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Item Database - Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK I

Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK I Icon #16320 This temporarily creates a Shadowweb Spinner.
By drawing upon the powers of the Shadowlands, a Shadowweb Spinner generates a protective and augmenting barrier around the fixer. The spatial displacement properties of the Shadowweb make it more challenging to successfully attack the fixer, while the mild force field provides additional protection against those attacks that do land.
Although it harnesses the power of the Shadowlands to create the Shadowweb, the Shadowweb Spinner is fully operational on Rubi-Ka.
This Shadowweb Spinner will exist for 6 hours before it dissipates into nothingness.
Flags Modified Description
Patch 15.0.1 15.5.5
QL 25
Crystal Nano Crystal (Summon Shadowweb Spinner MK I)
Nanocost 400
School Space
Attack time 20s
Recharge time 5s
Range 1 m
Stacking order 6
Defense skills
Nano resist 0 %
Attack skills
Matter metamorphosis 38 %
Matter creation 35 %
Time and space 27 %
To Use User Profession == Fixer and
User Time and space >= 138 and
User Biological metamorphosis >= 138 and
User Matter metamorphosis >= 152 and
User Level >= 25 and
User Expansion sets & Shadowlands
On Use User Summon Item SASN  
poypoy @ 2003-09-19 01:49
this nano is store buyable nice from fc :)
Forbidon @ 2003-10-01 21:59
it looks good, but its not enough to keep me in the proffesion
DarkBVackVan @ 2005-04-03 16:59
why, what proffesion are you with at the moment forbidon?
DarkBVackVan @ 2005-04-03 17:00
and what does that "fc" mean anyway ??
Argo12 @ 2005-04-15 06:08
FC usually means Funcom, the guys who made the game.
DarkBVackVan @ 2005-04-23 17:41
Oh, Thanks Argo12... :)
tegrere @ 2005-11-10 07:29
hmmm...if u took this nano into subway when u where right about to ding (20 xp away) and had a tradeskill item (mabey robot junk and screwdriver), dinged to 25, soloing abby would be a bunch easyer...
scottyt13 @ 2005-12-09 02:23
good luck getting a buff to get it on at 25...
SpartaN2 @ 2005-12-15 13:44
all you need is a 131 wrangle and expertise...
deltacoder @ 2005-12-25 09:39
Given that people have equipped Grid Armor 1 at level 24 and lower, it should be no problem getting the nanoskills required for this (seeing as the requirements for GA1 are much higher).
Kplayona @ 2006-01-04 01:56
if u actuelly twink for those twinkers out there u can get this on at like level 20 or even 19 if u if u know how to twink...
Kplayona @ 2006-01-04 01:56
ahh sorry for dp(double post) but my friend level 2 agent has 80 in his nano skills i was very impressed but if he can do that im sure you people out ther can do it easily get ur self some help from org and should be doable ;P
Kplayona @ 2006-01-19 03:26
hey is shadowspinner watever the blue thing around the fixer? or wat cuz if that is it then for osme froobs must suck cuz they cant be the little blue man ;) but if its not then thats kool us froobs can still get ga1 i can get that without sl or nth at level 24 im surely its possible for froobs also but i dunno about the weapon to use for a frob ;P!
Magicmeta @ 2006-01-21 00:06
is this thing a weap????? noob fixer
Msauss @ 2006-01-21 19:09
this is nice, wish you looked like had GA on...then it would rock!
Wakizaka @ 2006-01-25 15:41
Magicmeta, the Shadowweb Spinners are Back Items.
They are killer because you can still wear all your normal armour until GA.
Instant @ 2006-08-01 10:43
well as soon as i ding 25 i'll get my composites on anyway and that will take care of it just fine.
Zekeolum @ 2006-10-26 05:59
Well replying to Kplayona's rambling this thing is obviously lvl locked at lvl 25...
Jedrox @ 2006-12-23 18:48
Always there are some noobs, who just look at skill requirments, but never look if they are level locked, etc.
ranjan @ 2007-03-30 17:17
vagabond cloak>this
fly @ 2007-05-01 07:23
what are its mods???? they arnt listed
fly @ 2007-05-01 07:27
nvm...delete that post lol Shadowweb Spinner MK1
Stevieb @ 2007-11-30 23:03
i never got this, mind u i got to 140 before i got expanions, now trying to get sws on :p
judging from the others, sws 1 is prolli an essential piece for any fixer >20
rattjamann @ 2008-02-10 19:59
It would be nice, but this baby is locked at lvl 25+ :P
Dagger @ 2009-08-08 04:17
ranjan @ 2007-03-30 17:17
vagabond cloak>this

Sadly he's right
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