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Item Database - Frost Scythe of the Legionnaire

Frost Scythe of the Legionnaire Icon #204741 ...past death He calls to us. Whispers to us still of eternal life. The chill embrace of death does not reach us, for He still needs us. We still need Him. We shall be risen again to serve Him, as we have been risen in the past. He need but call and we shall answer. The Legion of the Faithful ever grows, and shall eternally be His...
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop
Can Carry, Wear, No Ammo, Fast Attack, Parry, Parriable
Patch 14.7.8 14.9 15.0.1
Change QL:
Type Weapon
Slot Right hand
Value 1
Equip time 1.8s
Attack time 2.8s
Recharge time 3.2s
Range 3 m
Damage 227-227 (0) - Cold AC
Attack rating cap 700
Initiative skill Melee init
Mass 0kg
Damage View this weapon in the Damage Calculator
Defense skills
Evade close 100 %
Attack skills
2h Edged 100 %
To Equip User 2h Edged >= 357 and
User Fast attack >= 191
On Equip User Modify Max health 15  
Sniperted @ 2003-03-08 19:19
This weapon is realy good. I recomend everyone to check it out!
Matrix @ 2003-03-10 15:02
where can i find it ?
LtBurlap @ 2003-04-20 18:10
Temple of the Three Winds (north of Tir)
chaosgyro @ 2003-05-19 10:31
The value on the damage calculator makes it seem like this would be viable throughout your whole career. It that true or does it lose effectiveness over time?
ninj00b0ke @ 2003-06-19 07:11
its a fairly good weapon at any level, I still use it sometimes at level 140 , with challenger on I have a 1153 attack rating (941 dmg a hit w/ scythe) compare that to a longmoon (which does 200-1500 dmg, 1700 ish crits) and it easily out damages because of its constant dmg
bobic @ 2003-06-23 14:55
at what lvl is it possible to use this ?
P.S should i get an enforcer i have never hade 1 before and like the look if the omni-pol armour with the cool white tank on top with a mean looking blue scythe :)
Nagant @ 2003-07-17 04:44
*Ahem* Stygian Desolator anyone? I think this would be a great weapon until I get my styng, but after that, it's the long red blade all the way =)
Icetroll @ 2003-07-28 18:03
I'm comparing the Frost Scythe to the Stygian Desolator and, aesthetics aside, the Scythe does an avg of 3272 damage whereas the Stygian does 2624 over 10 secs. So clearly the former appears to be the better weapon.
prometheus @ 2003-10-04 15:33
The Stygian looks better (imo) and usually does marginally better damage, but the Scythe does constant damage which helps me plan my fights better.
Om3ga @ 2003-10-20 06:31
I know this drops in totw, but off who? It doesn't seem like it'd be a common drop like the energy scythe... Any mob in particular I'm looking for?
Rnei @ 2003-11-06 16:48
Lego's by Lien
Straubenator @ 2003-11-21 07:38
I once had an uber friend who equiped this thing at lvl 37
dr9057 @ 2003-11-25 07:59
I'm level 38 and I've got one equipped. Not that hard. :P Just max out your 2he, buff with 2he expertise and skill of the butcher, implants totalling +50, get a wrangle for the rest. Got my wrangle for free.
fuman @ 2003-11-27 06:37
my 40 enforcer...enforcer59...has stygian on...hes more uber than every team member so far!i tried FSOTL buy stygian killed a 56 mob faster....if you need some help with implanting ot buffing a stygian/FSOTL send him or ueffer a tell
fuman @ 2003-11-27 11:37
buy...i meant but
raindrops @ 2004-01-12 21:22
heh i got it on at lvl 16
Seraphh @ 2004-03-15 15:34
i got it on @ lvl 29
@ raindrops how did u equip ?? what kind of imps / buffs etc. ???
Rennard @ 2004-03-21 16:46
New to enforcer and got this the other day, trader friend wrangled me into it...sweeeeet weapon
Kliggor @ 2004-04-25 21:51
hehe, I bet you musta been pretty overequipped running a Frosty at lvl 16, Raindrops. 50%, eh? ;) The secret to equipping these kind of weapons at low levels is imps, imps, imps and more imps. Use low ql imps as a ladder to get into high ql imps. My enfo had QL75 imps in at lvl 21, and I guess I could have gotten him into QL80s if it werent for the fact that im too lazy... :)
yostaghost @ 2004-05-01 19:11
Not that hard to get in at lvl 20 - 25. 16 i dunno sounds pretty damn tough. But with enough ncu and the right imps 20 easy. I helped a friend twink this on his trader at 21 and it was uber easy with only ql 50 imps. If you dont get this on to after lvl 30 something is wrong.
Solitazz @ 2004-05-03 16:37
"Not that hard to get in at lvl 20 - 25. 16 i dunno sounds pretty damn tough"

If a lvl 20 twink can get a stygian on at lvl 20 this shouldnt be hard :p
yostaghost @ 2004-05-12 03:03
I have NEVER seen a lvl 20 have a stygian on. I think that is BS. I know people who can twink to hell but stygian come on. Tell me name and server to see then i will believe. Until then its written down in the big book of BS!!!
DRGNIII @ 2004-06-02 20:24
you guys, stygian is better(in my opinion) because stygian recharges your attack skills alot faster than frost scythe does. for example: stygian recharges fast attack every 12 seconds, as opposed to frost scythe which recharges fast attack every 40 or so seconds. (even if dmg still ends up lower, i like to stay entertained while playing instead of just usin "q" all the time :) )
Lang @ 2004-06-16 06:47
with my lil trada i got it on at level 15 the main problem was getting the fast attack...because as you know wrangles and ransack/deprives dont raise your specials..had to step up imps hella ended up with ql 80+ fast attack imps and a few others at that the end at 15 with the best debuffs i could run i was 6 points off in 2he to be out of oe...just had to level once or twice..and then just leveled up so i could get a exarch robe and got belt and stuff..all that twinking down the drain..but hey at 21 i can easily keep her out of oe and i can still defend our towers :P
Sintor @ 2004-06-20 06:22
Stygian min-damage is lower, frost scythe actually does better on min-damage only mobs (hecklers). I've seen level 130's with stygians get OD'd on elysium hecks by 115's in group who figured that out.
Beagle @ 2004-06-22 05:34
Stygians are better at lower levels, like before Ely hecklers. For Nas Hecklers you dont need to worry about the min damage, they dont have that many ACs. This is a nice weapon, but the SD is much better.

yostaghost: I'd believe a Styg on a level 20...
Beagle @ 2004-06-22 05:42
I just figured 424 2he and 239 FA at level 20 w/o trickle and contracts
Lupa @ 2004-06-25 21:25
Yeah Stygian on a trader is no prob at low lvls. Fast attack will be only hard part as ransacks / wwrangles dont raise it.
Minokhoon @ 2004-10-05 00:11
"I once had an uber friend who equiped this thing at lvl 37" <<-- LOL.. i must be really uber, since i had it on at level 24 - on my keeper, though. My enf had it on at level 27, but it can be done way sooner. Actually, i could probably twink on Stygian on right now (level 27 keeper), but its just too much of a hassle with OEing. Ofcourse, Frost is OE still, for the next 5 levels, but its still nice to have on ;)
Serturos @ 2005-01-11 20:07
Not to sure where people get there stats from about the scythe being better than the styg, over time the styg od's the fristy very easily, yes it has low end attacks but the rechrge on the special is like 15 seconds, plus it will hit around 700-800 with 1k crits ( lvl 60 ) mind.
just think the scyhte is better if your gonna lvl in sl
Serturos @ 2005-01-11 20:08
I'd rather twink 2 skulls at lower lvl's the dmg isn't as much but the speed in wich you can attack full defence makes it very nice and enfo's have better buffs regarding 1hb,
duo_maxwell @ 2005-02-21 09:34
what are the exact requirements to get this and is it better then the energy one? is it better to be an agent or soldier??
thanks in advance
duo_maxwell aka alex
NGasta @ 2005-04-10 08:38
twinked on to a 32 doc :) just took about 2 hours to get buffs :D but now in ToTW my doc is usually our teams healer and damage dealer :P BTW its 75% OE and 50% w/o expertises :) i guess i get styg at lvl 50+ because of title cap :(
redliner @ 2005-04-18 16:23
Collecting comps and switching a imp isn't twinking. I'm currently working on getting this on my lvl 14 doc. I don't care if it's not 100%, 75% will do just fine in means of pvp.
icqboy1987 @ 2005-05-12 16:04
is it possible to get this in at lvl 12?
gonna be hard, as Mp?

ste1nar @ 2005-05-12 16:43
this is a nice weapon, specially at lowlvls :) got it on at 18..(75%) now with AI armors and stuffs... no probs at lvl 15, i'd say.. man, i owned sub with this toy :P
Toebiter @ 2005-06-08 02:25
I am no twinkster, but I am about to equip either a Frost or a Stygian on my 55 nanomage MP. I have both, and maybe could have done the Frost earlier, but I wanted to level up to now where I can pick either, not do one, then change. Read all the posts here, other places, and still don't have a good idea of which will do the most damage, but I like the red sword, and prefer a faster weapon, so this time its Stygian I think.
Craggor @ 2005-06-29 12:10
Stygian owns Frost sythe by far, dont care what u say it does, i have them both and been using Stygian since 35 on My Enf
Frost scythe only OD's Stygian against hecklers
Fleadram @ 2005-08-08 04:42
All you twinkmastas out there, is this better for trader twinks than the pump trainee or master in ur opinion? besides the fact that it is 4000 times easier to get ;)
donger @ 2005-08-19 05:42
nah traders were never meant to use 2he and pump has a much much much higher AR cap so id go with shotties if i were u =p. but not a pump try a vektor ND, no flingshot but pretty decent in the damage department and u can twink a ql 100+ onto a lvl 60 trader no probs without being OE'd (provided u drain). And this baby is what u need for hecks until u get FBR
Sahandra @ 2005-08-20 09:51
on my 25 trader :P
Vhab @ 2005-08-21 15:16
get stygian for your trader instead :P
Jeff120 @ 2005-09-18 19:16
GS059 @ 2005-09-20 00:24
the frosty is the best wep, there are some better 2he out there that are very simeler to thisin damage, doing constant damage. I go this on at lvl 25 becasue I had to get a fixer to ncu buff me.
Jeff120 @ 2005-10-05 17:17
not the best for a trader
Matken @ 2005-10-08 22:48
Soon to be on my 14 trader and I hope out of oe with moch drains, still crunching the numbers though...
Jeff120 @ 2005-10-15 04:47
at higher levels this can OD the FBR
Keex @ 2005-11-04 01:41
don't think so, it has an AR cap of 700 and it has 227 dmg instead of 386, with rage you can easily use fbr at 1/1 speed
NevNiv @ 2005-11-23 01:29
There's a ridiculous amount of posts here, but I'll mention this in case it wasn't already. The frost scythe is better in SL because in SL you oftentimes wind up doing the minimum damage of a weapon due to higher ACs.
dakfisto @ 2005-11-28 13:19
woot! cold damage! if only it could a freeze effect or sumthin....SD is good....this is better with a decent init
santikeep @ 2005-12-07 21:08
"at higher levels this can OD the FBR"
This was the most retarded thing ive ever heard
bartje @ 2005-12-14 18:22
why use thisone when u can get an Stgian Desolator i got 3 points why:
- Looks better
- Fast atack "spawns" faster than Frost scythe
- does ubah Damage when on high lvl.

So <lvl 60 people who can kill Aztur the Immortal KILL HIM if u want an nice and powerfull sword.
bartje @ 2005-12-14 18:23
Ow and the Purifying Rods who drop can give u 100k each, so even more reasons to kill him :P
Infall @ 2006-01-09 19:29
this sux, crits are same as norm hits..
Msauss @ 2006-03-02 15:41
this SL...
this weapon is better than the stygian because it has COLD ac while the stygian has energy...
Anonymous59 @ 2006-03-15 17:06
To those who say it sucks...well, I got a level 21 twink with A LOT of ACs for his level...most weapon do crap damage on him...but I'm still sick of getting easily ganked by Traders with this frostie :/ Even with Rrfe and HnQ running it does some incredible damage at such a level :|
So this weapon really rocks at low PvP, the only bad side is that it is melee, so unless you're a Trader wwho can drain targets' nanoskills far away, you'd better watch rooters :P
Xeo @ 2006-03-20 14:28
Ancient weaponsmiths know they job well..
hope onetime we can descover they secrets..
kady @ 2006-05-21 02:33
i had it on lvl 21 and energy on 17 and stygian on 30
Mindori @ 2006-06-17 01:12
930 melee init to get this 1/1 at full agg vs 615 for the styg means stygian is probably better than this if you wanna twink it on as early as possible. Or you could just go 1hb, and go for a ql100 mortiig beater :)
Zay @ 2006-07-09 08:57
Got this on my keeper at lvl 23 and stirred up hell in the subway. Really nice weapon. Easy to solo cripplers in SL too ;)
Pwnada @ 2006-09-10 22:21
My friend does have this on at level 15, his traders name is Rolemodel on RK2, he doesnt play it much, because unfortunately pump does better damage overall, but it is quite the acheivment

(frosty is better at 21 or so when it is much easier to keep it not oe)
Painmaker2 @ 2006-10-16 22:41
Straubenator @ 2003-11-21 07:38
I once had an uber friend who equiped this thing at lvl 37

omg it is soooo easy....
Painmaker2 @ 2006-10-16 22:44
i mean you almost just need expertise:P ( j/k )
robapril @ 2006-11-30 18:01
everyone is saying they like the fact thast this checks cold AC... But... Ac cannot lower damage below min. so it dousn't matter targets Ac....
Yakobo66 @ 2007-02-13 12:30
wep dmg DOES go below min, slowly, lotsa ac on sl mobs and you get ~20 dmg diff between rad and chem
Vxrniss @ 2007-02-18 17:42
Never seen... bitchslapped ado hecks and backyard leets with this and FBR and never seen a difference?
Thebestidea @ 2007-05-13 22:54
i like this, its a nice smooth transition from energy scythe - to this - to stygian desolater without having to twink excessively.
jonjonz @ 2007-06-24 21:31
If you play an enforcer, acquiring one of these should be your first order of business a the temple of the three winds.
Jornado @ 2007-08-22 04:12
there is really only one thing to say - RK mobs have no ACs, so styg is USUALLY better on RK. in SL and PvP, since ur target DOES have ACs, frosty is USUALLY superior because it ignores ACs when calculating damage. test it out in the damage calculator or ingame. against 3k ACs, the frosty will do nearly 4x the damage of the styg...every hit, not every 10 seconds.
Vgman @ 2007-11-24 07:34
LMFAO. First this isn't hard to eqquip. Get a lv 20-24 enfo toss in some ql 100 imps (ladder treetment imps) and self buffs and bam 100%. This is more for pvp at lv 20 ish though. If you want a nice pvm setup for lv 20-24 a cold morning IB od's this thing like no tommorow. its also way easer to eqquip and harder for those damn traders to drain you out of. As far as traders go though get a pump master and a tim scope you damn nubs.
xDARKHAWKx @ 2008-07-19 09:02
im a lvl 50 trader useing this right now and was wondering what weap i should use next... thanks
Solovus @ 2008-09-29 04:33
I calculated this out and it is better than Styng. I'm now putting this on my 25 keeper :)
Thebestidea @ 2008-10-09 13:59
Much better than Styg for SL.
AOmaster @ 2009-07-18 21:34
duo_maxwell @ 2005-02-21 09:34
what are the exact requirements to get this and is it better then the energy one? is it better to be an agent or soldier??
thanks in advance
duo_maxwell aka alex

Well as no-one else bothered to answer this important question I will do my best: The exact requirements are 2h edge - 357, fast attack - 191 (took me hours to research these numbers), and definitely get it for soldier, they excel in using melee weapons such as this.
Ata1981 @ 2009-08-03 01:12
my keeper get it on at lvl 20
Troika @ 2009-10-21 09:41
Stygian Desolator may be better, but it is not that much better, and this is much, much easier to get.
Enfobyrd @ 2010-04-27 05:46
my lvl 20 enfo has it on with custom 85 imps. a soltius enfo >< twinked for subs!
Enfobyrd @ 2010-04-27 05:47
but im twinkin on a stygian now
Enfobyrd @ 2010-04-27 05:47
but im twinkin on a stygian now
Evenhb @ 2012-04-01 22:45
Neleb beats stygian in any way in PVM and PVP
Frost schyte beats Nelebs in PVP and SL


Neleb's rod = PVM
Frost schyte = PVP, SL
Stygian = Uhm, never?
kilafiremage @ 2016-03-09 11:04
Stygian has its place... PvT damage (player versus turret)

and you cannot discount the unique proc it has...
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