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Item Database - Nano Crystal (Bodily Invigoration)

Nano Crystal (Bodily Invigoration) Icon #42448 Nano Crystal - Heals the target of 7215-8385 points damage.
Flags Visible, Modified Description, Tell Collision, Has Energy
Can Carry, Use, Eat
Patch 15.0.1 15.0.2 18.8.53
Change QL:
Value 5195807
Energy 1
Mass 0.1kg
To Use User Biological metamorphosis >= 2051 and
User Matter metamorphosis >= 2051 and
User Profession == Doctor and
User Level >= 220 and
User Specialization & Fourth and
User Expansion sets & Shadowlands
On Use User Upload Bodily Invigoration  
Sdans @ 2004-01-27 18:20
Holy CRAP! Look at those requirements...*cries*
Saxon1 @ 2004-02-06 06:57
Whooa, thats insane. Only for nanomage docs O.O
Beldaro @ 2004-02-19 18:22
8 hour mochams, 140 umbral and intboost:p
Imalwaysrite @ 2004-03-23 03:14
What the hell is this used for it is worse heal than Complete heal (10038-10348 or sumthing like that) and much higher nano cost and requirements and it has much higher attack time also it can only be cast on 201+ unless there is somthing not listed here it is a useless POS!
crimsonjade @ 2004-03-24 04:21
Using CH in Shadowlands is a death sentence in most situations. So its actually NOT a POS.
voodoo @ 2004-03-24 08:35
well and CH has like 8 secs recharge and this heal has 4 and it gives you a boost of 3k life :D
Crashlight @ 2004-04-22 18:59
Whant to get more aggro than using CH? Use this one! :P
Arcadipane @ 2004-05-07 19:48
THis nano buffs the targets hp by around 9000 for a few seconds so it heals for 18000+ and it does heal people bellow lv 201 it just doesnt buff thier hp by 9000.
Teiji @ 2004-05-09 16:15
Er... It buffs by 3000 with an extra 3000 HP heal as part of that. So, at best, you're getting 9317 normal heal and 3000 from the buff. Add another 2587 from the Specialist Healer line, and you're looking at a best case heal of 14903. Awesome, for sure, but not 18000 with a 9k HP buff :p
Sanguines @ 2004-05-11 02:42
CH + Shadowlands = one dead doctor. This is excellent for those times when aggro is established on a tank and you'd prefer not to interrupt it. And it's castable with twinkage by Solitus doctors at 220. ^^
cybo @ 2004-05-30 06:10
this heal = 4 sec recharge
CH = 8 sec recharge
(not to mention the 60k-ish taunt of ch)
NoDrop @ 2004-06-05 01:21
well, it keeps the enf kinda safe tho..
this + Mongo's ultra behemoth = quite nice :)
All the enf need to do is to keep the aggro ;P
aly @ 2004-06-06 10:41
if the enf can't keep aggro, he doesn't deserve this heal :P
Tokel @ 2004-06-30 01:28
Imalwaysrite didn't seem to be too right in this case. Doctors get the title "Eternalist" for a reason, and this is definatly part of it.
Decimatus @ 2004-08-24 23:54
It procs more than a 3k health buff. All the SL heals proc life for the same range as the nano heals you for. CR procs 1-1.3k, as well as healing for that. Bodily invigoration procs 8-9k HP at the same time as healing for 8-9k.

You didn't think CH would last forever did you? They had to make better kickass heals eventually for the tough ass mobs in Inferno/Pand as well as the upcoming alien boss mobs.

BTW, the heal tables on Auno need to be fixed. They don't take into account the HP proc. Bodily Invigoration heals for 2.5-3 times the HP per second as CH.
picsl2 @ 2004-08-27 21:06
not mention that it wouldnt be all too impossible to instacast this.....

mt nanomage NT can Instacast a 7.8 sec nano...1100 nano init. roxxors
Dokalicious @ 2004-08-28 05:55
Solitus Doctors can cast this, no pont at all in being Nanomage.
Whitelighter @ 2004-10-01 00:19
A late comment at Decimatus' post: The temp HP buff is not a proc, its a buff that comes with the heal. In this case a 3k HP buff that lasts 12 seconds, also healing 3k+bonus from specialist healer.

This heal, when counting in temp HP buff, and 21% from specialist healer should be good for about 2,9k healing per sec, while CH rests at about 1,5k HP/sec.

Im not sure how much nano init is needed to instacast it, but 2,2k nano init is enough for insta casting a 8.5sec attack nano.
Olabil @ 2004-10-13 23:28
still this heal is quicker, thus better, than CH. even if you can't insta cast it you'll get off 2 heals by the time you'd get off 1 CH (well almost)

Kovax14 @ 2004-11-04 23:02
OK i dunno if anyone said this but...THe requirement is 220...WTH will you use a new heal for at 220??
malaclava @ 2004-11-10 17:42
pvp :)
Dokalicious @ 2004-11-30 00:22
@kovax you need a new heal to have a reason to even get to 220, its a final goal, and can be used in PvP + Raids
ericdraven @ 2004-12-01 10:59
With full-agg you theoretically need 2400 nano init. to instacast this great heal. 9s - (1200/200)s [inits below 1200] - (1200/600)s [inits above 1200] - 1s [full-agg] = 0. And i think 2400 is no problem anymore with AI (my MP has 2050 nano init. unbuffed with no AI stuff @ 220)
nimarq @ 2005-07-09 13:55
Well, it's not as if this is good, is it? LOL.
And 2k BM/MM isnt that bad. Keepers have auras requiring 2k in nanoskills and shit, so they're far worse off. :P
Eomaia @ 2005-08-10 06:41
Nah. Forget the sparklies. Use a new heal animation altogether. And start using some of those unused heal nano sounds that have been around since the begining...
Eomaia @ 2005-08-10 06:51
Oh, and it can't be blue. Otherwise people would think you're restoring Nano and not HP...
Jahf @ 2005-08-12 00:36
Atrox Doc ... L220/20 ... using QL240 Symbs and with these fully trained perks: Champion of Nano Combat, Nano Doctorate, Nano Surgeon, Assault Force Medic and Nanomorph will have 1832MM and 1828BM.

That's without Mochs or Comps.

That's not including things like Communications Relays, Drone Communications Units, Nano Controller Units, Pensive Spiriti Phulakterion, Star of Recovery, Liquid Notum NCU, Capricorn's Reliable Memory, Pillow with (various) Stripes, AI Armors (Arithmetic, Combined Officers, Combined Scouts) or many many other items.

In otherwords, with the right twink items a 220/20 Trox Doctor should be able to selfcast this heal. Even without some of those items (full set of Arithmetic? Dreamland) they would be able to with Comp Mochams.

Yes, it needs AI20 to get this setup, but it makes it quite doable.
Jahf @ 2005-08-12 00:40
notes: 1) no, I don't have that setup yet, its a goal :) ... 2) this didn't take into account city and tower advantages, which for my org with 1 tower site and a QL300 city gives me +60 to BM/MM at L210.
olezero @ 2005-08-21 19:22
it shouldent be a problem for any breed to selfcast this at 220.
djfube @ 2005-11-04 03:56
Atrox can't really match a nanomage's max nano, consider the trox modifier is 2 max nano : 1 point of nano pool, and the nanomage is 4:1, while soli/opifex is 3:1. So unless the nanomage is gimped and you have something that he doesn't (like full combined officer's/paramedic's or a set of spiritual, token boards, etc), you won't have his max nano
Loobman @ 2005-11-14 06:36
Since when was max nano an issue anyway though?
12lettername @ 2005-11-15 06:39
A pretty simple rule: if your primary function relies on nanopoints, roll a nanomage. If your primary function relies on hp, roll an atrox. For everything else, roll an opifex. (solitus get the same hp/np as opifex, but opifex get far better ability caps)
Otinsainpas @ 2005-12-10 15:39
yes.. good luck with symbiants on opifex :P
if you wanna max symbs roll solitus and own every other breed
omikjam @ 2005-12-15 14:52
Support symbiants aren't hard for opifex oO, the primary ability reqs are agi/sense.. Which opifex has in abundance..
Darkflower @ 2005-12-20 00:55
Hmmm its not hard to cast this heal self with 220 ^^
Jahf @ 2005-12-27 04:34
tacking on my final analysis:

any breed except atrox should be able to self this with the right perks trained.

atrox can even self-cast it without massive nano-buffing armor if they have the right gear and AI20 or better.
Salovida2 @ 2006-01-10 23:47
just a HE and your 2 secs nano delta, HE 235 nano per 4 secs, by this the time this heal recharges, you get 2 ticks from you nano reg
omikjam @ 2006-02-17 15:46
with capped cost, improved soothing calm, and pnh you can almost chaincast this forever :p
alienzkilla @ 2006-02-24 06:11

Setup for selfcasting this with a trox doc

It keeps the AI armor out of OE.
Self casting this heal.
2 secs nano tick.
A good Health Points setup.
The SMG implants have nothing to do with self casting B, it's for the KSMG ql 260
alienzkilla @ 2006-02-24 06:11
alienzkilla @ 2006-02-26 21:57
nimarq @ 2006-03-11 15:05
12lettername @ 2005-11-15 06:39
A pretty simple rule: if your primary function relies on nanopoints, roll a nanomage. If your primary function relies on hp, roll an atrox. For everything else, roll an opifex. (solitus get the same hp/np as opifex, but opifex get far better ability caps)

Dude you are sooo wrong. First of all, nanopoints doesn't mean anything to pretty much most casterprofs(maybe except nt :P). Doc heals doesn't require any nanopoints so that's really np. as for hp, Opis get less than Solitus.
Nanomage = gimpy breed.

Otinsainpas @ 2005-12-10 15:39
yes.. good luck with symbiants on opifex :P
if you wanna max symbs roll solitus and own every other breed

Is it just me, or is it considered to be common knowledge that opi is the best breed for symbs endgame?
Barvaz @ 2006-03-24 13:13
nimarq @ 2006-03-11 15:05 - 'Doc heals doesn't require any nanopoints so that's really np.'

if doc heals doesnt require any nanopoints, why they waste IP on nano pool? ;)
charmo @ 2006-04-14 04:14
hehe we dont :P at let i havnt since lvl 150 cap
Yakobo66 @ 2006-04-17 23:08
did you read the nano cost at the top? even at 50% u would still need a nm to cast it a lot without PNH
bartje @ 2006-04-22 11:30
get NT in team ( aura) symbiants with nanodelta and nano cost cutters will do alot... dont forget the nanodelta from perks..
Stillian @ 2006-05-08 15:00
Opi get exactly the same HP as Solitus, 3 points of Health for every point of BodyDev. Only boost a Soli is going to get is from Stamina trickledown.
Yakobo66 @ 2006-05-13 00:26
wouldnt this give kinda the same aggro as CH though?
Forek @ 2006-05-14 18:50
Yakobo66 @ 2006-05-13 00:26
wouldnt this give kinda the same aggro as CH though?

no, CH does a team heal of 10k so it does 60k heal every time it's cast. At 100% agg, that's 90,000 point of taunt. This nano will do 12k heal which is about 18,000 points of taunt. Still a lot, but nowhere near as much at CH. This is ignoring any SH perks.

And yes, everyone should go for an opifex doc for symbs, look at the reqs (Agility + Sense + Other)
philip @ 2006-05-15 07:39
Forek nothing you said is correct, why post incorrect information?
Forek @ 2006-05-21 15:55
Could you let me know exactly which bits are incorrect?

That CH does 60k heal (10k x6)?
That completely healing every team member gets more aggro that healing a single team member?
That opifexes can get on support symbs more easily?

As to the taunt values, I was using the values I found on the doctor forums (
Forek @ 2006-05-22 22:22
Ok, everyone ignore my comments, I confused Complete Healing with Alpha & Omega.

Very sorry, Philip, I was spouting a load of rubbish! :D
Engelen @ 2006-06-07 00:36
Otinsainpas @ 2005-12-10 15:39
yes.. good luck with symbiants on opifex :P
if you wanna max symbs roll solitus and own every other breed

rofllmao, WTB a lvl 220 solitus doc capable of equipping Alert Brain symbiant. ;) (Opi can)
Datagutt @ 2006-06-16 14:16
does high lvl doc get more than 2k bm mm? i mean can they get like 2500bm mm?
Datagutt @ 2006-06-16 14:16
whats teh max anyone has ever had?
errr @ 2006-08-02 01:53
Trox docs can self cast at 220/20 without AI armour bonuses. (better at AI 23 as AI exp 3 is useful)
Ryugu @ 2006-08-19 07:37
Yea 2050 isnt impossible anymroe, for anyone....

I think 2400 is the cap for a lot of skills...
bartje @ 2006-11-19 17:43
my 217 nanomage doc almost have these skills UNBUFFED so thats 75more on 220 +160 buffs..

Go figure
12lettername @ 2006-11-25 03:20
my gimpy 217 nanomage doc can nearly self this (assuming he could cast it).
Shadow.ik @ 2006-12-01 20:37
Somebody make those SL heals FPable
stanton @ 2006-12-05 22:48
Stillian @ 2006-05-08 15:00
Opi get exactly the same HP as Solitus, 3 points of Health for every point of BodyDev. Only boost a Soli is going to get is from Stamina trickledown.

You get a certain amount of hp each level independant of Body Dev, for Soli it's 6 and for Opi it's 5. Therefore, by level 220 a Soli will have about 200 more natural hp than an Opi. :-)
Nook1e @ 2007-01-31 21:52
hmm, and 200 more health would help a lot at 220? :p
Adalen @ 2007-04-28 06:05
anyone notice sudden agg from this in 17.3 ??
Gurudee @ 2007-04-30 06:39
word is all the SL heals have suddenly gotten 'agg un-friendly' :(
still a great heal, just wtb better agg control...or toons that are more than a week old wanting to do inf mishes...
sistadoc @ 2007-05-17 16:52
If you have the right symbs in then this nano shouldnt ever be any trouble with nano pool unless your trox perhaps,but however if you need mochs+wrangle to cast this at 220 then you should probably reroll.
stanton @ 2007-06-27 03:34
Nowdays all breeds should be selfing this with an hp setup (that means no arith/officer's/scouts). Imo if a trox doc is gonna use full officer's, they're not taking advantage of their naturally higher hp and may aswell have rolled a diff breed.

This heal is still amazing though, especially with the new heal modifiers we've had recently. Nano is not really a problem either, with triple imped nano delta and capped nano cost mod you'll be casting this all day. It's combining top dots AND this heal that really sucks you dry ;)
Whitelights @ 2007-09-29 01:46
you know every1 keeps sayign you need to cap delta to cast this all day.. yall are forgetign about 2 lil things... stims *whoot* n regain nano... 1k nano tick... my doc hasnt had to sit down to regin anno since lvl 110... cept if im spaming DoTs n junk (or on rk)
tracktix @ 2008-08-14 08:36
Umm soo alot of people are complaning that its really hard to get the requirements... lol i have a 220 doc just got her to it and have ql 200 imps except for ado brain a com relay and and low nano control unit and im only 22 points off from self casting. On a Solitus Female doc :)
Ravelord @ 2008-11-20 11:28
These days it�s easy to self this nano. I got a 220 solitus male and could use this nano before LE came out.
ql 300 com relay + ql 300 ncu and some other stuff helped me alot.
With LE it�s almost too easy to get the reqs.
Abduly @ 2009-06-25 11:04

Is it possible to cast this at 220 Nanomage only shadowland on AI LE??
alba infused item +50, normal one 25+ thats 75, beast helmet +30, DB chest +35, DB gloves +35, Prisoners boots +25, I don't want to use pensive phula cuz Im going to use another weapon:P
alesicis @ 2009-08-07 09:34
ofc its possible, ppl were casting this before le and ai came out. Shouldnt be too hard.
Onelastpill @ 2010-02-05 17:36
Someday people will learn to read dates and stop bragging about their ability to self cast/equip nanos/items without seeing that people who had issues to do so didn't have access to AI/LE/LoX stuff ...
Mergai @ 2010-05-13 23:18
No they will not :)=
Cratattak @ 2011-04-02 13:00
CH+sl=Pocket! :)
Aurielle @ 2011-12-29 15:14
Heh, this page is like a history of how the game fell apart.
Flatvia @ 2012-05-13 21:11
@ Aurielle I agree. all I see now ingame is more and more new items being added but the community started fading long ago.
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