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Item Database - Omni-Med Field Surgeons Cloak

Omni-Med Field Surgeons Cloak Icon #120623 Self-cleaning, light and containing everything needed to help a field surgeon survive in the field.
Flags Visible, Unique, Has Damage, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 14.9 15.8.5
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Back
Value 1
Equip time 0.1s
Mass 2kg
To Equip User Faction == Omni-Tek and
User Visual profession == Doctor and
User Intelligence >= 1100 and
User Psychic >= 1000
On Equip User Texture Hands 14048  
User Texture Legs 120606  
User Texture Arms 120607  
User Texture Body 120608  
User Modify Projectile AC 1650  
User Modify Melee AC 1500  
User Modify Energy AC 1650  
User Modify Chemical AC 1425  
User Modify Radiation AC 1200  
User Modify Cold AC 1425  
User Modify Poison AC 1425  
User Modify Fire AC 1425  
User Modify Biological metamorphosis 8  
User Modify Nano init 48  
User Modify Max nano 300  
User Mesh Body robe  
djmalo @ 2004-08-16 08:10
Olabil @ 2004-12-08 18:41
Scanthes @ 2004-12-08 22:35
wow, freaking awesome! gimme!
Turin @ 2004-12-09 23:27
Eh, I dotn think its that great. no HP adds. All the rest, eh... i mean 8 biometa isnt much. And I already have a 12k nano pool. another 300 isnt going to matter.
Evisa @ 2004-12-30 12:47
:/ another useless stuff
Zarobien @ 2005-03-16 16:02
Well, if you do docs like me and dont take str & sta so much this is good for you. It's based on int & psy witch are quite near maxed with my doc, so it saves some ip points and gives decent AC.
jobey @ 2005-03-16 23:42
and is no longer NODROP =P
Username @ 2005-03-17 17:26
This doesnt drop anymore? Why lol
Mammoth @ 2005-03-18 02:19
I can't tell if you're kidding or if you're serious.
Silverheal @ 2005-03-18 14:39
can this cloak also be hacked and used by any 1 who is != Omni?
like the other Omni-med cloaks? :p
mardonge @ 2005-03-18 17:52
Yes... Into Sabotaged Omni-Med Field Surgeons Cloak...
Same stats,except Faction != omni
oresteez @ 2005-03-18 20:03
sabotaged does not have the same exact stats...i know it loses the bio mat....not sure if it loses anything else..
djfube @ 2005-03-22 16:24
sabotaged omni-med field surgeons cloak
Mindori @ 2005-04-04 01:01
This could be nice if it wasn't for the insane reqs. Make it something like the 750 int/psy req of the merlin cloak and it would be a viable alternative.
pkv @ 2005-04-08 15:00
It comes in ql 1 to 300... So there is one that reqs 750 int or psy ;o
MuntaN @ 2005-04-21 18:22
No longer NODROP wieeeee
Tchaalina @ 2005-05-11 21:49
Does this cloak look like the Notum-Spangled Omni-Med when worn? If yes, who in their right mind would want to wear this PoS and look like a fr00b? :p
seejin @ 2005-06-24 04:50
This cloak is dyna loot.
olezero @ 2005-07-03 00:48
hmmmm... if a 220 doc can get this on... hmm... rather use burden of the beast :P trickles down prolly more then 8 points in BM, Thats my opinion atleast
Volkanov @ 2005-07-16 05:03
^heh well yeah, everyone would rather have the BoC.

But one one said this armor was the best. And getting the BoC isn't as simple as you appear to be making it sound. It's a good armour at least til u can grab the BoC.
Hellslayer @ 2005-07-16 19:07
Vladja @ 2006-09-06 18:20
WTB Reanimator's Cloak :D
Yakobo66 @ 2006-10-28 15:53
nice ac's, always need more bm for dot lands and yeah, i would rather have BoC but until then ill like one of these ;) ql300 ftw ftw
houserocker @ 2007-03-09 22:49
As far as I can tell, only drops to QL200 anyway.
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