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Item Database - Disposal Unit Electrical Toolset

Disposal Unit Electrical Toolset Icon #12710 This nano-toolset is used by the vermin disposal robot to disassemble electrical components on items the robot is supposed to eliminate.
Flags Visible
Can Carry
Patch 14.6
Change QL:
Value 1
Mass 0.2kg
metalpojo @ 2003-03-14 01:23
Where does one find this item??
supapoopa @ 2003-03-28 03:02
What Does It Do???????????
edvieira @ 2003-04-18 03:42
It drops off the Vermin Disposal Unit and is used to make the new engineer pistol
Alienchild @ 2004-09-10 09:43
Cool supapoopa, seems like you got some ?'s too. Saw them on sale the other day and picked up almost 50 of them. Too bad for those who didn't get some though. Hm... I think I'll share some, but use them wisely. Here ya go: ????????????????
Esti @ 2005-12-07 01:36
looted it 2 times in a row from Jack the legshopper wednesday 7th december
Orichalcon @ 2005-12-22 01:37
R-2000 Vermin Disposal Unit has an 18 hour spawn time or such, and is apparently level 100 with about 30,000 HP. I've been camping the spawning position for a while now and he still hasn't showed up, so it may be better to just ask around the shopping channels for one.

Anyone have any idea what the buying price would be for one of these?
Gng @ 2006-04-06 16:23
Jack the legchopper got a ~2% drop
EvulPerson @ 2006-11-14 01:42
I need one. will give all my money for one. (~2mil)
EvulPerson @ 2006-11-25 01:23
ok, got more money, going for 5mil now ;)

but i feel as if, by the time someone reads this i'll have around 10mil, possibly even 20. so gimme a /tell once you have one of these babies, i'll buy it. ;)
vampirella @ 2011-07-24 08:23
R-2000 Vermin Disposal Unit can be found at 741 x 1835 in Greater Tir County. He is also known to drop rat catcher goggles and advanced scent sensors.
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