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Item Database - Skill of the Viking

Skill of the Viking Icon #16325 Increases the 2-Handed Edge skill of the enforcer by 65 points.
Flags Buff Nano
Patch 14.6 15.0.1 15.5.5 18.8.53
QL 59
Crystal NanoCrystal (Skill of the Viking)
NCU 15
Nanocost 188
School Psionic: 1h and 2h blunt and edged buffs
Duration 4 hours
Attack time 3.18s
Recharge time 0.5s
Range 15 m
Effect icon Icon 16466
Stacking order 3
To Use User Psychological modifications >= 295 and
User Sensory improvement >= 295 and
User Profession == Enforcer and
User Level >= 50
On Use User Modify 2h Edged 65  
ghelu @ 2004-05-05 10:27
why on Earth we cant buy it from shops ???
Enfo @ 2004-11-04 16:48
we can...
nemasis @ 2005-04-06 15:12
ive never seen it in a shop???
q-Qualto @ 2005-04-29 22:17
If you haven't seen this nano in shop. Then try to leave basic shop and go to advanced. Dunno if it's in superior shop tho. Only one way to find out ;)
Datagutt @ 2005-05-21 15:46
nanos ql 1-50basic51-100advancedsuperioerql101-220
Arrone @ 2005-06-13 07:11
i heard it's only dyna loot
nimarq @ 2005-06-14 16:55
Datagutt: Superior shop only hold nanos till ql125.
nimarq @ 2005-06-17 17:36
And this line is dyna for all nanos higher than this.
rattjamann @ 2006-03-06 01:34
for all u that havent found this yet.. try take a look in advanced store ;) im sitting here and looking at it so dont tell me that it's not there
Stimpack @ 2006-03-21 01:40
there is no spoon...;D
antsquasher @ 2006-06-12 20:56
Thought it was in the basic shop but ahh well :P it 'is' in a shop though :)
also try looking in the "enforcer nanos" store... you wont find it in the doctor one, trust me ^.^
agpecko @ 2008-02-10 09:58
Just found it in NT Nano-crystals.*

*Bonus points if you looked.
Extremokick @ 2008-04-21 16:58
OMG this nano is in the Advanced Shop Just look
deanarthur @ 2009-04-20 19:05
Found this of a lvl 49 dyna in Newland Dessert. Was the only thing on him. Yes a lvl 49. Didn't expect it to drop from a low lvl like that but I will give to my enfo.
woneo @ 2010-04-20 23:52
Thats because the QL of the crystal is only 59, so not much difference
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