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Item Database - Frost-bound Reaper

Frost-bound Reaper ...the Immortal One has returned to power, and Paradise will be His once more. His rule will be fair - the Faithful will be rewarded, and the Unbeliever will be destroyed. War shall be waged on the Unbeliever, for they spread lies about the Immortal One. The Truth shall prevail...
The intense chill surrounding the blade slows down your actions.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop, Unique
Can Carry, Wear, No Ammo, Parry, Parriable
Patch 14.7.8 14.9 15.0.1 18.8.53
Change QL:
Type Weapon
Slot Right hand
Value 1
Equip time 1.8s
Attack time 1s
Recharge time 1s
Range 3 m
Damage 386-386 (0) - Cold AC
Attack rating cap 1150
Initiative skill Melee init
Mass 0kg
Damage View this weapon in the Damage Calculator
Defense skills
Evade close 100 %
Attack skills
2h Edged 100 %
To Equip User 2h Edged >= 1040
On Equip User Modify Max health 30  
User Modify Melee init -1110  
User Modify Nano init -150  
KlngArthur @ 2003-01-15 20:23
holy shit this thing is gonna own
Scary @ 2003-03-04 06:20
Talk about overpowered
Mr_Poop @ 2003-03-14 10:19
less damage than a EQB and no specials.
only advantage this thing has is you can fight more defensive.
that's nice.. that's different.. but not "overpowered"
emanuel @ 2003-03-16 01:43
Where do i get this?
Dextrox @ 2003-03-19 04:32
I think its coming into the new high level dungeon that they were supposed to add in 14.7.10, yet delayed.
Tsuneko @ 2003-03-29 06:01
Yes, supposedly to drop in Inner Sanctum. (current ETA is 14.9)
This will be a very sought after item for enforcer's that like to take on the defensive roll moreso than offensive. It is not overpowered, as a crit scope won't help you, and you only need 1050 Melee Init to get to 1/1 at Full Defense (very easy with enforcer's, even apart from Rage and Flurry of Blows)
The lack of specials is also what makes it not overpowered, however Cold AC is gonna hurt! :P

btw, inner sanctum was supposed to be 14.7 orignally :(
gL5ss @ 2003-04-02 05:18
this is the only sci-fi game where melee weapons outdamage ranged weapons *sigh*
hannobal @ 2003-05-14 12:25
much more uber than eqb.. you could go full def and still hit 1/1, with almost any profession.
ninj00b0ke @ 2003-06-23 00:49
and with a full set of jobe add all def implants,... weeeee
Waikaishi @ 2003-07-17 20:08
Iam using it on my level 138 Enfo (Albrechty) if ya know him :)
Its not that uba at all, just 1,2k damage nothing else i do, with challenger 1,4k... so, its actually not a big deal with this item that is close to shit.. i would rather use a QB than Frost reaper....
ninj00b0ke @ 2003-07-29 08:40
your an idiot albrechty. FBR owns beacuse the AR caps are not in yet, on my 161 enf I do 1800 damage a hit with it, constant damage, at 1/1. Its nowhere near "shit", its very , very good. If you want to see a horrible 2he weapon look up "Premium memerchant warblade"
Zifa @ 2003-08-19 16:41
The other point that no-one seems to have noticed, is that with a zero point damage range, the armour rating of the target will make absolutley no difference, i.e you use this against something like Ian Warr, with uber armour rating and whoopee, same damage as against a mob with zero armour :)

Now compare to and EQB at full def and see which one owns? this thing is uber, ok, so no alpha's, but when you can hit a mob with Armour rating of anything, for 22k dam in 30 secs, with 1150 AR and init of 1100, compare that to the EQB?

1150 AR, 1100 init, full def and what dam does the EQB do against a target with an armour rating of even 6K (you think dyna mobs have that little?)

Try less than 11k in 30 secs!

You would have to be on full 100% agg, to match this!

Now what happens if you push the AC's upto 8k? (prob more realistic for likes of Ian Warr?)

oh, dear, you do less than 22k, so which one do you think is the better weapon? Would you prefer to be on full agg? or full def? hmm, i know my choice :)
nate4657 @ 2003-09-26 16:23
so where can i get one? i just started playing again and am looking for a good wep, im level 129.
Abaddonenf @ 2003-10-13 23:37
This weapon is found in the Inner Sacntum Dungeon, can't to wait to get it myself.
yolchanok @ 2003-12-19 03:37
"User Modify Melee init -1110 "
you wont be hitting TOO fast with full def, will ya ?
ninj00rk2 @ 2004-01-01 05:24
alot of these comments were made before it got nerfed with the -1000 init, when it looked like this
Imicus @ 2004-01-14 03:57
Ok, i use this weapon on my 130 enf, hit 1300 every hit, and i only have -350 melee init. Throw on that rage, or a flurry and you swing that thing like a dagger. (even without either of those, it is only slightly slower than your old frosty from the ToTW) I can solo elysium hecklers and hardly break a sweat. Whether or not you would rather use a queen blade doesn't mean shit, cause you can use this from lvl 125-161 when you can even put on a QB. If it isn't already better than the QB, it is definitely worth using till then.
estboy @ 2004-03-06 12:10
uhum...yet again...get Gelids from IS =) it has a nice nuke once in a while + great damage, take Hammerlo for example ;) H E O W N Z A H ! :d
Newyn @ 2004-07-27 17:13
Anyone got a general idea of where that Inner Sanctum is? Give the exarch cloak to the blind cultist outside of TOTW to get in?
djmalo @ 2004-09-06 12:51
give en exarch robe to the blind cultist. she will give u a sealed pass. right-click on the pass, then use it on the portal.
djmalo @ 2004-09-06 12:51
give en exarch robe to the blind cultist. she will give u a sealed pass. right-click on the pass, then use it on the portal.
Zoulrage @ 2004-09-23 10:40
Serturos @ 2004-10-12 20:21
Zoulrage, Have you seen an enforcers melee init at say lvl 165?, I guess not.
skybert @ 2004-11-27 17:22
at 182, I got -28 melee inits with an FBR equipped
dwaley @ 2004-12-08 04:01
Well i have a 150 keeper with this equiped i have -500ish int but when i use my furry off blows it goes to 1000ish so yes, it is a very good and recomended wep for all profesion
SmokinAllDay @ 2005-02-22 10:24
With arul saba bracers on the Frostie is still the weapon of choice for 2he until you can equip a 250+ kyr'ozch with 880 or 112 upgrades.
Full aggro offcourse, not the best tanking weapon but if your looking to do damage and alot of it FBR is still tops.
With aruls, rings, Might of Revenant, team dmg buffs,and if your lucky dragon chest/Robust you can expect to get over 2k per hit at 1/1 with the frostie.
Doktorfarlig @ 2005-04-03 19:50
Is tish bether than Permafrost?
Ricazel @ 2005-04-20 14:35
were do i get THIS one?
HDX @ 2005-05-08 21:06
Ricazel have u even read all the posts on this page?
Aznhalfling @ 2005-05-27 08:59
Errr compare this to a Pained panther what would u suggest? Since Panther has FA and brawl, with ok Crits with a 1.25s/1.25s, i can see this weapon for a Keeper since a Panther is only Enf and MP only. im a level 126 enf reguardless im going to get it but i dont know if its wroth using over my Pained panther
Vaxon @ 2005-06-24 17:49
-1110 melee inti... doesn't that make it kinda slower?
Vaxon @ 2005-06-24 17:49
Pegasus @ 2005-07-21 22:04
I use a Pained Panther on my enforcer because I can go full def with it quite comfortably and hit 1/1 easily with rage and FoB. On top of that, the Pained Panther has more special attacks. To hit 1/1 with this, you'd have to go full agg and generally that is not a good idea.
Frozenguard @ 2005-07-28 22:40
If you want to do dmg very fast i would recommend Pained Panther.
donger @ 2005-08-19 05:33
ok........right, most of these posts are so ridiculous im FORCED to believe that some of these people havent been listening at ALL to the helpful people (who know what theyre talking about)) posting in their views. If i see another "but its got -1110 melee init, shouldnt that make it crap?" post i might scream ><. FBR pwns EQB in SL and thats all there is to it, when you do it right, hitting 1.5k-1.8k damage CONSTANTLY at about 2/2 is actually better than most weapons out there until u can get ql 250+ kyr swords. And EQB sucks until u have about 1k melee init anyway (ring a bell anywhere?) and even then its capped at 1/3 while if u have 1k melee init with FBR then ur swinging about 1.2/1.2 baby =D. So please people, when somebody like Zifa gives u cold hard evidence that FBR is better than EQB then its polite not to try prove him/her wrong by contradicting her with ur silly unsupported views. Oh and FBR PWNS panther in all respects.
Jeff120 @ 2005-09-17 17:29
this rocks at higher levels you get like 2000 melee inti, and -1100 = 800-900
donger @ 2005-09-18 01:29
errr, capped at 1/1? doesnt matetr as long as u have 1 melee init =P
Jeff120 @ 2005-09-18 19:19
pained panther sucks in Shadowlands, this rocks in SL
Jeff120 @ 2005-09-18 19:20
and panther is a pain in the ass
bgtony @ 2005-09-19 18:06
FbR min damage is 386, QL 300 Kyr'Sword min damage is 375.
FbR requires 1040 2he to equip, Kyr'sword reqs almost double that at 2001.
If you have the m.init to use fbr at 1:1 what is the advantage, besides specials, of Kyr'Sword when min damage pwnz mobs with high AC and high mob AC typically == better exp and loot?
The answer is easy ya phewlz: using Kyr at 1:1 and half agg/def because ya *have* the m.init to *have used* FbR. progression not comparison...
Jeff120 @ 2005-09-20 00:14
it is DUH at higher lvl fbr is faster because melee inti.
Niemandsland @ 2005-10-11 17:18
Some people forgot, that there's something more then SL in AO... at lvl 145 I prefer Pained Panther for RK and Aliens at 50/50 agg/def with my ql 277 Viral Targeting Subunit
btw, in Ely isn't much difference between PP and FBR, but dont't think about using PP in Ado
jeff123 @ 2005-10-25 17:26
this is good for a doc
jeff123 @ 2005-10-25 19:19
read this guide for how to get this thing to go fast 100% at anytime.
this first part is only for a doc
go down until you see how to make it fast for any profession
Frozenguard @ 2005-11-04 20:35
It does nice damage and it looks hell nice too :D
donger @ 2005-12-29 19:37
the reason why a kyr sword will OD this thing at ql 300 or even ql 250 is purely because of the specials and speed (you didn't think i was gonna use an untyped???) Fast attack and brawl and possibly even dimach? will add another maybe 4-5k damage within 10 seconds already with the min hit of the kyr sword. Also the MBS of this thing is capped at 1150 and the MBS of a kyr sword is 2500 =P doesn't take a genius to figure out which ones gonna do more damage
Unredeemed @ 2006-01-30 19:47
lol ar cap of fast do you hit that? i like my Improved Immortal katana better ql200....and yeah Kyr'ozch sword is way better for the exact reasons donger said
Awaren @ 2006-03-21 03:05
Let me get this straight, for 300 Init you have -0.5 attack and -1.0 recharge. But if then your Init is -300 you will have +0.5 attack and -1.0 recharge time? Also from the comparations this one is the best weapon except kyr for SL, and in top for RK
Msauss @ 2006-03-21 16:20
I normally see this when enforcers are versing ely hecks. ones on RK will use pained panther.
Yakobo66 @ 2006-06-13 21:25
because panthers are only enfo/mp
Awaren @ 2006-06-25 11:03
This wep is very good. I'l use it til I can get my hands on a very high ql kyr sword, maybe ql 250+
noir1991 @ 2006-07-03 06:43
Got oneon about to use over my pained pather :P
Yakobo66 @ 2006-07-22 05:46
WTS melee int nerf, or at least lower it to 500ish
Ryugu @ 2006-09-12 06:44

FBR=tank weapon/soloing wep
PP=DD weapon
kyr'Ozch sword= BOTH
Oltcit @ 2006-10-14 14:04
first of all, the kyr'ozch sword is the most ballanced weapon for 2HE, only problem with it is the ql you can equip with the same reqs as the FBR or PP. thata is why, if you can't get a 250+ (i would say 200+) kyr'ozch typed on, don't bother with it.
FBR owns on mobs with high AC, like SL hecks, but the problem is a bit more complex. at lvl 125 (when you can equip the FBR) your AR should be high enough to do better damage with the PP on ely hecks (use a DD and you'll see that PP pwnz FBR on ely hecks) where you won't be hitting anymore for the min damage. add the specials to that and the PP will do almost double the damage than the FBR on ely hecks. ado hecks is a different story, and FBR will do a lot more damage than PP over there, and from those lvls, FBR is better than PP for SL till you can equip a 250+ typed kyr'ozch sword.
on RK, PP is the best 2HE weap till 250+ kyr'ozch. FBR is a bad choice for RK, except on a couple of special ocasions, like Ian Warr and mercs, but by the time you are raiding there you should be able to equip the 250+ kyr'ozch sword.
Mergai @ 2006-11-20 00:50
as far as enfs go, ill go type 112 kyr at ql170 at full def it ODs FuBaR easily, and as enf, full def is where you wanna be, different story at full agg, but that's just not smart, nuff said ^^
Whitey @ 2006-11-28 02:22
WTB a 2hb version :(
Dugglas @ 2007-01-03 18:09
If you are an enf use PP but if u just wanna look cool and do alot dmg and not tank go FBR but the no specs makes its gimp so enf use PP until a at least 220+ AI sword for u froob get the IS styg or a EQB
Dugglas @ 2007-01-03 18:11
Jeff120 @ 2005-09-18 19:19
pained panther sucks in Shadowlands, this rocks in SL
Report Bad Post Jeff120 @ 2005-09-18 19:20
and panther is a pain in the ass I have no idea what that dude was thinking PP is best weapon for enf on hecks radation dmg is the sedcond most powerful heck dmg type
Dugglas @ 2007-01-03 18:14
And there is only one way u can tank with a fbr get over 1.5k int
Jinzost @ 2007-01-30 04:24
im almost positive that this is the best froob weapon
Datagutt @ 2007-02-09 15:23
Pained panther sucks in sl radiation dmg sucks vs hecklers and 220+ wtf?
This really rocks in sl if you cant afford good kyrs
Mohamad @ 2007-02-09 23:31
PP is better if you can, especially if you happen to use a rbp heh...the brawl stun works often on mobs and fast attack makes at least 6k more dmg minute too. Also, - nano init?! Other than low money keepers I would stay away from fbr.
qwayke @ 2007-02-21 03:32
All this talk about PP, what about us keepers? hmm, this weapons rules!!!
alesicis @ 2007-04-11 05:19
funny how the whole argument becomes moot with the introduction of the ofab wolf :P
zeyre @ 2007-06-06 15:34
alesicis @ 2007-04-11 05:19
funny how the whole argument becomes moot with the introduction of the ofab wolf :P

This comment is completely stupid... if he bothered do any research into it the ofab wolf he'd have realized that an ofab wolf is just a kyr'ozch sword - type 112 with 10% higher damage AND 10% higher requirements, in other words for the sake of this argument they are nearly completely the same (obviously over ql 275 the ofab wolf is better but there is no way you'd be considering wielding an FBR at a level when you can get a ql 275 wolf on). You could even argue that the Kyr'Ozch Sword - Type 112 is actually a better weapon until ql 275 as it does energy damage, hence you can use the alien + energy damage gloves with it.

Hence, this argument is not "moot" since the wolf has been released.
AKrulz @ 2007-08-20 18:46
this weapon sucks if you don't fight with something that has more than 5k acs
Brodelli @ 2009-03-23 12:29
A reasonably good gap filler for a keeper, despite of not having a Fast Attack and -1100 melee init nerf. Just got mine at time of writing :)
Dagger @ 2009-06-04 04:24
I hate enfos who tank with this.
Erxi @ 2009-10-31 02:09
Have met enfs and keepers with all type of swords in ely and ado lately, and I sort of wonder - shouldn`t this weapon be >> most alternatives, against hecks, pre-TL6 or so?

It has no specials - maybe it could be a good weapon for traders?
fly @ 2011-06-25 05:28
If you know how to setup your toon properly and implant melee init and max it, you can have it 1/1 at 125. If you plan on tanking though, I would suggest kyr weapons so you can go full defense to get hit less.
Morthoseth @ 2016-02-11 08:19
Sucks the dungeon is level locked. This would be fun twink stuffs.
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