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Item Database - Weird Looking Nano Crystal (Cut Red Tape)

Weird Looking Nano Crystal (Cut Red Tape) This was once a normal Nano Crystal, but the harsh Shadowlands environment has affected the nanobots in this crystal.
Right click on this item to learn the nano formula it contains.
Flags Visible, Modified Description, Tell Collision, Has Energy, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Use, Eat
Patch 15.0.1 18.8.53
Change QL:
Value 10000000
Energy 1
To Use User Psychological modifications >= 738 and
User Biological metamorphosis >= 738 and
User Visual profession == Bureaucrat and
User 222695 unknown
On Use User Upload Improved Cut Red Tape  
tegrere @ 2005-11-10 07:11
LOL, does something tell you that this is a GM only nano? spelling errors, it says (finnaly) and it has a huge number of overpowered buffs
houserocker @ 2005-11-12 23:09
Uh, this one is already in-game tegrere...several people have it.
mackbeth @ 2005-11-25 11:51
I get it :)
Mackbeth Bureaucrat lvl 215 RK2 :)
Azzy @ 2005-11-28 05:06
it is ingame
dzzirt @ 2005-11-28 19:16
How many crystals you spoil before you will upload this nano?
Azzy @ 2005-12-08 05:10
never heard of a fail
Pajeron @ 2005-12-18 04:13
Anyone know of the best place to try and camp this?
Azzy @ 2005-12-24 16:56
adonis statics
Moniker @ 2006-01-24 12:35
Wewt, got one today, wonder how much I can get for it :D
Bladededge @ 2006-02-12 09:31
how the hell do you improve the ability to cut red tape,instead of cutting it with a pair of scissors you cut it with a stig?
Xeo @ 2006-03-06 00:28
LF Crat for buff +3 Int/Psy to my twinks
Yfo @ 2006-04-28 21:31
i managed to fail on uploading a weird-looking nano once
Mr_H8 @ 2006-08-08 05:22
i 'repaired' one by mistake too. felt sick when i realised it made it the normal version.
<3 this nano though.
i want it in a graft for my fixer :D
Yakobo66 @ 2006-11-14 19:42
i made the +60 hp delta doc buff normal lol... someone kill me :p
toe @ 2006-11-16 16:11
Wish they would make these rollable or questable, paying hundreds of million is not very fun.
Kilawatt @ 2008-05-22 14:30
best place to look is adonis statics..the rest u will have to look up
Blakscorpion @ 2008-07-07 10:57
Actually the best place I have found so far is Tinker Tower in Ely. I have found it 10 times there and only twice in 2 different statics in Ado.
MaskedMumblr @ 2008-07-07 19:27
This is one crat those scammers aren't gonna rip off! I'm gonna get it myself!
snakeyees @ 2008-10-17 20:27
@ Blakscorpion @ 2008-07-07 10:57

This nano wont drop in Ely, Your thinking of Just Improved Red tape. Not Improved cut red tape this is a QL 159 Nano.
SceneGG @ 2008-10-22 16:25
Tinker Tower is a lvl 162 instance in Ely
Haruspex @ 2009-03-18 20:05
Best crat buff!
Vladja @ 2009-03-21 23:23
Note that the crystal checks visual profession and the actual nano checks user profession, meaning you can upload it as agent, but not cast it. *cries* Whaaaaa :(
Ciekafsky @ 2009-07-20 12:46
You can cast this as an agent now. Ive no idea if its worth it tho ...
Ariensky @ 2009-09-21 23:25
Ciekafsky, you are wrong.
Agents can NOT cast it, only upload it.. Agents can cast Improved Cut Red Tape though.
Please check things before writing it in auno posts.
Ariensky @ 2009-09-21 23:27
;) error, Agents can cast: Improved Red Tape, Copy-pase error in the last post.
ruah @ 2010-01-06 12:15
Please check things before writing it in auno posts Ariensky :)
ruah @ 2010-01-06 12:18
Dropped in ely tinker tower today (2nd level)
Anarchangelx @ 2010-03-24 07:52
Red Tape on Wiktionary:
A derisive term for regulations or bureaucratic procedures that are considered excessive or excessively time- and effort-consuming. Thought to allude to the former practice of binding government documents in red-coloured tape

And, just so I do not contribute to the widespread and popular myth that Government is slow where Business is fast, consider how quick and nimble is the bureaucratic hierarchy of a Company Board of Directors, their meetings and minutes, and the process of approval of decisions made there at Shareholders meetings.
Operator @ 2011-06-04 15:18
got mine today :-)
aocat @ 2011-08-06 08:03
I want this nano soo much :P
Therrito @ 2011-09-20 07:20
I want! *drool*
algoreith @ 2012-08-02 22:12
dropped in thinker tower YAY lets get out of here
Therrito @ 2013-08-21 23:22
My 200 fr00b crat has this and all my org m8s love me :-D
vampirella @ 2015-11-19 09:38
As of this date, the effects of this nano are now as follows:

Modify Add All Def. 75
Modify Critical Decrease 3
Modify SkillLockModifier -3

It no longer offers an Intel/Psy buff and all init. buffs with run buff have been removed.
vampirella @ 2015-11-19 09:40
^Addition to my post above:

It also no longer stacks with Cut Red Tape which has also had its effects changed.
houserocker @ 2019-09-15 17:57
This nano is also for sale at Greedy Shade in Pandemonium Garden. With 2000 CL it costs about 500m, with 2765 CL it costs 310m.
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