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Item Database - Ring of Eternal Night

Ring of Eternal Night Icon #151921 his presence the Wretched are blind...
Right clicking on this ring will attempt to temporarily blind your target.
Flags Has Multiple Count, No Drop, Unique
Can Carry, Wear, Use, Apply Hostile
Patch 14.7.8
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Right finger, Left finger
Value 1
Attack time 2s
Range 11 m
Mass 0kg
To Use User Sensory improvement >= 181
User Level >= 20 and
To Equip User Sensory improvement >= 181 and
User Level >= 20
On Activate Self AddSkill Sensory improvement 3  
On Use User Lock Sensory improvement 180s  
Target Cast Eternal Night  
On Equip User Modify Projectile AC 35  
User Modify Melee AC 35  
User Modify Energy AC 35  
User Modify Chemical AC 35  
User Modify Radiation AC 35  
User Modify Cold AC 35  
User Modify Poison AC 35  
User Modify Fire AC 35  
User Modify Concealment 12  
User Modify Nano resist 12  
Squattie @ 2003-04-14 01:46
So who drops this baby?
Transaman @ 2003-06-20 08:56
I got this item off the body of the Defender of the Three
Ragorn @ 2004-04-08 03:01
I just pulled one of these off an Exarch.
Ythealien @ 2004-09-03 04:26
wow i want one of these
DreamSnake @ 2004-12-03 11:57
I got mine from Lien
Terryalt @ 2005-03-23 15:38
I camped the Nematet room for all of my rings. Got all of them but theRing of Tattered Flae that I wanted.
Terryalt @ 2005-03-23 15:39
Wow think of PvP with this ring and others. I'd own, does there ac affect it?
Ilikebunnies @ 2007-05-15 03:39
Don't worry if you missed this one.. It locks the same skill as the Inner Sanctum ring, which has slightly less resist and a lot more offense reduction. (and a cooler name)

Terryalt: No, AC doesn't effect it. It's 100% MatCrea VS 130% NanoResist + 100% opponentLevel. The higher version doesn't include opponentLevel in defense.
Ciekafsky @ 2007-12-02 10:10
Those rings work in similar way as grafts. There is no way to avoid blid. I tested it with enf friend. He had around 700 MC (lvl 170) and i had 1400+ NR (lvl 165) and blind landed 3 times of 3 tries.
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