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Item Database - Cooperator Assault Rifle

Cooperator Assault Rifle Icon #210186 This weapon contains essences of the Unredeemed. Impudently they refer to themselves as the Chosen ones or the Grand.
For the Clans the Redeemed has converted this weapon into a tool to fight the Unredeemed and their lackeys.
One day the long lost balance will be regained, and the rule of the Redeemed shall make all beings equal.
Flags Visible, Modified Description, Want Collision, No Drop
Can Carry, Wear, Burst, Full Auto
Patch 15.0.1
Change QL:
Type Weapon
Slot Right hand
Value 2086232
Equip time 2s
Attack time 5.98s
Recharge time 1s
Range 25 m
Clip 120 - Bullets
Damage 254-354 (105) - Radiation AC
Attack rating cap 2293
Burst cycle 3000
Fullauto cycle 3000
Initiative skill Ranged init
Mass 1.5kg
Damage View this weapon in the Damage Calculator
Defense skills
Dodge ranged 100 %
Attack skills
Assault rifle 100 %
To Equip User Faction == Clan and
User Profession == Soldier and
User Assault rifle >= 1695 and
User Burst >= 1272 and
User Full auto >= 1526
On Equip User Modify Max health 150  
User Modify Burst 30  
Nilspils @ 2004-08-20 20:37
Coyoute @ 2004-11-26 06:30
*meld* where does this weapon drop???????? gimme gimme!!
zyx21 @ 2005-02-09 23:13
Attack time 5.98s
Venderim @ 2006-06-14 18:41
Recharge time 1s.....burst/FA recharge 3000, give it a try, I did and was pleasantly suprised :)
Gurudee @ 2006-07-13 08:42
Notice that while the Sancrosanct Ocra-Xum Assault Rifle requires SL expansion...this does not!
Neither does the Turn Spirit of Laethosin the Leader need to make this have a SL req.
Quite possibly a great little weap (in lower ql's of course) for a fr00b ... or "fr00b twinkish soldier parked to defend your towers" or "lots of fr00b twinkish soldiers on various free accounts parked to defend your towers"...
Xxxfatal @ 2007-01-13 13:12
lol this gun is funy..looks like a AK-74
Jedrox @ 2007-01-19 19:38
Superior Perennium Blaster is better of course, except smaller AR cap....
Xxxfatal, it looks more like Kalashnikov...............
Zinrax @ 2007-03-01 02:52
The AK-74 is also known as Kalashnikov AK-74...
Kingduck @ 2007-11-06 00:06
or Automatic Kalalshnikov-1947
Ata1981 @ 2007-11-25 15:44
More similar to the M-16 i think
SpACatta @ 2008-06-07 03:13
You're a bunch of fat virgin nerds. I'm pretty sure none of you are qualified to identify this with any real firearms.
Ata1981 @ 2008-07-23 21:10
grassmol @ 2008-10-23 15:36
whats the FA cap , also 15K ?
Whitey @ 2008-11-14 23:51
15k with any FA gun..

gonna get this on a tl5 sold, FA recharge is insanely good.. combine with 11s AS... it looks like pure awesomeness... just buy lots and lots of bullets :P --- Clip 120 - Bullets ;)
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