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Item Database - Order OTSC-490 Group A

Order OTSC-490 Group A Icon #154678 This is a standard material order, probably for an office item. It is issued to some address in the administrative quarters of Rome Green. There is no name attached to the order, so maybe you can add your own.
Flags Visible
Can Carry
Patch 14.7.8
Change QL:
Slot none
Value 1
Mass 0.1kg
dandin1 @ 2006-01-18 19:55
What level are the mobs who drop it. They are crat mobs in missions right?
RainFrost @ 2006-01-21 03:17
just found one in a crat mob in a lvl 140 mission
moriquendi @ 2006-06-08 15:33
around ql100 i have found 9, they drop almost every crat i kill around that lvl.
Ytinirt @ 2006-09-19 15:50
What is it for?
acidfreak @ 2006-09-27 09:04 ... portable bank, cratonly :)
Jornado @ 2009-03-27 22:54
This also drops from the director in foremans (according to several org mates).
Brinkmann @ 2009-05-31 09:50
Your org mates would be mistaken.
Jambin0 @ 2009-11-30 10:32
Been trying to farm this on some 95-105 missions and no luck.Any better ideeas ?
snakeyees @ 2010-07-12 05:23
Buy it From GMS a Tad late to post this but still good advice
lonewolf07 @ 2010-09-07 23:11
drops from director in formans aswell
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