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Item Database - Nano Crystal (Path of Shadow)

Nano Crystal (Path of Shadow) Icon #42450 Nano Crystal - This increases the runspeed of everyone in the fixer's team by 640 points. The buff placed on the team will be refreshed every 10 minutes. The evade, duck and doge of the fixer are also increased by 119 points.
Flags Visible, Modified Description, Tell Collision, Has Energy
Can Carry, Use, Eat
Patch 15.0.1 15.0.5 17.7
Change QL:
Value 1641757
Energy 1
Mass 0.1kg
To Use User Sensory improvement >= 980 and
User Time and space >= 861 and
User Profession == Fixer and
User Level >= 165 and
User Specialization & Third and
User Expansion sets & Shadowlands
On Use User Upload Path of Shadow  
chixyfix @ 2005-10-17 16:10
where do i find this???
chaozzz @ 2005-12-26 02:52
Penumbra sanctuary
docburlac @ 2006-09-15 13:41
preety hard to cast it at lvl 165. but... im not an expert, so...
Mergai @ 2007-01-05 16:00
with CI its not an issue even for a gimp, trust me I am one, without it mite be a tad hard :)
Doomeater @ 2007-06-19 18:48
this + GSF = kiting L165 fixar twink :D
Jedrox @ 2007-07-14 17:00
doesnt stack with gsf... or does it?
Thuglar @ 2007-07-21 13:18
evades stack with gsf
zerogates @ 2007-10-17 05:25
don't think it stacks anymore
Wakizaka @ 2007-11-06 17:40
nicely broken by FC now and no longer stacks :(
Mergai @ 2007-11-25 18:39
im not complaining, in SL its more evades now also the team member version stacks with RI etc.
also its insta cast, true be it its less evade in RK but you cant have it all
Marrkovka @ 2007-12-09 03:01
lol they didn't changed description hahaha "The evade, duck and doge of the fixer are also increased by 79 points."
Chartax @ 2011-05-27 20:02
Self-castable around 170. With infuses you could easily manage it at 165.
Slowbie @ 2011-10-01 20:02
If this wasn't level locked i could cast this at level 155
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