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Item Database - Feet Implant: Evade-ClsC, Refined Shiny Jobe

Feet Implant: Evade-ClsC, Refined Shiny Jobe Icon #12708 This Feet Implant: Evade-ClsC, Refined Shiny Jobe contains 3 augmentation(s).
Faded NanoCluster: Percentage Added to all Defencive Rolls
Bright NanoCluster: Health Regeneration Add
Shining NanoCluster: Evade Close Combat and Martial Art Attacks
Use Surgery Clinic to Install!
Flags Visible, Modified Description, Tell Collision
Can Carry, Wear
Patch current
269 (interpolated between QL 201 and QL 300)
Change QL:
Type Implant
Slot Feet
Value 1192004
Mass 1.55kg
To Equip User Treatment >= 1722 and
User Agility >= 886 and
User Title level >= 6
On Equip User Modify Evade close 130  
User Modify Defense modifier 64  
User Modify Heal delta 41  
josh3353 @ 2009-02-16 04:46
weeeee, first post on a ranom QL of a ranom imp :D
anyway, 300 symbs > 300 imps at 220!
zerogates @ 2009-03-10 20:58
not always
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