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Item Database - Energized Casing of the Faithful Servant

Energized Casing of the Faithful Servant Icon #16216 The engineer is able to send a pulse of energy into the shell casing of the targetted pet. This will cause any Snare or Root nano programs affecting that pet to be reduced in duration by 1387 seconds. It has the secondary effect of healing a small amount of damage the pet may have previously sustained.
Flags Modified Description
Patch 14.7.1 15.0.1
QL 197
Crystal NanoCrystal (Energized Casing of the Faithful Servant)
NCU 49
Nanocost 730
School Space
Attack time 5s
Recharge time 1.5s
Range 35 m
Stacking order 49
To Use User Profession == Engineer and
User Matter creation >= 1038 and
User Time and space >= 1038 and
User Level >= 195 and
Target Breed == Human
On Use Target Hit Health 350 .. 350  
Chat Text Your pet moves more freely.  
Target Reduce Snare 1387s  
Target Reduce Root 1387s  
Daishi @ 2005-07-22 18:55
is it rollableor dyna loot?
Phracton @ 2005-12-02 16:56
Dyna loot. All Engineer "Servant" Nanos are Dyna loot.
Almost all rk nanos with level reqs are Dyna loot. Also if the Nano is named "NanoCrystal" instead of "Nano Crystal" its a good hint that its Dyna Loot.
lpx @ 2006-09-27 09:43
2seconds quicker and almost twice as effective then the mp pet snare/root reducer.. there is no justice.
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