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Item Database - Crystalized Medusa Queen Hippocampus

Crystalized Medusa Queen Hippocampus Icon #156559 The hippocampus is a part of the brain that controls certain things that has to do with emotions and rememberance of space. For some reason it is partially crystalized on medusas, and most so on medusa queens.
Flags Visible, No Drop
Can Carry
Patch 14.6
Change QL:
Value 50000
Mass 0.1kg
edvieira @ 2003-04-18 03:45
I suppose the "Queen Medusa" must be a mob similar to the Mantis Queen. If anyone has seen this mob on live or on test, please post here
systmh @ 2003-05-01 06:12
medusas are a strange humanoid race that live in west deep artery valley... don't know much about them, aside from the fact that the are aggro against one gender and friendly to the other; I think it's the male half of the population that they hate, but I'm not sure.
systmh @ 2003-05-01 09:41
oh yes, and this is used for creating the final stage of the solar-powered engineer pistol, which you can find here
Smacdevil @ 2003-05-01 17:41
I've hunted all over Medusa Territory and never seen anything that resembles a Medusa Queen... anyone have more info on this mob, or any other mob that drops this item?
Sheffy @ 2003-07-21 04:54
It drops from The Brood Mother @ Hollow Island. Verified drop today. Nothing to do with Medusas. Go figure.
grandeweiner @ 2004-10-24 23:40
Sheffy, I got mine from 4th brood champion, they must have changed things...
dack1 @ 2005-08-21 04:20
if only this wasn't nodrop!!
Pipinghot @ 2006-05-20 08:31
Orichalcon @ 2006-08-01 12:40
Drops randomly from the Fourth Brood Champion, Eighth Brood Champion and The Brood Mother.
Xaerro @ 2006-09-17 16:47
It is used to make the "ultimate" engi gun... :D very nice pistol...
Elron @ 2007-02-02 02:54
Stupid nodrop tag...
Lazy @ 2009-05-02 01:01
Nobody ever loots it...
and i had to pay 20m for it.
And the people were going to let it rot.
lol, oh well ^_^
Therrito @ 2010-12-05 23:50
I want one for my lvl 200 fr00b Engi
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