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Item Database - Lesser Polarized Screening

Lesser Polarized Screening Icon #38758 The engineer is able to set up an energized shield around their pet that provides the pet with a 25% innate resistance to all normal Snare and Root nanos. This is in addition to the normal nano resist check. The nano resist of the pet is also increased by 10 points while this program is running.
Flags Modified Description, Buff Nano
Patch 14.7.1 15.0.1
QL 52
Crystal NanoCrystal (Lesser Polarized Screening)
Nanocost 105
School Protection: Engineer pet snare and root resistance
Duration 1 minute
Attack time 6s
Recharge time 3s
Range 25 m
Effect icon Icon 39312
Stacking order 7
To Use User Profession == Engineer and
User Level >= 50 and
User Matter creation >= 305 and
User Time and space >= 305 and
Target Breed == Human
On Use Target Modify Nano resist 10  
Target Resistance Snare 25%  
Target Resistance Root 25%  
noelephant @ 2005-10-28 17:00
As far as I can tell this nanoline is pretty much worthless with the possible exception of PVP.

The duration ranges from one minute to two minutes. Since you can cast energize shell to remove roots there seems to be no reason to cast this when fighting mobs.
Scoville @ 2006-10-07 18:59
Yes, pointless in PvE.
PvP nano, if anything.
I wouldn't know, I never do it.
I can't imagine taking an engineer into PvP even WITH this line.
People have brains, they can choose who to attack.
" pet...this is tough..."

fly @ 2007-05-06 00:06
pointless in PvM??? Works wonders against Uklesh.
Dilomax @ 2008-02-11 01:13
yeah thats what i was thinking... same with lien....
Cppthis @ 2008-12-24 10:49
Its cheap to cast so I'd say its a great additional buff for when you're about to take on red mobs that like to spam snares.
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