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Item Database - Clanalizer

Clanalizer This container contains a special breed of metamorphing liquid nanobots. It is not unlikely that they are one of the prohibited species that were developed in Last Ditch by certain neutral organizations.
Flags Visible, Has Energy
Can Carry, Stackable
Patch 14.9 18.8.53
Change QL:
Value 360
Mass 0.2kg
Om3ga @ 2003-08-22 16:30
Where can you find these things?
Spica @ 2003-08-23 08:21
I just found one in a chest on a solo mission. What is it for?
Spica @ 2003-08-23 08:41
I figured it out. Combine with carbonum for Storm Carbonum =)
zyx21 @ 2005-01-24 08:44
It's used in enhancing many items to be clan only and add decent bonus's

(How many of you knew you could hack Steel Ribbed and apply this to it? I myself jsut found out :D)
Mergai @ 2005-03-27 00:20
what r these worth?
Ludozee @ 2005-04-12 15:01
about 50k seems to be the most fair price
EvulPerson @ 2006-11-09 03:28
50k huh... i'll buy 6 please :)
that comes out to 300k
i'm serious.
Aarminah @ 2007-05-30 23:15
I have one if anybody interested Atlantean OA /tell Aarminah
joshua512 @ 2008-10-27 02:25
Clanalizers are used to make Apacalypse Armor / Omnifiers are used to make Omni-Tek Steel Ribbed Armor. Clanners find full set of Leather Armor and Hack it. Then use Clanalizer on it.
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