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Item Database - Nano Crystal (Strip Notum)

Nano Crystal (Strip Notum) Icon #42450 Nano Crystal - Drains the target's nano points and transfers some of it back to the trader.
Flags Visible, Modified Description, Tell Collision, Has Energy
Can Carry, Use, Eat
Patch 15.0.1
Change QL:
Value 2576140
Energy 1
Mass 0.1kg
To Use User Psychological modifications >= 1090 and
User Time and space >= 1089 and
User Profession == Trader and
User Expansion sets & Shadowlands and
User Level >= 201 and
User Specialization & Fourth
On Use User Upload Strip Notum  
Binarybot @ 2010-09-10 00:08
This is where they start to get good. With capped nano cost (on a solitus), will net 578 nano per cast at lvl 202 (when you cap accumulator line). Starts outperforming Forced Bankruptcy, both in speed (immediate vs 30 seconds delayed) and in total nano provided.
Binarybot @ 2010-10-03 12:04
Trader is finally 205, and this nano isnt even necessary. Havent capped nano pool, but accumulator steals a lot. If you drain your target of nano, you can always use GTH on yourself (at this time, Auno doesnt show the new form). The beneficial part of the nano cancels the negative part, so you can fill your nanopool 150% in 10 seconds, once per minute.
shaynd @ 2018-06-25 15:29
pande no inf sanxuary
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