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Item Database - Omni-Med Battle Sleeves

Omni-Med Battle Sleeves Icon #206979 Omni-Tek has used only the best technology to produce the Omni-Med Battle Armor. This is probably one of the most expensive armors one can build today. During the research, the cross-department developers has received valuable help from the BlackHand organisation with testing the armor. Especially the feedback from the doctors Francesca Harrist and Olivia Nguyen has been determining many of its characteristics.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop, Has Damage, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 14.7.8
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Right arm, Left arm
Value 1
Equip time 2s
Mass 0.8kg
To Equip User Psychic >= 550
User Stamina >= 550 and
User Faction == Omni-Tek and
User Title level >= 6 and
User Profession == Doctor
Playshift User Faction == Omni-Tek and
On Equip User Texture Arms 206964  
User Modify Projectile AC 300  
User Modify Melee AC 300  
User Modify Energy AC 300  
User Modify Chemical AC 250  
User Modify Radiation AC 300  
User Modify Cold AC 250  
User Modify Poison AC 300  
User Modify Fire AC 300  
User Modify First aid 14  
User Modify Treatment 14  
User Modify Nano init 20  
User Modify Max nano 80  
Pyros_15000 @ 2005-08-13 10:59
Damnit FC how about giving the clans some cool items ey?
triggerzer0 @ 2005-10-17 02:11
why not go Omni? :P
Gurudee @ 2006-07-24 04:26
Because we dont like having 12yr old egomaniacs order us around :-P
Heandesh @ 2006-09-23 00:31
Well .. there are claners out ther older than 12?????
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