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Item Database - Breastplate of Azure Reveries

Breastplate of Azure Reveries Icon #31648 The material for this armor seems originally to have been plasteel, but some process has worn it thin. The surface is covered with some kind of notum glazing. It is a very pleasant armor to wear.
Flags Visible, Has Multiple Count, No Drop, Unique, Has Damage, Disable Statel Collision
Can Carry, Wear
Patch 14.5 18.8.53
Change QL:
Type Armor
Slot Body
Value 200000
Equip time 0.1s
Mass 0.35kg
To Equip User Stamina >= 605 and
User Level >= 175
On Equip User Texture Body 165294  
User Modify Max health 250  
User Modify Intelligence 8  
User Modify Projectile AC 1200  
User Modify Melee AC 1200  
User Modify Energy AC 1350  
User Modify Chemical AC 1200  
User Modify Radiation AC 1350  
User Modify Cold AC 1200  
User Modify Poison AC 1200  
User Modify Fire AC 1200  
User Modify Martial arts 8  
User Modify Psychological modifications 8  
User Modify Brawl 8  
User Modify Riposte 8  
User Modify Dimach 8  
User Modify NCU memory 16  
User Modify Nano cost modifier -10  
Morphex @ 2002-09-28 16:17
Now THAT is one hell of a fugly armor ;)
Morphex @ 2002-09-28 20:55
Can't complain about the modifiers though
vendictus @ 2002-10-09 13:38
No u really cant
sheez @ 2002-10-17 19:12
where can this be found woot!
Kasimodo @ 2002-12-04 03:13
Ian Warr and his acolytes drop it, too, AFAIK. Not that it's easy to kill them, but then again, it's meant to be high-level. And that's why I could not ask him myself yet.
Fozzysan @ 2002-12-08 07:46
It is said that Peter Lee at the old Ace camp drops this as well as the Notum Tank armor....he was 250+ last I heard...
Andromea @ 2002-12-13 19:42
yup yop and Fozzy i want the tigers with me on getting this....
I have informed Fellowman that my new guild will start going after this.
Plz contact me as soon as possible about this.Much much better then dragon armor but will take some serious planning of attacks to get it..and its nodrop
.So gonna have to watch out for them ninjas aswell.
Andromea @ 2002-12-13 19:43
I am SO exited about this armor u have no idea!!!!!!
I will work so hard to be the one of the first to get it...
Now lvl 176 so i can infact wear it Weeeeee
Andromea @ 2002-12-13 19:45
fugly? is that a joke ? have u seen it on it`s so cool and with notum tank it`s completely AWSOME!!! i have yet to see any better looking armor!!!!
Fozzysan @ 2002-12-14 05:00
No probs Andromea, you got the Tiger's support on this, just as long as I get the first Notum TA that drops ;b j/k lol

I will see if we can get the CoA and EG on this as well.....
Konstas @ 2003-02-12 23:57
It's not the best or most original looking piece of armor since it is merely a Plasteel chest, but the Azure color of it is very nice from the aesthetic point of view.
sprousa @ 2003-04-02 14:38
It rocks! and drops of all the mercs. Rumors are, that IAN drops 2 of em
Svpernot @ 2003-07-08 00:54
Ian drops two "Sometimes" and drops at least one 100% of the time. Just got mine last night from Ian :-)
Nagant @ 2003-07-26 16:06
Hmmm... titan plasteel.... with bonuses!
Korzac @ 2003-10-01 02:26
lol... 2002, mercs came... fun to read thgis shit again lolz
deltaforce @ 2003-10-31 03:23
hehe ya well they were right it is ugly now that EVERYONE has some hell im gunan get some soon its the most overcamped over worn set of armor ever created i blame FC they shouldent have made it so easy to get(well its not easy but at the rate torm gets it it looks like it) storm like promoses 2 Notum tanks to every 1 person (1 to wear the other to brag about haveing 2(and trust me i know peeps with of these just sitting in there invo because they use the robust) its pathetic what FC put in this game but hey now jobe armor has come out an now this stuff is old news hehe (well it has been old news) but heck who cares its still awsome armor GIVE ME SOME im a 152 adv i need some sooon hehe plz plz plz (jmps up and down squiling in joy) hehe
Hardpipe @ 2003-11-19 11:49
Storm luvin' ;)
disquast @ 2004-02-05 06:08
docs favorite :D
Crashlight @ 2004-02-06 12:36
got it, thx Clan :D don`t know any Sl-Body with -10% NCR. Azure-Body rul0rz!
Engelsblut @ 2004-03-03 15:45
I so need this... 11 more dings and it's time for some serious merc farming
Ceane @ 2004-03-03 22:23
tihi got mine today :) And yeah azure is so gr8 looking! i lav it, got HNT too gotta lvl to 190 and im gonna be sexeh :) (lvl 184 atm)
nanonuker666 @ 2004-04-09 01:06
all the mercs are level 300
Edgil @ 2004-04-26 21:57
man.. this stuff sucks look at those ACs.. what crap
Vonzip @ 2004-05-13 21:48
yolchanok @ 2004-05-27 14:40
this one you can equip at lvl175, and tier armor doesnt beat the
"User Modify Nano cost modifier -10" theres not a breastplate that you can equip at same lvl that is better
either you're joking or dont have a clue
ericdraven @ 2004-07-09 13:30
Obsolete RK crap. Even the second tier enfo breastplate which you surely can equip way before level 175 already has similar ACs @QL160, lol.
z0xx @ 2004-07-11 14:37
Agent's Best Friend when mimic doc tho ^^ This, NT Lubbing, Hardcore CPU Upgrade and maybe if u ever ever get one u can adda GPH on this + Genius perk line lvl 2... Unlimited CH's Almost!
Regidoc @ 2004-07-27 05:34
You say it's crap compared to to enforcer second tier, but compare it to the other tier armors. Doc tier for instance. I'll probably be using my azure BP for a LONG time.
Dokalicious @ 2004-09-17 04:09
lol some people...

"man.. this stuff sucks look at those ACs.. what crap" - Edgil


Dokalicious @ 2004-09-23 07:11
1200+ AC's + 250 hp is not crap
Enfo @ 2005-02-18 15:19
Combined Mercenary's own this... Just had to say it =D

But still, I'm a 174 (4M away from 175) enfo, and really wanna get my hands on one of these baby's >.<
jacqui @ 2005-04-24 12:24
my soldier still wears this breastplate at lvl 203, and i will hate to have to give up some of the mods (cost, extra ncu and intel) on it for my faithful armour. merc loot has served her well for the 28 lvl's she has worn it.
TheFallen @ 2005-08-12 05:57
I shall wear this until i can get my hands on a DBA.
Moniker @ 2005-10-26 21:17
This stuff was around way before tier armor. Better stuff comes along. The fact that this is still very good stuff really says something as to what it was before sl/ai armors hit. Besides HNT still kicks huge ass
bongbong @ 2005-11-10 17:42
For the level req, imo AF tank is better, just omni only :(
Now as for the people who posted regarding this armor being crap, for what you can do now days, yes it is dated but it is not crap and never will be, the people that say this need ot try taking warr down first....
in 2002 taking down Warr, pre sl and with no xp pool, it was not fun to be lvl 195+ and loose 60+ mill in xp.. So this one goe's to the old school players, they know it is not so much about the mods, or color, but to the fact of having this, not many people had this back when the ACE camp was modified. I would take a full set of this if i had the chance, just because it is and was AO's mark of achievement to have a full set and hnta.
And ask your self, how many enforcers would love -10 nano cost before hunting an nt down.
pter666 @ 2005-11-18 07:58
this is very very good im starting a doc and im planning to use it if i ever get a chance to ,its his mods that makes teh dif not the ac u powerhecklingnoob-_-
Stehn @ 2006-01-12 08:05
retards ac does not matter much honestly :P i use this on my enfo at 205 and still have 9k+ ac and dont really need any more and -10% nano cost owns for mongoing + rage+layers etc
Unredeemed @ 2006-02-01 23:48
i can complain about the mods.......still won't get this armor. Never neede it to twink and never will. And btw...mods have never been the diff between winning and losing a fight (unless they dmg mods). At lvl 175 1000 ac made all the difference on whether or not i was able to tank what the team was pullin. Lame all the way
Jodie @ 2006-04-13 10:27
In short this Azure Breast plate is a docs holy grail with correct setup and this Breast Plate can cap your breed cost pretty easy :)
Nano cost modifier -10
Max health 250
Intelligence 8
Docs best friend ;)

Noise_Annoys @ 2006-04-27 23:54
noir1991 @ 2006-07-11 14:44
dude azure was in waaaaay before SL stuff , of course as time goes by better items start to come in , what do some of u expect? same armor n ACS all the way ? then FC might as well not add in new armors , use ur brains before u go ''what crap'' and all that pfft shit
joey12344 @ 2006-09-09 11:47
Lovely for my 190 NT
Venderim @ 2006-10-05 04:08
@Unredeemed. First off as noir1991 says this stuff was off before SL and Tier armour was about and donkeys years away from AI and combined armour, and 2nd you're completely misguided if you think 1000 AC's makes a difference at lvl 175 to whether you can tank mobs or not, at that lvl AC's are the last thing that you should be looking at. This chest is still a very nice peice of armour, sure there are lots of other better things about but to call it "Lame all the way" is just folly. Just because it may not be the best thing about doesn't make it crap, by that logic all armour is shit unless its combined aliumz. Learn to appreciate things for what they actually are before posting ridiculous statements.
Venderim @ 2006-10-05 04:19
And to reiterate the point about AC's: Mods are what makes armour good NOT ac's, the shapeshifters vest from CoH is one of the best chest pieces for lvls 50ish right upto TL7 even and that has no ac's at all, just awesome mods.....low level toons run about in med-suits rather than armour and do a lot better than if they had a few shitty ac's. Trust me ac's are the last thing to look at, obviously if you can get mods and ac's then thats a bonus but don't choose armour based on its ac's ;)
farlath @ 2007-11-05 21:08
O.o mods are good, but if you think ac's are useless, roll up an enfo and go tank hecks or alien generals in a medsuit and see how long you last. ACs are essential, mods are very nice. If you can get both, do it.
Ginsumaster @ 2008-09-19 03:03
still one of the best pieces in the game for 175-200
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