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Item Database - Quintessence of Stupefication

Quintessence of Stupefication Icon #84197 Empowering the attacks of the Shade, the Quintessence of Stupefication will occasionally cause the Shade to temporarily stun the enemy upon a successful attack. This only occurs on melee attacks.
Flags Modified Description, Buff Nano
Patch 15.0.1 15.5.5 17.2 18.8.53
QL 220
Crystal Nano Crystal (Quintessence of Stupefication)
NCU 55
Nanocost 4820
School Space: Shade empowering line
Duration 4 hours
Attack time 10s
Recharge time 10s
Range 2 m
Effect icon Icon 84079
Stacking order 220
To Use User Profession == Shade and
User Time and space >= 1745 and
User Biological metamorphosis >= 1755 and
User Psychological modifications >= 2046 and
User Level >= 220 and
User Specialization & Fourth
On Use User Change Proc initiative 2 3  
User Change Proc nano 2 Stunned  
User Change Proc chance 2 15%  
Sypiken @ 2004-11-11 11:43
Uhm, will this stun just about anything or? =P
brappy @ 2004-11-11 14:30
15% chance ?
zyx22 @ 2005-03-01 01:28
Stehn @ 2005-04-23 18:38
good for pvp only as it does not work on dynas or any other bosses/pande mobs
Shaldori @ 2005-05-22 11:25
Is there any difference at all between this and the lower stuns except 1 % higher stun chanse?
scotdoc @ 2005-05-24 16:45
shades have like one interesting nano, an this is it..
madmurphy @ 2005-06-28 19:32
Don't use this line. It uses 2 skills you won't use for anything else, and shades have huge IP problems. Shade isn't a nano profession, learn to live with that or don't play shade.
Roadrunner @ 2005-07-02 17:59
...and shades have huge IP problems <- bullshit? yes... on TL5 + you don't know where you could spend your IP's and the proc line is one of the nicest lines ever... i don't wanna miss it, like every shade does...
Deesnuts @ 2005-07-06 02:15
Well said Roadrunner
madmurphy @ 2005-07-20 21:11
I guess my shade isn't high level enough to have very much IP. If it's true that IP isn't always a problem, I take my last comment back.
seejin @ 2005-08-25 05:22
190+ You make more Ip then you spend its sick.... t4 you cap at 125 and t5 at like 165 then breed cap soon after, then 190+ you title cap insanly fast and get stuck with even more IP untill 205 when you can spend 25 points per skill past the 200 mark.
Denkan @ 2005-09-23 12:45
you can spend 25 points on for exampel piercing @ lvl 201 its chill...its just dont show visualy
Demonatrix @ 2005-12-20 05:06
IMO, if you don't want IP troubles at low levels, stick to PM/SI nanoskills only 'til you get 100+ and get more IP for procs. I used brawling weapons so it helped a LOT w/ the dark blue skill, it was only temporary for dmg while leveling and conserving IP, I reset brawl later when I started using my 160 Nippy ;D
Mosene @ 2006-01-17 05:24
I one won't use proc's .. they are good but not for my vision of the shade .. mine is a pvp/pvm so i won't use proc's cuz proc's don't afect the bosses .. and in pvp it sucks.
malewerecat @ 2006-01-22 10:19
how the hell do shades find the nano skills for this?
Keepee @ 2006-01-26 00:09
haha good question :P maby roll a nanomage shade? xD (or not)
Freyda @ 2006-02-05 00:05
I am told not to bother investing in proc's till at least 160+ earliest by then you can put IPs into the skills for proc's personally I just stick with the stun proc it does land maybe not often but it does (stuns dont work on bosses or even some aliens sadly) at 190+ is when you should use nano init debuff proc's yes those do stack with UBT hehe
12lettername @ 2006-03-17 08:39
My main is a 211 adv, the only way to beat a good doctor (or someone with MR) in PvP is to stun them and kill them before it wears off.
Undeniable @ 2006-06-12 04:09
I have an op shade an @ 170 I have all my nano skills maxed an all attack skills + breed capped on all but agi. Ip is not a problem at all :) An nano skills are light blue an I have no problem self casting the procs up to lvl 155cap
Satanous @ 2006-07-11 06:27
I have no ip trouble at all on my shade it actually is nice at 160 when it comes to having spare ip.
liljen @ 2006-08-28 20:16
Have a 219 shade, and still could have more IP - wont ever be able to cast the 220 stun (or anything above lvl 211 I think) without feeling really gimp.. Wonder what u sacrifice to be able to use nanos...
Manicmouse @ 2006-10-21 01:57
At 150 my shade is using ql185 rapiers and is using the Quintessence of Paralyzation proc nano. Throughout TL4 I used the proc line, it's totally sick. Don't wait until TL6, spend on it when capped in TL4. IP isn't really a problem then.
Muzzz @ 2006-11-30 12:30
Blech... compared to the first stun proc, it's 5% extra chance and 1 sec extra stun time for ~1500 extra BioMet and T&S. Blech...
pwner @ 2007-01-25 23:01
220 shade here,and i cant cast that unless i use Low nano unit,CM,full Arith and pensive that add +80 Nanoskills...
Yakobo66 @ 2007-03-09 17:04
5% rox :)
Shadowstrik3 @ 2007-09-09 18:55
Sorry to bum all you people out that actually think this is a good nano, but there is just no point in putting in the effort to try to use this nano. The difference in stun time and % is just too little from the next one down and the reqs too high to make this nano worth anything. My shade atm is 159 but my last shade that I deleted over a year ago was lvl 216 and used Quintessence of Petrification and to be completely honest I saw little difference between that one and the first stun proc.
buttmuffin @ 2007-10-25 08:42
some is better than none
Dilomax @ 2007-12-28 18:44
why did someone max out all nano skills when shade doesnt touch mm once??
kaliiber @ 2008-01-26 07:25
Got Quintessence of Incapacitation(first 10% 3sec stun) @ lvl 74 and will use it probably very long and wont bother with better ones.
Vgman @ 2008-04-29 07:38
Its time to remind those noobs why they hated fighting ucklesh in totw ^^
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