff) again while it was already running. Then the Dodge-Ranged Skill gets a plus of 20 points or so. For the money it is sold (I think it was 2.1m) I cannot see any use of this, or can you?
Datagutt @ 2005-04-18 20:37
yeah but ur just blind seen at school its psionic
Artyomis @ 2005-07-05 15:29
Is it rollable?
pkv @ 2005-09-26 01:26
"Artyomis @ 2005-07-05 15:29
Is it rollable? "

no, buyable in adonis sanctuary!
EldarZach @ 2005-11-19 10:29
Heeella good if you ask me. With 1k evades you gain 50 Dodge Ranged... That is unless I understand this nano incorrectly.
mpluv @ 2005-12-28 05:32
EldarZach @ 2005-11-19 10:29
Heeella good if you ask me. With 1k evades you gain 50 Dodge Ranged... That is unless I understand this nano incorrectly.

Actually the way I understand this nano, its based on your BASE evade (without trickledown/buffs/imps) so unless your natural evade is 1k then your buff would only be more like 20-45 but it is still a positive buff so it may be the difference between a crit landing or not.
Kaynos72 @ 2006-05-21 20:07
Incredible high run time of 8 min !!!!
Enfo @ 2006-06-19 03:04
Recast it? :p
TexRob @ 2006-08-14 17:14
Man, this one takes the cake. Lets put nanos on islands much further than you'd have garden/sanc keys for than when you can cast them, and then make it a dodge buff only available for purchase in Shadowlands, a place where 99% of attacks are melee.
Yakobo66 @ 2006-12-03 04:35
[OT OOC] Ngrazhgek: Gotta love a game that lets you drain health from ghosts, get blood from a stone, and infect robots with diseases.
sums up AO making sense for you? ;)
Kilawatt @ 2008-06-21 16:55
LMAO more cheese with that whine. Anything that adds to dodge ranged is a bonus even if it is for 8 mins just recast...will help save your arse against those nasty soldier types in pvp
buttmuffin @ 2008-08-27 18:02
BASE evade (without trickledown/buffs/imps)

base counts trickle
Aristacrat @ 2010-05-23 16:46
One thing no one has mentioned is if your base evade is capped or maxed this nano does nothing at all. Consider that before buying this nano. Weak...
Aristacrat @ 2010-05-25 05:27
^^ Sorry - my mistake. You have to refresh the skills window to see the benefit of this nano. Still weak at this level tho.
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