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Item Database - Solicit Freedom

Solicit Freedom Icon #16216 When executed, this nano program shortens the duration of any Root nano currently affecting the target. The duration of any such nano will be reduced by 226 seconds.
Flags Modified Description
Patch 14.7.1 15.0.1
QL 200
Crystal NanoCrystal (Solicit Freedom)
NCU 50
Nanocost 533
School Space
Attack time 5s
Recharge time 2s
Range 30 m
Stacking order 50
To Use User Profession == Bureaucrat and
User Psychological modifications >= 1047 and
User Time and space >= 960 and
User Level >= 195
On Use Chat Text Your movement is less restricted.  
Target Reduce Root 226s  
Yurdle @ 2006-01-30 01:54
picsl2 @ 2006-10-24 08:03
freedom isnt cost 533 nanopoints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p
Malaxia @ 2007-07-10 23:19
Obviously it isn't better than Subpoena for Freedom, which reduces roots for 246s and has a lower attack time....
Keex @ 2007-09-13 23:15
but this isn't self only.
maren1 @ 2010-07-12 17:13
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