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Item Database - Turn Spirit of the Idealist

Turn Spirit of the Idealist Icon #131268 WARNING: Adding the Turn Spirit to the correct weapon will produce a result that is NODROP.
Katamas-Enel-Widanshe was called 'Frisky' by his people. He made this appliance, that can turn one of the weapons of the Unredeemed against themselves.
'Frisky' was obsessed by an idea: To build a house of his own along the outer cliffs in Scheol. Everyone told him it was a futile idea, that the spot was partly hanging over the abyss of the Brink - and the house would soon fall into it. They said he was stupid, and many refused to talk with him. He did not give up though. Much of the work he did himself, and he had good contacts everywhere, in every garden, and even with the Yuttos. The house grew big. It had thick and tall walls, it had 7 gables and 7 towers and its doors could only be opened by the sound of his voice.
Then, on the day he was to move in, a unit from the Unredeemed came. It was Cra-Dorion of the Six Fingers, it was Abaldor-Mathon the Spiky One, it was also Chirmaro-Tinsibatsu, the daughter of Jothmagor-Tinsibatsu, and many minions. They chased the builders away and made the house their own. 'Frisky' moved forward alone and stood before the door. They laughed of him and asked if he had a wish for death. 'Frisky' then spoke the word that closed the door, and the Unredeemed were trapped. The house had only one door, and now they had no way out. The windows were too small and the walls were too thick. He ordered the builders to start pushing the house. It fell into the Brink, and all the Unredeemed inside fell with it, into endlessness and nothingness. 'Frisky' was celebrated for what he had achieved, and he had much respect after this.
Flags Visible
Can Carry
Patch 15.0.1 15.5
Change QL:
Value 100
Mass 1kg
To Use User Faction == Clan and
User Profession == Fixer
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