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Item Database - Augmented Hellspinner Shock Cannon

Augmented Hellspinner Shock Cannon Icon #154361 This unique design from the cyborg Techleader Praetor is an anti-armor device. Creating chaotic balls of energy, it not only inflicts terrible damage, but will occasionally burn through radiation-based defenses. The Hellspinner design is superior to the Hellfury, in that burnt-out radiation armor takes longer to repair.
The original Hellspinner power generator has been replaced with a much more powerful Contained Anti-Matter generator, increasing the power of this weapon.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop
Can Carry, Wear, Burst, Full Auto
Patch 14.5.1 14.7.1 15.0.1
Change QL:
Type Weapon
Slot Right hand
Value 400000
Equip time 3s
Attack time 1.5s
Recharge time 2.5s
Range 25 m
Clip 20 - Flamethrower ammo
Damage 201-443 (100) - Radiation AC
Attack rating cap 1200
Burst cycle 1500
Fullauto cycle 12000
Initiative skill Ranged init
Mass 6kg
Damage View this weapon in the Damage Calculator
Defense skills
Dodge ranged 100 %
Attack skills
Assault rifle 100 %
To Equip User Assault rifle >= 1018 and
User Burst >= 516 and
User Full auto >= 528 and
User Level >= 190 and
User Profession == Soldier
On Equip User Modify Radiation AC 120  
User Modify Fire AC 120  
On Hit Target Cast Burnt-out Armor 8% chance  
maxiumsprime @ 2002-10-16 00:17
where is the place where i can find the abgrade plz with cords and area
maxiumsprime @ 2002-10-16 00:24
boss mob in efp Obediency Inspector NNE from primus camp, by a small lake
Hornet21 @ 2002-11-13 22:11
is he hard? what lvl?
chaosgyro @ 2002-12-28 23:44
The Inspector drops a Fluctuating Anti-Matter generator which is used to make the Boosted version.
Dextrox @ 2003-03-08 07:11
However you may want to use get the upgraded version of the Hellfury instead. It has an 8 sec recharge on burst which results in godly damage, especially on high ql mobs and PvP.
Skerg @ 2003-08-08 09:57
Where does one get the part to augment after boosting? Same part?
Xyboc @ 2003-08-13 05:22
Obediency Inspector is the Placeholder for the Obediency Enforcer. OI drops the boosted upgrade, and OE drops the Augmented upgrade. OE's dropprate for the Aug upgrade isn't 100%.
Timur85 @ 2003-11-04 09:52
how can i get upgrad version of hellfury?
Jyagan @ 2003-11-11 09:36
hellspinner boosted upgrades come from obediency inspector and the augmented upgrade comes from obedinecy enforcer

Hellfury boosted upgrade drops from notum trainee and the augmented one drops from notum soldier
nanonuker666 @ 2004-04-09 01:11
this weapon needs to move over spastic is so so much better spastic compaired to this is like HNTA to a exarch robe
zyx21 @ 2005-02-17 01:01
Only in SL nanonuke
zyx21 @ 2005-02-26 06:36
Oh, and the attack time is better on this one too.
irontusk @ 2005-09-04 12:32
and what is Full auto cycle on augmeneted...coz booosted hellspinner is a mistake ..its not a gun .. i do a lot better dmg on nophex II ,and even better with duall blinded blackbirds
Rktim @ 2005-09-26 22:26
k so u FA 4 times faster but u will have hell whith that attack time fore going full deff whith the spastic... Personaly i think this is THE best soldier weapon in the game.
Rktim @ 2005-09-26 22:29
would like to move that coment to the twise agumented, sorry...
SpartaN2 @ 2005-12-12 14:54
can this be made from boosted hellspinner?
SpartaN2 @ 2005-12-12 14:56
or do you have to choose augmented or boosted?.
Venderim @ 2006-05-04 04:01
From what I have heard and read the basic hellspinner can be upgraded straight to the other words no need to go from basic to boosted to augmented. Although you can also upgrade the boosted to the augmented, I am pretty sure thats the case :)
mosnami @ 2006-08-08 11:04
You can upgrade the gun but it's level-locked after upgraded.
Sferykal @ 2006-11-24 17:46
I'm not sure about the Twice Augmented Hellspinner; but this one here can be made either from a Boosted or from a normal Hellspinner aka you can level your gun accordingly to your level or go directly to the Augmented if you didn't bother to get it before.
Vigos @ 2010-12-05 09:26
This gun is the best (from a froob soldier point of view mind you). For soldiers... Neutrino Flash->Hellspinner->Boosted Hellspinner->Augmented Hellspinner is the way to go, from lvl 33-200 :) Its almost like the equivalent of what the Master Engineering Pistol is for Engineers except theirs is from lvl 1-200 lol :D
imsobored121 @ 2010-12-11 02:33
haha @vigos have fun leveling to 175 with a base hellspinner
if your a froob soldier the way to go would be using your resets and using
flash > Gyro gun or use a reset and use pistols for a bit > blackbirds > then i used maw on mine after bbb's got boring which is definately recomended, then at 175 used boosted spinner then 190 use hellfury cause the burst recharge is better, hotswap to spastic for FA if you want it.
base hellspinner sucks even at the lvl cap
Vigos @ 2010-12-16 06:41
Oh thats alot of work, time, and credits lol. I like straightforwardness, keeps things simple, less hassle and worry, plus I'm a weekend warrior atm. Maybe when I get bored and have time (someday) I'll try that out :) But for now its perfect. As for armor anything goes from 1-75. Then 75-160 Metallic Mantis Armor. Then at 160-200 Abaddon Chassis. Mind you I'm no twink or optomizer or pvper.
Sferykal @ 2011-02-28 17:32
Vigos, as imsobored121 wrote already, the normal Hellspinner is "outdated" by the time you can finally use it (it's only marginally better than the Neutrino Flash ignoring target switching and so on). There are much more powerful guns available at 75, but they may need some skill investment compared to the Neutrino Flash (or Hellspinner, for that matter).

Also, running around at 160 in Metallic Mantis is perfectly possible, but a serious call for suicide, because the overall AC of [normal] Metallic Mantis pieces doesn't catch up with the AC requirements you have at that level. "Normal" means the Metallic Mantis you get from the Smuggler's Den; there is also the QL200 Metallic Mantis from the Collector, which is another story.
Therrito @ 2014-12-25 10:31
What is the name of the part used for augmenting?
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