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Item Database - Intrusive Aura Cancellation

Intrusive Aura Cancellation Icon #16216 Because it is not always wise to travel with a pet that has an active Intrusive Aura running, this nano program will allow the engineer to remove the Intrusive Aura buff currently running on the pet.
Flags Modified Description
Patch 14.7.1 15.0.1
QL 60
Crystal NanoCrystal (Intrusive Aura Cancellation)
Nanocost 50
School Space
Attack time 2s
Recharge time 8s
Range 40 m
Stacking order 1
To Use User Profession == Engineer and
User Level >= 50 and
User Time and space >= 365 and
User Matter metamorphosis >= 365 and
Target Breed == Human
On Use Target Reduce Engineer pet aura 900000s  
slytha @ 2006-06-06 10:49
and dont forget using this before u zone into bore.. if u dont want flags.
recharge 8sec for two bots is annoying
Hbar @ 2009-12-07 10:45
Useful after duels. Found an ID in foremans, other than that never seen it though.
Bishop136 @ 2010-01-27 05:55
Shop-buyable. Also, not as useful as before, since bot auras seem to cancel automatically on zoning now.
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