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Item Database - Improved Friend of the Wild

Improved Friend of the Wild Icon #84277 This nano program can only be executed outdoors. The adventurer attempts to put all enemies in the area into a state of deep tranquility. It will only affect those enemies that are not in combat mode. Attacking a creature in this state will break this effect.
Flags Item Texture Override
Patch 15.0.1 15.5.5 17.6 17.6.2
NCU 48
Nanocost 423
School Combat
Duration 6 minutes, 40 seconds
Attack time 8.9s
Recharge time 2.45s
Range 35 m
Defense skills
Nano resist 105 %
Attack skills
Sensory improvement 50 %
Biological metamorphosis 50 %
To Use User Profession == Adventurer and
User Biological metamorphosis >= 732 and
User Sensory improvement >= 661 and
User Level >= 145 and
User Playfield type == 1 and
Target Character state not == 10
On Use Target AOE 15m Silence of the Hills  
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