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Item Database - Withered Flesh

Withered Flesh Icon #289777 ...our strength feeds Him. Our sacrifice nourishes Him. We become part of Him, part of the Eternal. We path the way for His return to Paradise...
Right clicking on this item will provide you with a blessing of the Immortal One.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop, Unique, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear, Use, Apply Self
Patch 14.7.8 14.7.10 14.8 14.8.1 18.4.5
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Right shoulder, Left shoulder
Value 1
Equip time 2s
Mass 0kg
Defense skills
Evade close 80 %
Attack skills
Martial arts 100 %
To Use User Strength >= 175
User Body development >= 201 and
To Equip User Strength >= 175 and
User Body development >= 201
On Activate Self AddSkill Body development 3  
On Use User Lock Body development 1200s  
User Cast Skin of the Believer  
On Equip User Modify Max health 100  
User Modify Agility -3  
User Modify Projectile AC 80  
User Modify Melee AC 80  
User Modify Energy AC 80  
User Modify Chemical AC 80  
User Modify Radiation AC 80  
User Modify Cold AC 80  
User Modify Poison AC 80  
User Modify Fire AC 80  
User Modify Run speed -20  
mongowarr @ 2003-05-28 17:01
Drops off some of the higher mobs in Temple of the 3 winds....see barrow strength for a brief list!
wooshell @ 2005-01-05 19:58
Withered Flesh drops ONLY off The Re-Animator, same as Barrow Strength drops ONLY off Windcaller Yatila...
Seeds @ 2005-02-01 19:14
Barrow Strength does NOT only drop from Windcaller Yatila, my MA got it off Uklesh.
Zarobien @ 2005-03-17 10:27
I got both from Re-Animator
Coaxe @ 2005-05-09 14:52
i have seen both on Yatila
PeteFox @ 2005-07-05 14:40
Yatilla, Reanimator and uklesh can all drop it. As well as Reverand Gulard (Reanimators guard).
Anonymous59 @ 2006-03-14 22:17
I think I even spotted it on another boss, mabe Nematat
Anonymous59 @ 2006-03-14 22:17
thomasiu @ 2006-04-12 03:07
Confirmed today both withered flesh AND barrow strength dropped from Yatilla - in the same drop!
zerogates @ 2006-09-03 01:27
Many mobs drop this in totw as well as the other shoulder, even khalum drop these sometimes.
jonjonz @ 2007-06-06 23:57
It's not that great because of the 20 minute skill lock limited use to once every 20 minutes.
Threeze @ 2007-07-07 12:50
dude it's better than nothing.
BrendanDark @ 2007-11-08 02:59
...for peeps who dont really care about the generally bad shoulder things until higher lvls, the Withered and Barrow are good. I have seen both drop fram Yatilda and both drop from The Reanimator
agpecko @ 2008-06-22 11:34
Soonest to equip?

Level 15 maybe?
Ilikedagunz @ 2008-12-10 18:49
I believe Dredd has it on his level 1 doc.

Could be wrong though >.>
kilafiremage @ 2010-03-23 19:56
ir right, he does. but this item is rubbish, id keep my 3 agility and 20 runspeed over 80 ac's and 100 max hp that could go oe and prolly will on my lowbie twinks anyways. hold it in inventory for special still.
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