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Item Database - Nano Crystal (Overview of Nascence)

Nano Crystal (Overview of Nascence) Nano Crystal - Gives you the map of Nascence.
Flags Visible, Tell Collision, Has Energy, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Use, Eat
Patch 15.0.1 18.8.53
Change QL:
Value 1000
Energy 1
Mass 0.1kg
To Use User Expansion sets & Shadowlands and
User 223767 unknown
On Use User Upload Overview of Nascence and Jobe  
major @ 2003-09-26 23:05
it s reward in test of sense in training of jobe , talk to Drake Rodriuez...
Dead66 @ 2003-11-07 02:37
I think so
catalyste @ 2003-11-24 05:56
So how can I get there now? the backyards got nerfed.
jeger @ 2004-01-23 14:23
I found it on a mob in Nascense and I have uploaded it. But I still dont have any maps for Jobe or Nascense. I think its bugged or maybe I'm bugged! ;)
jeger @ 2004-02-03 13:42
You have to run the nano, just like any other buff for the map to show. It lasts 1 hour.
Waykerai @ 2004-06-23 20:43
I never went to Jobe untill level 50 so I couldnt get it at the training center. I here its available on the GeoSurvey Dogs in Nascene. Where do they spawn and in whats the cycle?
davidchiou @ 2005-02-05 10:06
For Ely map, I saw the Ergo dogs in water before. But the Ely map requires adventuring skill to use. FYI.
blogsta @ 2005-09-23 12:47
sux about the adventuring req on ely map
Mergai @ 2006-10-27 00:27
well you are gonna need adventuring sooner or later anyway so it aint all that bad, would prefer with no adventuring tho ^^
Ilikebunnies @ 2007-06-09 16:55
Actually.. most people will never need adventuring.. >_>
(Not like you'd need to put a single point in to use this.. although without any map upgrades I don't see the point anyways)
Dagger @ 2009-01-18 04:37
Actually people do put points into adventuring if they don't feel like begging for buffs to put on those snazy pen glasses.
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