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Item Database - Thar's Tunic

Thar's Tunic Icon #37545 Xum was a Lady, one among the ones that call themselves the 'Chosen ones'. She was a pale beauty - of the distant, flirtatious kind, and her intellect was as sharp as a glass shard. Her sanctuary was already over the edge of the Brink, when the following story happened, but her powers were more than strong enough to keep it from being swallowed by nothingness.
On the other side from her Sanctuary was the Tree of Song. It was guarded by the brothers Thar and Bhotaar, strong and horned descendants of Beatrice, that planted the tree there in the age of harmony. Thar loved the Lady Xum, but it was a love that could not be - because Thar and Bhotaar were on the other side of the conflict. They were among the ones that call themselves the 'Faithful', and only death and ruin have ever come out of love affairs between the opposed sides. Such ruin would also befell the Lady and the two brothers.
Thar decided to meet the Lady Xum, and he invited her to meet him in Elysium. They agreed on wearing their ancient shapes, the shapes of the Xan. For 250 man-years they dwelled there in each others arms. A long time for man but just a moment for the ancients. They parted and went back to their homes, saturated with love, agreeing that they should never meet again.
But Thar was lost in his hunger for her, and he went to her sanctuary. Lady Xum screamed as he was slaugthered by her guards and automatons. His ancient soul departed and immediately the Tree of Song started withering.
Furious with grief his brother Bhotaar summoned an army, and he equipped it with only the best he could make. From the song-weavers under the tree came this armor - its strength and durability unparallelled at the time. With this force he invaded the Sanctuary of Xum. Its protectors were many, but they were all felled. Lastly it was only the Lady left in her low chamber. Bhotaar tore down the seals she had set before her door, and he entered. Then he met the look of the Lady, and for a moment he was puzzled to see a tear in her eye. It was just a moment, but it was enough for her to fire a bolt of soul-tapping into his heart.
His body was found by his men. They carried it back to the Tree of Song, but the Tree of Song was also dead. Without a leader or a home the army scattered. Soon after the Sanctuary of Xum fell into the abyss of the Brink, and the Lady of Xum has not been seen since.
Flags Visible, Unique
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 15.0.1
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Body
Value 2000000
To Equip User Stamina >= 551 and
User Agility >= 551 and
User Intelligence >= 551 and
User Strength >= 500 and
User Sense >= 500 and
User Psychic >= 500 and
User Title level >= 5
On Equip User Texture Body 223651  
User Modify Projectile AC 1200  
User Modify Melee AC 1200  
User Modify Energy AC 1200  
User Modify Chemical AC 1200  
User Modify Radiation AC 1200  
User Modify Cold AC 1200  
User Modify Poison AC 1200  
User Modify Fire AC 1200  
Flink @ 2005-06-21 07:31
where can those be found (QL200) ?
paleverm @ 2005-07-20 02:12
good question, another one: is this item IG?
Errek @ 2006-04-14 23:18
got it from The Archbile Queen pocket boss ql 106
hardstyler88 @ 2007-03-02 19:47
yes it's ingame... uber armor at lower lvls
Blaumann @ 2008-01-17 15:17
This is not uber, never been, not even at lower levels. ACs are not bad, but who needs AC? Why should I raise all abilities at low levels (before I try to equip symbs)?
josh3353 @ 2008-06-15 08:36
because abilities = being able to raise skill?
Suggesta @ 2012-10-03 04:18
Yeah, but there's no reason to max all abilities at lower levels. Could be good in the 1-20-ish range when you could get away with raising all abilities.
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