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Item Database - Guardian Circuit Board

Guardian Circuit Board Icon #149938 One of the main circuit boards, ripped from the Guardian of Tomorrow. It can be equipped into your belt slot, and contains 5 slots where other NCU units can be attached.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 14.7.8
Change QL:
Type Utility
Slot Belt
Value 1
Equip time 70s
Belt decks 5
Mass 0kg
To Equip User Computer literacy >= 225 and
User Level >= 20
On Equip User Modify Belt decks 5  
User Modify NCU memory 15  
User Modify Max nano 70  
Stallo @ 2003-03-21 17:21
Where to find this cutie?
systmh @ 2003-05-01 09:09
guardian of tommorrow in the temple of three winds
thegreatbear @ 2003-05-28 16:45
This board is 100% drop so dont worry about getting one...just kill it!!!
mongowarr @ 2003-05-28 16:48
what bear says!!!
chaosgyro @ 2003-06-01 12:36
actually, I killed him a few times today and he didn't drop it; it's close to 100%, but not quite
sbsyncro @ 2003-06-09 09:32
Guardian of Tomorrow is usually heavily camped for the tank armor it drops (very rarely) as a result, you can usually just waltz in and if you see the dead GoT laying there, chances are that the belt will still be on him. If not, ask the current team camping if you can have the belt when they drop him. Chances are they will say Yes, since they are really after the tank armor and probably already have the belt (for everyone on the team). I have killed that sucker 15 times in a row with no tank armor drop, but plenty of Circuit Boards!
Neeko @ 2003-06-29 23:11
To me, guardian of tommorrow will see at AIBO:-).
Ubatobd @ 2003-08-22 20:05
It's a nice item, then it's really classy to tell "A belt? Boapf, I prefer the Guardian circuit board" ;p
Rennard @ 2003-11-18 10:33
It is definately a good belt..i've been using it on my char for the past 80 levels:)
Vizhalnaga @ 2004-02-04 07:55
To me, it's either this or a QL160 belt, any higher QL belt is a waste of IP.
Salamande @ 2004-02-11 20:43
NODROP.. isn't that nice.. SO how do I get one now that I'm nine levels above the max ........ PFEH!!!!!
moragen @ 2004-10-13 18:15
Um... Is it my imagination? The req's say lvl > (greater than) 20. Soooo. You canNOT be above the max. :)
Dreydon @ 2004-11-03 20:11
The max level to ENTER Temple of the Three Winds, moragen. Can't go in once you're 61 or higher. That means using an inferior belt until you can get the six-packer.
Scanthes @ 2004-11-18 20:56
Dreydon, try asking for a team that will kill GoT for u, then warp u in to pick it up. I've seen it done while I was standing nearby (but i've never done it myself & I'm sure u have to pay them for the service.) Also seen it done for Lien and Curator loot.
wooshell @ 2005-01-13 02:12
That trick no longer works.. you get kicked out of the temple after 30 secs, and for the time in between you're stunned. No chance on killing/looting anything.
L000X0R @ 2005-02-01 22:10
This is easy to get, really :)
jobey @ 2005-03-11 20:23
this is a waste really, long before you can kill GoT you can wear a 6k-x...level 35 for traders, 40 for other "nano profs... no later than level 50 for anyone else.
Nivala @ 2005-04-29 05:38
This is the best belt for anyone who just hits the L20 and Comp Lit.(implant it, if necessary) requirements. When I hit L20 on this alt, I will be getting one from a team that's is more concerned with the GTA. No effort required.
Mammoth @ 2005-08-25 03:52
You can AFK solo GOT with a good HOT buff.
Jeff120 @ 2005-10-17 21:44
a doc can do it with a frosty
Jeff120 @ 2005-10-17 21:44
btw this is uber
Msauss @ 2006-03-14 14:15
GoT is hard to defeat as a gimp at lvl 60...better off looting off him when aztur team comes and kills him.
mosnami @ 2006-05-31 07:12
Msauss I can solo GoT with my Ma at level 49 :D
AKrulz @ 2007-03-07 13:13
lol....with my twinky mp lvl 41 i can easely kill him:D
Datagutt @ 2007-04-12 16:45
Not everyone is twinks or have cash to get stuff, Most people are very unaware of that new players do exist...
Daundweg @ 2007-07-20 06:25
Lol, u're all gimps, my Level 15 Trader soloed him :P fullbuffed
Daundweg @ 2007-07-20 06:26
Why is there the level 20 req btw? That really Sucks.... on RK3 we all started to make level 15 twinks... but they all suck cuz GCB gotta level req :/
kajah @ 2007-09-01 23:16
Daundweg @ 2007-07-20 06:26
Why is there the level 20 req btw? That really Sucks.... on RK3 we all started to make level 15 twinks... but they all suck cuz GCB gotta level req :/

hmmm seriusly doubt they all suck because they dont have gcb :)
AnonymousGuy @ 2007-09-21 17:59
kajah, your forgeting that we're all gimps cuz daundweg can solo got with his sucking lvl15 twink. what Daundweg is telling us is that he is too good for this game. Daundweg, if you want to take unconfirmed and immaturely formulated assertions of greatness and go and play a game more apropriate to your immense capabilities, you have my full support. please do be less "Da" and more "undweg".
Ginsumaster @ 2007-10-12 15:36
Pffft if you have a 15 trader twink you should have a 6 slot board on anyway
livesangry @ 2009-02-06 16:53
ever thought IP could be tight? for 6 slot board....
Flatvia @ 2009-11-27 05:00
my keeper would go 6 slot belt but then I'd miss out on some nano from the gcb
Flatvia @ 2009-11-27 05:00
and we keepers need all the nano we can get >.>
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